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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: I Am Not Madame Bovary

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In the Song Dynasty, there lived a woman named Pan Jinlian

who possessed an alluring beauty.

Pan Jinlian's husband was named Wu Da.

Wu Da had a younger brother called Wu Song

who had fought a tiger at Jingyang Ridge.

An herbalist in the county seat named Ximen Qing

had an affair with Pan Jinlian,

and together they poisoned Wu Da.

After Wu Song found out,

he killed Pan Jinlian and Ximen Qing.

So, since the Song Dynasty,

people have called indecent women "Pan Jinlian."

The main character in today's story is Li Xuelian.

Li Xuelian's husband called her a Pan Jinlian.

Li Xuelian told everyone

Our story begins ten years ago.

Who are you looking for?

Are you Wang Gongdao from the courthouse?


Is Chen Ah-Da from the back hills your cousin?


And Chen Ah-Da's wife's family is from Cuijiawu?


Chen Ah-Da's wife's sister got married in Qijia'an.


I have a girl cousin on my mother's side who married

Chen Ah-Da's wife's sister's husband's cousin's son.

So we're related!

What on earth do you want?

I want to get divorced.

Why do you want to get divorced?

Irreconcilable differences?

It's more serious than that.

There's someone else?

Even more serious than that!

It can't be ...

... as serious as murder?

If you can't help me,

I'll kill the bastard when I get home tonight.

You don't want to do that.

If you kill him,

you won't be able to get a divorce.

What was your name again?

Li Xuelian.

Your husband?

Qin Yuhe.

He drives a truck at the county tea factory.

Did you bring your marriage license?

I have my divorce license.

You're already divorced!

Why do you still want a divorce?

This divorce is fake!

It doesn't look fake.

Sure, this divorce license isn't fake.

But the divorce was fake.

It doesn't matter if it was fake or not.

Under the law,

if you have these papers,

then your divorce is real.

What on earth do you want to do?

I want to file a lawsuit

to prove the divorce was fake.

Afterwards I want to marry the bastard once more,

and then divorce him again.

You want to divorce Qin anyway.

You'd go through all this trouble

just to get a divorce in the end.

So aren't you just bellyaching?

With nothing better to do?

That's just what everyone says.

I don't think so.

See there on the third floor?

Which one?

The one with the paper cut-outs.

Last year,

I had a fake divorce with Qin.

It was so we could get a house in the county seat.

When we got divorced,

I'd get the house,

and he'd get nothing.

Only then would the tea factory give us an apartment.

And after we got it, we'd get remarried.

Then the whole family would move to the county seat.

That's what we agreed to do!

I never thought that when the apartment was ours,

there would be someone else inside it.

Our fake divorce became real!

The lout married someone else!

If it were you,

could you stomach it?


when you fake-divorced,

was that just a scam?

We didn't scam anyone else,

but he scammed me!

I'm such a fool.

It was my idea to get divorced.

I should slap myself!

Use words, not violence.

There's no need for that.

You say your divorce last year was fake.

Qin's lawyer says it was real.

You've each got your own stories.

I'm suing Qin,

and that bastard won't even turn up.

He only sent his lawyer!

Will the plaintiff please watch her language?

There shall be no insults used in this court!

There's a legal statute

allowing a lawyer to appear instead of the defendant.

The evidence and divorce license have been submitted.

Next we'll call forth the witness.


it's your turn.


The witness will now state his name.

My name is Gu Daxing.

I'm a civil affairs assistant for Guaiwan Town.

Mr. Gu.

Last year, for Li Xuelian and Qin Yuhe,

were you responsible for their divorce?

I do all marriages and divorces for Guaiwan Town.

So, in your opinion,

is their divorce fake or real?



You've lived long enough to understand!

Why weren't you able to see

that the divorce was fake?

If you say it was fake,

then isn't that admitting the two of you lied to me?

Lying to me is no big deal,

but you can't lie to the government!

You say the divorce is fake.

Just now he read what Qin said.

Qin said it was real!

Qin is a lying swine!

You can't believe a word he says.

If I can't believe him, why should I believe you?

Will the plaintiff please return to her seat?

Don't overreact.

The court has reached an agreement.

It is clear from the evidence and the witness's statement

that Li Xuelian and Qin Yuhe's divorce last year...

was real.

The more Li Xuelian thought about the court's verdict,

the angrier she became.

Before the case,

Li Xuelian was angry her husband had tricked her.

Now she had sued and lost.

Didn't this prove her husband was in the right?

And that she deserved what she got?



I'm so busy working all year

and don't have time to look after you.

But your golden wedding anniversary

is something I'd never forget.


Today's banquet is a token of my personal affection,

and definitely not paid for with public funds!

You can enjoy yourself, Director.


let me tell you,

Chief Justice Xun has given himself five restrictions.

Five, I tell you!

He won't drink at work functions.

Today you and your wife are here,

We're so happy!

The chief justice is making an exception today.

An exception!


It's so great that the two of you have been married

for fifty years.

Through all kinds of trouble,

you've stayed together.

It's so impressive!

It's known all over our county.

Tell us your secret

so us youngsters can learn!

There's no secret.

In the end there's only one word:



Four words!

Which four words?

Tolerate until it hurts.

Tolerate until it hurts!

Auntie, you're so funny!

Come, let's drink!

So happy, so happy!

Watch your step.


I've already got Lao Li

on the case.

I've troubled you again, haven't I?

That was good stuff today.

Good stuff!

Chief Justice!

You have to help me, Chief Justice!

Who are you? What do you want?


Let me tell you!

Let me tell you,

this is neither the time nor the place.

Wait to say what you have to say

tomorrow at the courthouse!

Did you hear me?

Go away!

What's happening here?

Does she have a case?

I've seen this kind of thing many times before.

Come here and describe your situation.


I'll handle this.

You get in the car.

You must be drunk.

Don't forget, you're retired!

