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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Loida escapes from the authorities | Pamilya Ko Recap (With Eng Subs)

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You're not a victim here.

Oh! But I am!

I am a victim!

I am your victim!

I didn't used to be like this, Fernan!

You know that!

I'm no saint,

but I'm no criminal either!

What are you thinking about over there, Fernan?

This is all my fault.

Luz was right.

Everything that's happening now is all my fault.

How can it be your fault?

It's not!

Do not think that!

Everything that's happening now is not your fault; it's Loida's!

Everything that happened to Loida is my fault too.

That's why she turned out like that.

I pushed her to become what she is right now.

Listen, Fernan.

Loida's old enough to think on her own.

So whatever crime it is that she or her son committed

is because of them.

Don't blame yourself for everything.

Why do you think it's your fault?

Elena, I'm so sick and tired of this.

I can endure all this.

I can endure anything if I know Luz is enduring it with me.

I thought that once I've explained everything to her,

she would understand and forgive me.

She no longer trusts me.

Do you know how much it hurts to lose your wife's trust?

Listen, Fernan.

Right now, there's nothing we can do

except pray for everything to be alright.

Let's also pray for Loida to change

so we can all live in peace.

Why do they have to arrest Loida?

Did she escape?


Is my hunch correct, Mom?


- Don't worry about it for now-- - Who paid for my operation?

Was it Loida, Mom?

You agreed to it?!

- It was your father's idea-- - Why'd he do that?!

So you would live!

Whatever it is you're feeling right now,

just remember that what's done is done.

So don't stress yourself out over it--

You agreed to it, Mom?


I knew nothing about it, Chico.

But what matters now is that

the case has been re-filed

and that woman will go back to jail.

I knew it.

Something bad happened.

I kept asking you,

but you never replied.

Chico, we had to work on the second case

we filed against Loida.

We'll have our peace of mind in time, dear.

What about Betty, Mom?

I hope she gets justice for what happened to her.

She will.

How are you and Dad?

I may have been out,

but I can tell things aren't okay between you two.

Where's Dad?

He's with the PBI. They're going to arrest Loida.

With Rivas?


Loida and her lawyer probably learned

that PBI's on their way to arrest her.


They're plotting your arrest as we speak.

You need to escape before they find you.

Are you listening?

I've prepared everything for you.

- Raul... - What?

Don't tell me you're going to turn yourself in.

You'll rot in jail if you do that.

Here. I prepared a getaway car for you.

Take it.

Unless you want to suffer

for the rest of your life in jail.


Careful, Chico.


Your legs are getting stronger.

I practice walking every day.

We can't wait for you to come home.

Me too.

What's wrong?

Have you talked to Dad?

I know you're worried, but let us handle it.

You still haven't forgiven him?

Let's go there, son. Sit down.

- Luz, Chico, Rivas is here. - Lena.

Rivas is here.

- Ma'am. - Sir.

- Chico, how are you? - Sir. I'm okay.

Any news on Loida?

Unfortunately, not yet.

We're guarding all ports of entry

to make sure she doesn't leave the country.

Didn't they issue a travel ban on her?

She can use fake documents and backdoor channels.

That woman is evil.

Don't worry, we've gathered new information.

One of our investigators believe someone helped Loida escape.

- Raul? - No, not him.

We've been monitoring him, so it's unlikely.

Then who helped her?


Whoever helped that monster is no different from her.

I'll make them both pay.

I don't think Loida could've escaped without help.

I agree. She's lost her wealth and power,

so someone is definitely helping her.

It's probably her lawyer.

It's easy to point fingers, Fernan.

We'll find out the truth soon.

What do you mean?

They can track Loida's movement when she escaped.

It's not that easy, right, Chico?

That's what happened when we were looking for Denver.

That's right.

We'll find out sooner or later who betrayed us.

We'll find out sooner or later who betrayed us.


Are you okay, Mom?

I'm fine, son.


Hello, sir. Any update?

At the moment, we're using the town's CCTV and traffic cameras

to find out where Loida went.

We're positive she was headed somewhere.


But that's not the reason why I called.

But that's not the reason why I called.

This is about the first CCTV footage we reviewed.

I think I know

who helped Loida escape.

And you know this person, too.

Who is it?

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