Yes, Director!

What can a peasant woman have to complain about?

Take care of yourself!

We'll handle this.

Zhengyi, I've told you before:

better a farmer than a heartless official!

Don't worry, Director!

I've taken your words to heart!


Okay, off you go!

Rest up!

Take care of your health, Auntie!

Be careful!

Take care of your health!

Let her go.

Tell me.

What's your problem?

Chief Justice,

your court gave out the wrong verdict in my case.

You have to do something!

What kind of case?

A divorce case.

The chief justice can't bother with a divorce case.

The only cases that reach him are ones for murder.


Who was in charge of your case?

Wang Gongdao.

He made my fake divorce real.

How about this,

if you're not happy with the court's verdict,

you can appeal.

How do I appeal?


Appeal to the municipal intermediate court!

So you won't do anything about your court's mistake?

Who said we weren't going to do anything?

Did I?

Why don't you understand what I'm saying?


According to legal procedure,

your case is already out of our hands!


But what if Justice Wang perverted the law?

He favored the defendant in court,

so he must have taken a bribe from him!

He did accept my sesame oil and cured meat!

Then you should go to the procuratorate.



Justice Wang is a civil servant!

If he is taking bribes and perverting the law,

then report him to the procuratorate.

They'll register it for investigation.


Let's go, let's go.

Chief Justice!

What are you doing?

I have suffered so much!

Why are you just brushing me off?

I told you what to do!

Don't you know the law?

What are you doing?

It's the middle of the night!

Look at yourself, pushing and shoving!

I already told you

to report Justice Wang to the procuratorate!

Don't cause a scene!

If you get drunk like this every day,

can you judge any case correctly?

What the hell!


watch your attitude.

Yes, sir.

Good thing you didn't hit her.

She's fine.

Get up, get up!

Whatever it is you want, get up first.

Get up!

What's your grievance?

I want to file a case.

Against whom?

Not just one case.

How many then?

The first is against Justice Wang.

The second is against Chief Justice Xun.

The third is against my husband, Qin Yuhe!

So many at once?


I'll call the county chief over.

Don't go!

Let go, let go!

You look like the county chief!

Why do you think that?

I asked around for your license plate number.

You're in the car,

so must be the county chief.

The person sitting in the county chief's car

may not necessarily be the county chief himself.

I am his secretary.

This case is too big.

I can't take responsibility.

I'll call the county chief.

I'll call the county chief for you.

You just stay there!

Don't move.

Hey, don't follow me! He's over there.

I'll be quick!

He's the county chief.

Yes, he's the county chief.

Did you get burned?

Is the car ready?

It's ready out back.

Take off your jacket.


Call the petition bureau chief.

Get to the government gate and handle the situation.

With that... that woman and her case.


Go out the back!

I've had three days' worth of meetings at the provincial government,

and she's been sitting here the whole time.

Haven't the deputy mayors come in to work?

Do they just ignore it?

The head of the petition bureau spoke to her.

Deputy Mayor Diao also spoke to her.

She won't listen.

She's a woman,

and there were so many onlookers.

It was hard to do anything

because that would make the situation look worse.

You can't even solve this pea of a problem?

Was it murder? Or arson?

If it were murder or arson,

it would be easy.

But it's a piddly problem.

The woman got a divorce,

and now she regrets it.

Mayor Cai.

What do you think we should do?

You always complain about having too small a post.

Yet when there's an incident,

you want me to shoulder it?

You ask me to step in?

Mayor Cai, everyone's here.


It's fine to sit there on a normal day.

But Governor Chu will come in two days

to inspect our "Cultivating the People's Spirit" campaign.

Do you think this is an example of spiritual cultivation?

This is a critical moment. Get her to leave.

No matter what happens, let's get through these few days first.

Yes, sir.

See the big picture.

Keep the general interest in mind.


Unite as one while looking to the future.

Good. Now you're talking.

You haven't stayed here for nothing.

Remember these lessons.

This is a New Year's gift from us.

Sign on the line,

and then you can go home.

Mayor Cai only said to get rid of Li Xuelian,

but he didn't say what to do with her.

After giving his order, his attention shifted elsewhere.

But his instructions were passed down the levels

and changed in tone at the Public Security Bureau.

To them, the mayor was angry

and wanted the woman locked up.

I brought the case to file against someone else.

So why did I end up getting locked up inside?

I only made myself suffer,

not anybody else.

I've turned everyone against me.

Tell me.

Should I keep up the struggle?

You damn beast.

Even you don't think I can win.

Li Xuelian decided to drop her case.

Not because she listened to the cow,

but because she just gave up.

But before she did,

she needed to see someone

in order to clear things up in person.

If that person spoke the truth,

she would throw in the towel

and go home to open a countryside restaurant.

Qin Yuhe.


Come over here.

I need to talk to you.

Say what you have to say right here.

We should talk in private.

Everyone in the countryside and the city

knows our business.

There's nothing left to hide.


If you want to do it in public,

then tell me something honestly.

When we got divorced last year,

was it real or was it fake?

Was it real or was it fake?

You went to court.

What did the court say?

I don't care what the court said!

I want to hear what you say.

Was our divorce real or was it fake?

Tell me!

I won't be fooled by you!

Who knows if you're recording this!

Qin, how can you go back on your words?

We said clearly last year that the divorce would be fake.

How could you change your mind without telling me?

It was a fake divorce!

Why can't you be honest for once?

Just say it was fake!

If you're honest today,

I won't try to sue you anymore, Qin.

Li Xuelian.

You need to listen to me.

You need to stop being so unreasonable!

If you stop now,

it won't be that serious.

The worst outcome would be detention.

If you keep on going,

then you'll go to prison!


do you think I'm the one you're fighting?

You're fighting the judge

and the chief justice.

And the county chief and the mayor, all of them.

Think about it.

What will happen to you?

Xuelian, it's unresolvable.

It's best you go.

Qin Yuhe.

We were husband and wife, right?

How could you be so cruel?

I don't care about the lawsuit.

I just wanted to ask

if you used a fake divorce

to have sex with another woman?

Who's the one having sex?


If we're talking about that now,

you should ask yourself!

If we're on to that,

you did it first!

Qin! What do you mean by that?

What do I mean? Well, let me ask you!

Were you a virgin when we married?

Were you?

On our wedding night, you admitted it!

You had sex with other men before me!

Am I right?

I'm asking you, am I right?

Your name is Li Xuelian?

Why do I think it's actually Pan Jinlian?


That was too far.

You're muddying the waters.

Let's drink.

Li Xuelian never imagined

Qin Yuhe would say something like that.

She wanted to determine if the divorce was fake,

not to ferret out whether she was a Pan Jinlian.

Li Xuelian's love affairs before she was married

and Pan Jinlian's adultery and mariticide

were two different things.

Qin Yuhe had an audience,

so his words would travel across the county the next day.

Whether Li Xuelian was a Pan Jinlian

was a much bigger deal than if the divorce was fake or not.



Weren't you arrested?

No, they made a mistake.

Come here.

I need to talk to you.

Do we have a good relationship?

It's pretty good.

You covered

the cost of my car.

Then do me a favor.

What favor?

Help me kill Qin Yuhe.

He's the one behind all my suffering!

Don't you think?

Sis, I can kill a pig for you,

no problem.

But I've never killed a man before!

No one is born a killer!

You reach a breaking point.

If I kill him,

I'd have to face the bullets, too.

You don't have to kill him.

Just hold him down for me,

and I'll knife him!

You won't have to face the bullets.

I will!

You won't be involved.

If I hold him down while you kill him,

I'll land in jail, too!

Hey, Hu.

Hu, describe our relationship to me.

I have always liked you.

Have you ever paid too much for pork?

Then please do something for me.


Look at you, with your big shoulders.

Strong all over!

Help me hold someone down

so I can slap him real good.

Are you talking about your ex?

I heard about it.

That Qin Yuhe is a piece of work.

What I'd like to know is,

if I help you,

what's in it for me?

If you hold him down,

I'll do it with you.


If we can do that,

forget beating!

I will kill for you!


Then kill him!

If that's what you want,

Let's do it first, and then kill him.


When can we do it?


Do you know who to kill?

Qin Yuhe?

This is the list.

That's a lot of people!

Mayor Cai.

County Chief Shi.

Chief Justice Xun.

Justice Wang.

Bastard Qin.


when you were in detention,

did you lose your mind?

I'm just one man. Can I kill so many?

And apart from Qin,

every one of them is a government official.

They're surrounded all day.

It's hard to do anything.

That's fine.

Each one counts!

I have suffered so much!

Do you think I'm getting a good deal?

For doing you once,

I have to murder five people?

I'm not the mafia.

I knew you didn't have the guts!

Li Xuelian originally wanted to stop her troublemaking,

but she couldn't

now that she'd become Madame Bovary.

But how far would she go?

She had tried the county seat and the city.

She suddenly decided

to take it directly to Beijing.

The locals were fools.

There were no idiots in Beijing.


Go somewhere else.

This is for NPC delegates.

I'm not staying,

I'm looking for a friend.

Your friend is a delegate?

He's not.

He's a chef here.

Zhao Jingli.

I know the chefs.

No one by that name here.

Go away, go somewhere else.

No way.

Everyone in the county knows he's here!

How can he not be here?

Wait, he has a nickname: Zhao Datou.

Where did you come from, Xuelian?

We haven't seen each other for ten years.

Yes, I'm here to see family.

I thought I'd come see you while I was in Beijing.

Datou, Datou.

It's NPC time.

Strangers can't stay.

Is she a stranger?

We went to the same school!

No schoolmates either.

Those are the rules.

So now you care about the rules?

But not when you come to pick up dinner?

Every time it's, "A little more, Zhao!"

I was there for you,

you ungrateful bastard!

Come on.

You can't hide this.

The boss will find out!

I've rustled up a couple of dishes.

Try my cooking.

I remember you in middle school.

You liked stir-fried egg and tomato.

Datou, I brought you tea and honey

and meat I cured myself.

Now why would you bring me food?

There's food everywhere here.

Let's eat while it's hot.

The boss trusts me to look after the storeroom.

Why don't you sleep here tonight?

Me, sleep here? Where will you sleep?

This is my turf. I have a dozen places to sleep!

I can go anywhere.

This is Manhattan.

The World Financial Center.

This is the White House.

The US president lives here.

It's highly secured.

This is the Arc de Triomphe.

The Eiffel Tower.

I don't like taking photos!

It's just a souvenir.


Get two of the dragons.



Datou, I feel bad you've skipped work

and spent money on me while I'm here in Beijing.

Don't be silly!

I've had a crush on you since middle school.

Time has given me another chance.

It's been so many years,

and you're still a joker.

Li Xuelian wasn't happy in Beijing.

Because she wasn't here to tour,

but to sue.

However, she couldn't tell Zhao Datou the truth.

Even worse,

once in Beijing,

she didn't know where to take her case,

or to whom.

What place would accept her lawsuit?

And which people would listen to her?


What do you want?


I just wanted to see if you were asleep.

I'm looking for yeast for tomorrow morning's fried dough.

To be honest,

the governor of our province

loves my fried dough sticks.


If you think you got a rotten deal

taking time off to show me Beijing and dine out,

then I'll give you every cent I have.

Li Xuelian.

What are you talking about?

What kind of person do you think I am?

Hey, Datou!

I want to go out alone tomorrow.

Don't worry, I'll be fine.

If you want to go alone that's fine.

If I ask to take off again,

the head chef will get mad.

If you go out tomorrow, make it early.


There are so many guards now.

I think a high official is coming.

A senior official is coming here?


This is where the NPC delegates stay.

The leadership comes here for meetings.


Though I'm just a chef,

I've seen a lot of officials from TV in person.


don't tell anyone! It's a secret.

It's a secret.

Would all NPC delegates please take a seat?

The meeting is about to begin.

The chairman is about to arrive.

Eight delegates will speak today.

We all know the order,

but I must stress the timing.

Each person will speak for eight minutes

on the subject of yesterday's government work report.

Don't go off topic,

or you'll run over.

There won't be enough time,

and the chairman won't have time to close.

That would be a huge loss, wouldn't you agree?

I won't mince words.

If anyone goes over,

after the meeting

they will be fined!

Hello, Chairman.

Hello, hello.


please continue with the meeting.

Let me hear your brilliant ideas.

The chairman has taken time from his busy schedule to visit us.

He cares for the 50 million people of our province.

For our part, we should ...

I'm just an ordinary delegate,

the same as you all.

Here to discuss the government work report.

Don't make a big deal about it.

Let me just make one thing clear.


I'm here with my ears, not my lips.

I'm not here to make a speech!

Datou, the boss wants you.

What for?

Something good!


You're Zhao Jingli?

Just now, eight delegates

representing a range of sectors

have shared their views.


would the honored leader now give us his important instructions?

Didn't I just tell you?

I'm not speaking today.

But it looks like you've twisted my arm.

Comrades, your speeches were fine.

As for the constructive criticisms you've raised,

I completely agree.

Regarding this year's government work report,

my overall feeling is

is to seek truth from the facts.

Based on last year's outcomes

and this year's plans,

do not act rashly.

Some people say I'm conservative.

But better to be conservative

than to be radical.


end up in remedial classes.

Haven't we learned enough from history?


let me now turn to the deficiencies.

Stop the cameras.

Corruption. Immorality.

These are the areas I stress against the most.

The people also complain about these the most.

It gets worse each day.


Every case uncovered makes us shudder.

It makes us shudder, comrades!

The waters can float a boat or tip it over.

These two tumors of corruption and immorality,

if not removed, could shake our legitimacy.


Is Guangming County in your province?



something strange happened to me.

I was on my way here for the conference.

As my car entered the compound,

a woman stopped my car.

My guard wanted to arrest her as a terrorist.

I told him to stop.

I called her over.

I asked her,

"Why are you stopping my car?"

She said,

"I have a case."

I asked her where she was from.

She said she was from Guangming County.

I asked her what sort of case it was.

She told me

it wasn't a big case,

just a divorce.

A small divorce case

that still made it to Beijing!

Such a small thing.

How did it end up in Beijing?


Was it the woman's fault that something so small turned into something big?


At every level of government,

officials of every rank

did not care about the concerns of the people!

They ignored her.

Sidestepped her.

Gave her a hard time.

A sesame seed has now become a watermelon.

An ant has now beceome an elephant!

A woman's divorce,

which should have been settled between her and her husband.


she wants to sue seven or eight people.

From the city mayor,

to the county chief,

to the chief justice, and so on!

I heard

that because of her case,

she was arrested

by the local police.

Who twisted her arm?


Not a public servant,

but a public parasite!

Not a public advocate,

but someone running roughshod over the public!

Tell the provincial committee:

Everyone involved in this woman's case

must be held accountable

and severely punished.

Governor Zhu,

for the sake of one divorced woman,

is firing all those officials

truly necessary?

I've had the secretary verify the situation.

Although details differ from the high official's version,

it's real enough.

They let things reach this point.

Haven't they made the whole province lose face?


don't be penny wise and pound foolish.

You've punished

the greedy and corrupt.

But that treacherous bastard Qin

is still at large!

And this Pan Jinlian label on me

still hasn't been cleared up!

And that's the main point of this case.


it can't end like this.

Ten years passed.

Li Xuelian continued her lawsuit

because her divorce case with Qin Yuhe

and the Pan Jinlian label

were still unresolved.

General suing aside,

every year

she brought her case to Beijing during the NPC,

causing headaches for officials at all levels.



open up!



Have you been here all night?


Look at this frost on my head!

There's no frost!


I'm not that stupid.

I came knocking last night.

You pretended not to hear,

so we went back.

I came early today,

knowing I would get to you!


I've come for no particular reason.

I just want a bowl of your beef bone broth.

Actually, it's not because I wanted your bone broth.

I wanted to come see

if you needed anything.

If you really want nothing else,

go home.

I don't need anything,

and take that ham leg with you.

I'm a Buddhist now.

I don't eat meat.

Then why are you still making beef bone broth?

Even if you're not in trouble,

I can't come see my cousin?

Stop calling me cousin.

You're the chief justice.

When you call me that

it makes me nervous.

Even if I became the mayor,

you'd still be my cousin.

Chen Ah-Da from the back hills

who died last year

was my distant uncle, did you know that?

Don't ask me

if he's your uncle or not.

Ask your mother.

Chen Ah-Da's wife's sister

married Hu at Qijia'an.

You have a cousin on your mother's side

who married Chen Ah-Da's wife's sister's husband's cousin's son.

So we're related pretty closely!

Chief Justice Wang.

If you've got nothing else,

stop grinding your teeth here.

I'm busy.

Since we're related,

I won't go round in circles.

In two weeks,

the NPC will start in Beijing again.

When will you be going this time, Cousin?

So that's what you want.


I'm not going this year.

Well look at that!

I'm not going in circles,

but you are!

For ten years

you've sued every year.

Now you suddenly say you won't!

Who would believe that?

It's not the same this year.

How so? Explain.

I hadn't given up before.

This year I've given up.

Cousin, that's not convincing.

I know how much you've suffered these ten years.

But in all honesty,

this case

is no longer just yours.

Your divorce case

toppled the mayor,

the county chief,

and the chief justice.

But let's be real here.

Was your divorce real or fake?

Can you and Qin remarry

and then divorce again?

Can the mayor or the county chief really decide on these things?

Can't you try to understand?

If not for anyone else,

then for me, your cousin!

If you don't sue,

I can keep my job a little longer.

If you sue again,

I might lose my job

just like Chief Justice Xun ten years ago!


You no longer have to worry.

Didn't I tell you already?

I'm not going this year!

Why do you lie every time you open your mouth?

We're brother and sister!

Can't we have an honest and open conversation?

You won't believe anything I say anyway.

Stop wasting my time.

I need to buy brine today.


One house is burnt.

We cannot permit a second to catch fire.

These old homes

are on file with the province.

After the first fire,

the province issued a notice.

If a second one burns

the situation changes.


This extinguisher expired a year ago.

Cultural Relics.

Public Security.


If any department did its job,

things wouldn't be this way.


check them one by one for hidden dangers.

I'll be back in ten days.

If they are not up to standard by then,

I'll hold you responsible.

Justice Wang,

continue your report on Li Xuelian.

Don't just take notes.

Put Chief Zheng's instructions into practice.

Ten years.

And this woman's gotten even harder to deal with.

The more she says she won't sue,

The more I can't seem to figure her out.

Don't try to figure her out.

Let her sue.

We can't let her sue.

Stopping Li Xuelian is as important as firefighting.

Where does the constitution say a citizen can't sue?

I wouldn't be afraid if she just sued within the county.

But she'll go to Beijing to sue.

If she stops another official's car,

the city mayor, you, and me...

We'll all be fired.

So be it!

I don't want to be chief anyway.

Chief Zheng,

please forgive my frankness.

You may not want to be chief anymore,

but the major still wants his job.

And also,

I do, too.

So this peasant woman commands the fate of us all?

For a decade

it's been like this!

If she were just one person, it would be fine.

But she's become three people now!

What do you mean?

To us, she's a tenacious pest, a little cabbage.

To her husband, she's a Pan Jinlian.

And she thinks of herself as Dou E, a victim of injustice.

Three women,

none of whom are easy to handle.

Three difficult women combined together

to form a many-headed monster!

And she trains herself for immortality like the Lady White Snake.

Ten years of complaining...

She's a master of it!

It seems you've really let her get to you.

Let me meet this Pan Jinlian.


What are you doing back here?

I'm too junior to convince you,

so I've brought the county chief along this time.

This is Chief Zheng.


Let's talk inside, then.

That's okay.


I like directness,

so let's be blunt.

The NPC is in session in Beijing,

so aren't you going to file your case?

I told you yesterday.

I won't go this year.

You've come to your senses.

So why don't you sign a guarantee?

What does a guarantee do?

If you sue again,

the law holds you accountable.

Then I won't sign!

If you're not suing,

why are you afraid to sign?

I'm not afraid.

The situation isn't like that.

That's not what I'm arguing.


I don't need to seek redress for the injustice done against me,

but I won't sign a guarantee.

If I sign it,

it's like I'd be admitting fault!

It wouldn't be a problem if it were only something small.

But then what would I have been doing

for the past ten years?

Was I wrong about everything all along?


it's not that serious.

It's just a formality.

Now it's a formality.

When something happens,

you'll pull out that paper,

and then it's the police station for me.

I know this very well!

That's not the point.

It's so we can all relax.

An oral agreement

isn't worth anything!


here's what we'll do.

We've already drafted an agreement.

Chief Zheng even came today,

so just sign it here,

and I guarantee I won't bother you after that!

I won't sign!

I hadn't planned to sue this year.

But if you keep pressuring me,

I swear,

I'll change my mind,

and I'll sue this year too!


At last the truth comes out!

The importance of improving the beautiful countryside

I won't repeat again.

Now let me describe

what our "beautiful countryside" really is.

Filthy! Chaotic! Inferior!

Are there any villages not ringed with rubbish?

Who's going to invest where everything's filthy?

We've had many clean-ups before,

but they've been only superficial.

And then three days later it goes back to the way it was.

Not this time!

It must be fixed once and for all!

County and district chiefs must be personally in charge.

In three days,

submit your comprehensive plans

and bring them to me.


Chief Zheng of Guangming County, stay behind.

Chief Secretary, you too.

Mayor Ma.

I've been thinking

about the matter of Li Xuelian.

This situation with Li Xuelian...

Yes? not entirely the fault of Li Xuelian.

Has our approach been too simplistic?

A peasant woman who's complained for a decade

suddenly decides to stop this year.

Whether that's true or not,

she still needs to be led in a positive direction.

But you all,

in forcing her to sign a guarantee,

screwed it all up.

Our approach was too simplistic.

Yes it was.

But what's the substance of the problem?

It's our attitude toward the masses.

You don't trust her.

So why should she trust you?



this woman crashed onto the scene in Beijing a decade ago.

A woman who has somehow made connections in Beijing

is no ordinary rural woman.


If we conduct our business

as if she were an ordinary peasant woman,

then we'll have problems.


Our predecessors ten years ago

treated her like that.

Haven't we learned anything since then?


I haven't learned any lessons.

But that's not my main point.

The news has advanced.

Internet, microblogs, WeChat.

The whole world might find out overnight!

Then, like our predecessors ten years ago,

we'll lose our jobs, and that's a small matter.

But if we cause our country to lose face before the whole world,

that would be worse.

Mayor Ma,

you're right.

I've misjudged the problem.

We've lost the bigger picture.

I'll go back and write a report.

No report is needed.

Just so you're aware,

I've been thinking.

There are lots of old sayings

that are worth remembering.

For example,

"A long dike can fail at a pinprick."

Or, "Nip it in the bud"

or "Saving a little only to lose a lot."

They all have to do with small things.

Many stumble not on the big things

but on the small

because they don't grasp the importance of the small.

There are still nine days

until the NPC meets in Beijing.

I'd better go myself.

I'm an NPC delegate, too.

This is one of my duties.


in the three years I've been mayor,

I've never met our little victim.

I've gotten caught up in bureaucracy, too!

Mayor Ma.

My poor efforts have caused you problems.

Meeting the public is one of my duties.

Find some time.

I'd like to have dinner with the woman.

Very well.

Why don't you make a reservation at the city government hotel?

Not to criticize you both,

but an official's attitude towards the public

is apparent from a single meal.

Should we go to them?

Or should they come to us?

Right, of course. Then we'll go to the county seat

Let's have it at the county government hotel.


I just said to draw inferences!

Why is that so hard to put into practice?

If you invite someone to a meal at a hotel

with lights blazing

and a million different dishes on the table,

she'll be nervous

before she even sits down!

We'd scare her.

I've heard Li Xuelian runs her own little restaurant.


Why can't we meet there?

Right, of course! Let's go to her place!

I'm just worried about

her restaurant's state of cleanliness.

I'm not afraid!

I grew up in the countryside.

What others eat, I will too.

If you won't,

you don't have to go.

We will, we will!


I'll try your beef bone broth

if you try this sausage I brought.

My mother cured it back home.

Maybe it's not a delicacy,

but it's authentic

in its Jiangxi flavor!

Oh! The power's out!

Chief Zheng.


Call the power bureau.

I'll call them now.

We have a lantern but no oil.

I'll borrow some.


Don't go.

They cut the power,

so let them fix it.

Justice Wang,

get some oil from the village head.

Quickly, quickly!

I'll go at once.

Here's the lantern.

Mayor Ma, you didn't come for my bone broth,

but for the case, right?


I have a question,

but you don't need to answer it

if you don't want to.

You said before

that you wouldn't sue.

But they didn't trust you

and reacted badly.


can you repeat what you said before?

Mayor Ma.

Because you've come today, too,

I can't be completely at ease.

I've already told them twice over

that I wouldn't sue this year.

But they didn't believe me!

You've sued for over ten years.

So why not this year, all of a sudden?

I hadn't thought it through clearly before,

but this year I've figured it out.

Then tell me.

What was it that you hadn't figured out last year

but figured out this year?

For example,

did something specific happen

that convinced you?

It wasn't anything specific.

I just listened to the cow.


What cow?

Li Xuelian!

Mayor Ma's come a long way.

It shows his good faith!

He's here to solve this problem.

Don't mock him

by dragging animals into it!


It's the same as with my case.

I tell the truth,

and you take it as a lie.


I believe you're telling the truth.

So let's trust what the cow said together, okay?

No suing this year.

Mayor Ma.

There's a difference.

What difference?

The cow can decide.

But you all can't.

Why not?

The cow says not to sue

because it's scared I won't win.

You don't want me to sue because you want me to lose.

They're two different things.

Look, you can see that we've come today

just to help solve your problem!

Don't try to fool me.

Once it's NPC time,

you line up to see me.

Isn't it just to keep up the ruse for a few days,

only to drop my case afterwards

and ignore me again?


Focus on the case!

Why drag in this stuff with the cow?

Aren't you being insulting?

Come here, Chief Zheng.

Wasn't the city's war on poverty hard?

And wasn't reconstructing the old quarter?

And wasn't last year's flood recovery effort?

Didn't we rise to every challenge?

But one woman's mental block

has got us all stumped?

Change the course of approach.

Put aside the woman

and talk to her ex.


It may be a chore,

but won't that solve the problem?

Wow! Mayor!

That's a capital idea!

In an instant you've found the root cause!


The factory director is here.

Director Li.

Chief Zheng.

This matter isn't our factory's business.

It isn't the government's business, either.

I just have one question.

Can you solve it or not?

If you can,

solve it right away.

If you can't,

I'll find someone who can.

Chief Zheng!

There's an opening for fleet chief.

If you help out the plant,

then you'll end up chief, I guarantee it!

You're good to me, Director.

You brought me up here from Hubei,

and I'm grateful to you,

and I'd like to help.

But I can't help you with this!

Why not?

Do you know who has been affected most

by Li Xuelian's decade of lawsuits?


My current wife!

Xuelian has sued for ten years.

My wife has suffered ten years of people's finger-pointing.

Five years ago she got depression.

She says to me all the time,

"Why are you so afraid of Li Xuelian?

Because of her lawsuits?

Get me mad and I'll sue too!"

So that makes two lawsuits.

And I'll tell you something, Director.

If you all pressure me,

I'll sue too.

And then in the end,

one person's lawsuit

will have turned into three!

As matters stand,

the county can take care of it.

Remind Zheng.

He must pay attention to his approach.

This must be foolproof.


One more thing.

One mistake is proof we're fools.

Hey, Chen.

On government business?

Not so lucky this year,

getting this kind of assignment.

Isn't keeping watch better than catching people?

So you say.

But you get a warm bed at night,

and we have to stand here out in the open.

It may be springtime,

but the nights are still cold.

Only two places in China are this closely guarded

Which two places?

One is Party headquarters.

The other is your house.

Li Xuelian.

Four bodyguards!

The US president also gets this kind of treatment!

I had this inscription brought from Jingjiang Palace in Guilin.

They say it's auspicious.

It turns bad luck into good.


Have you thought any more about us?

About what?


I've got a lot on my mind, Datou.

Don't joke around!

I lost my wife over a year ago.

We need a new start anyway.

And didn't you say

you weren't going to sue this year?

So we've got time for it.

I did say that,

but I've changed my mind.


They forced me.

Who did?

The chief justice,

the county chief,

and the mayor.

I said I wouldn't sue this year,

but they didn't believe me.

They demanded a reason.

I said I obeyed the words of my cow,

and they took it as an insult!

I don't get it.

Whatever I say,

they twist around.

Why don't you just ignore them?

We can do what we originally agreed upon,

drop the suit,

and be together.


They're pushing me.

They're driving me to desperation.

If I don't sue,

they'll think they've beaten me!

I never thought the situation

would blow up like this.


I've got a favor to ask.

What is it?


I've got four people who follow me around all day.

If I really want to sue,

I've got to escape.

How can I handle so many on my own?

I wonder,

do you think you could help me find a way to escape?


Don't freeze yourselves out here.

Why don't you all come in for a drink?

We're on duty!

We can't drink.

You don't need to watch her anymore.

What do you mean?

This year it's different.

She's not suing.

Who's going to believe that?

Li Xuelian is going to marry me.

Tonight's drink is for our engagement.

And if we're getting married,

she's not going to complain about some old divorce.

Are you for real?

How could anyone joke about something like this!

Does Li Xuelian joke around?

Come on in.

He does have a point.

I won't lie to you,

Xuelian and I are together

after a stormy two decades.

I had a crush on her in middle school.

But time moved on,

and we went our separate ways.

It wasn't easy, but now we're reunited.

So let's drink to that.


Try some dried tofu I brined myself.

Today is a good day.

You toast them too.



You are all here today

to toast our engagement.

It's fate!

I should thank the government for sending you.

I express my thanks for your efforts by emptying this glass.

Take it easy.

Oh, that's strong.

Have some more.

Oh, that's really spicy.




Thank you.

How're you doing, Chen?

The pig trotters came up.

What a shame.

No, I really can walk on my own!


I can walk fine.

Take it easy.

I'm fine, I'm fine.

Are you okay, Chen?

Datou, I'm truly happy for you!

It's late.

I'll stay here.

Don't blab around, though.

You've got nothing to worry about.

We're not blabbermouths.

Here, have some more!

No, no more.

Hey, bring the car around!

Come up to the gate.

We'll sleep in the car.

We're leaving.


Time to go.

Let me give you a hand.

I'm fine, I'm fine. See?

I'll make it. I'm really fine.

Come to my restaurant in the county seat some time.

I'm fine. No need to see me off.

Drive the car around, quickly!

Take it slow.

Ah, okay.

Go back home.

Quietly now.

Four people couldn't keep track of one person?

A police chief.

A chief justice.

Played by a peasant woman!

It's embarrassing!

The NPC starts in five days.

You've got to find Li Xuelian!

Don't worry, Chief.

I'll definitely find Li Xuelian.

In how many days?



She'll reach Beijing in three!

Two days.

Find her, and come see me.

If you can't,

then deliver your resignations to me.

I'll get to surveillance at once.

Mayor Ma has already arrived at Li Xuelian's village.

How did the mayor know?

And how did he get there so fast?

I can't do anything now!

Why didn't you tell me earlier that she left?

They just reported it.

Quick! Go!

What are you still waiting here for?

A medal?

Chief Zheng.

It's the police's fault Li Xuelian escaped.

It has nothing to do with us.

Nothing to do with you?

If you hadn't ruled wrongly

would we be here today?

It was the correct ruling ten years ago that led to today!

Chief Zheng!


I just found out myself.

Where's the mayor?

By the river.

If he curses at you,

just take it. Don't try to explain.

I know, I know!

Mayor Ma.

I didn't do my job,

and now Li Xuelian has escaped.

It's so scenic here.

I'm pondering a question.

We all know the nature of the Li Xuelian issue.

But why do problems keep cropping up?

Do these problems

arise from the small

or the big?

Just as you pointed out,

it's always the small things.

A long dike can fail at a pinprick.

But Mayor Ma,

don't worry.

We are definitely learning our lesson.

I guarantee

that within two days,

we'll find that woman.

Thank you, Chief Zheng.

I've come today

to talk more about the links between big and small.

I don't dare mention "foolproof" anymore.

Chief Zheng.

There are five more days until the NPC convenes.

In four days,

I'll report to Beijing.

Chief Zheng.

It's in your hands.

Please trust me, Mayor Ma.

I will do everything i can.


Where are we now?


Hell, Datou!


Don't panic.

They're not here for us.

We'll find a hotel first.

Better to sleep days

and travel nights.

I'm not being stingy.

They only have one room left.

A triple.

We can sleep by ourselves.



You're strangling me!

What are you doing?

Datou, knock it off!

This is fate!


Datou, knock it off!

It's been a long day.

You need your rest!


Hands off!

I'm going to get angry if you keep going!

Datou, knock it off!

I've waited twenty years!

You're really pissing me off!

I can't wait any longer.



That was rape, you know?

Just tell me, did you like it?

It's daytime.

Don't you have any shame?

It's never been this good for me ever.

Then let me ask you a question.


Would people rather be with someone they loved?

Or with an enemy?

That's a silly question!

Then I'd advise you to drop your suit.

A suit would mean abandoning your loved ones for your enemies.

If you change your mind,

we'll go back and get married.

Your restaurant downstairs

and the hotel upstairs

have been abandoned for years.

Let's re-open them.

What do you say about that?

It's a good thing we came to Huangshan.

Climbing mountains really opens your mind.

Here's what I'm thinking.

Let's not sue.

Let's not go home either.

Let them look!

Where will they look?

Chief Zheng.

Our search now covers four counties,

all highway exits,

all bus and train stations,

all major roads.

All are being monitored by our police.

Have you found them?

Not yet.


A court justice wants to see you.

Wonderful to meet you, Chief Zheng.

Spit it out.

Wonderful to meet you.

I'm Jia. Jia Congming.


You all take a break.

Please continue.

I rushed over here to make a report.

You can stop the search.

There's no need to find her.

Why not?

Because she's not going to Beijing to sue!

Where did she go?

She went to Huangshan

to fall in love.



You've got to talk to the chief for me.

Our police have been working overtime for two days.

We're doing all we can!

The chief hasn't slept either.

The mayor laid into him.

Zhao Datou sent me these text messages.

In one

he said he took Li Xuelian to bed.

In the other, they're climbing Huangshan.

He said they're getting married.

They're getting married,

so why would Li Xuelian still want to sue?

Yes, she ran off.

But to Huangshan,

not Beijing. This is proof!

This is very serious.

There's no room for uncertainty.


I'll stake my job on it.

This mess won't happen ever again.

I've been working on Zhao Datou for half a month!

But I couldn't present it until it was confirmed.

You've been working secretly on this?

That's right.

What's your motive?

Not just to ease the leadership's worries, is it?

Purely to ease the leadership's worries!

Of course...

Since I helped with such a thorny problem,

I do hope for certain considerations.

Let's have it.

And I've got a mind to improve myself.

What was Zhao's motive

for cooperating with you?

He gets a wife!

His former wife died last year.


You've helped us resolve a major problem.

That's right!

Take all of the messages on your phone

and send them to my phone.


As for your request...

When this is all over,

the Party will consider it.

Thank you, Chief!

How tall are you?

176 cm.

For your husband?

Turn around.

Let me compare.

I'm not bugging you!

I took care of your situation.

Did you take care of mine?

Of course I believe the chief,

but I've got to see it for myself.

My son said there's been no movement on his status.

You only report news of me and Li Xuelian to the chief.

But what about my son's job?


That's ridiculous!

The two aren't comparable!

We're here. You just can't see it with your own eyes.

Not just in Huangshan

but in our county!

When I take Li Xuelian to bed,

it's not like you can be there next to us to confirm it!

Of course it's taken care of!

We're going back to get married.

Do you think she'll have time to sue?

That's enough. I can't talk.

She's coming back.


I can explain.


I was forced into it too!

It wasn't my idea!

It was Jia Congming's from the court!

Open up!

Don't be angry.

I don't care about my son's job.

I really, truly want to marry you!


If you're still angry,

why don't we trick them together?

Where are you going?

Listen, I'll...

Don't follow me!

If you do, I'll kill you!

Zhao Datou and Jia Congming's plot shocked Li Xuelian.

For the past ten years, her number one reason for suing

was that Qin called her a Pan Jinlian.

For over a decade she wasn't a Pan Jinlian.

But now that she'd allowed Zhao Datou to sully her,

she was an adulteress.

She couldn't keep living if she didn't clear her name.

Isn't she getting married?

Why has she run off again?

What the hell is going on?


I knew nothing about this.

This has absolutely nothing to do with the court.

He acted on his own.

Don't try to clear yourself, okay?

You were the architect.


Zhao Datou...

He had everything worked out already.

Li Xuelian really was going to marry him.

But Zhao insisted on his conditions.

His son is a temp at the livestock bureau,

and he wanted you to use your connections

to make him a permanent hire.

I didn't tell you that part.

Then they climbed the mountain.

But then Zhao Datou

thought only about himself,

and he called me for an answer.

Li Xuelian overheard him,

and she ran off.

It really was just one step away from being a success.

Why didn't you tell me before?

Personally speaking,

my biggest character flaw

is that I don't want to burden my superiors.

Shut your trap!

You concealed it!

A classic case of saving a little only to lose a lot!

Not only that!

He concealed what he knew!

He was only concerned with becoming the assistant chief justice!

You were too selfish!

Because of your selfish greed,

you ruined a sure thing.

And now the government's in a bigger mess!

The government's in extra trouble because of you!

Shut up!

You're such an idiot!

You're not smart!

You're a fake!

Where did Li Xuelian go?

I don't know.

From the looks of it,

Maybe she went to Beijing again to sue.

Then what are you still doing here?

Find her in Beijing!

Bring Li Xuelian back!


the court isn't involved in arrests.

Not involved?

Your court is to blame for this!

And you say you're not involved!

Another thing.

Didn't you say you're related to her?

Us? Related?

We can't possibly be related!

Let me repeat.

If anything happens,

I'm finished as county chief.

You're off the court, too.

I can't conceal such a weighty matter.

The last time she ran off,

the mayor went directly to the village.

I couldn't do anything!

You're even more screwed this time!

Vice Governor Meng, in charge of petitions,

came to inspect the city's petition work.

At dinner

he asked about the Li Xuelian situation,

and Mayor Ma joked with him

that Li Xuelian was getting married.

Vice Governor Meng laughed,

and so did his colleagues.

But now, in the time of this performance,

it's flipped completely.

Now it really is a joke!

How will Ma explain his joke to the vice governor?

Please excuse the disturbance.

Because the NPC is convening in Beijing,

to ensure the session's smooth operation,

all city visitors

must be inspected.

Please show your ID cards.

Thank you for your cooperation.

ID, please.

To save time,

please have your ID cards ready.


Your ID card, please.

I've lost it.

I was pickpocketed on the road.

Go home and replace it.

You can't pass without it.

Get off.

Let me through.

I'm ill.

Go home for a checkup.

You can't get in without an ID.

Go replace your ID and then come back to Beijing.

Feel my head. I'm burning up!

Exit the bus first, okay?

Cooperate with us.

We're not here to give you a hard time.

I'm dizzy and my vision's blurry.

It's on you if I die.

The bus can't go with you on it.

Don't waste everyone's time.

Come, ma'am. Work with us here.

Don't pull at me. I'm not getting off!



You say you need her identification?

Her identity right now is a patient!

Ever since she got on

she's been leaning on me, burning up!

If she were your sister,

wouldn't you care if she lived or died?

Sir, please don't get angry.

There can be no passage without an ID card.

I can't be liable.

We're in the middle of nowhere.

If anything happens to her here,

that makes you liable!

How about this?

We'll send a car to take her to the nearest town.


Without ID she can't reach Beijing.

Please understand.


Where's Li Xuelian?

I turned around and she was gone.

Didn't I ask you to watch her?

Yes. But there are so many people,

it's hard to keep track.

If you spotted her, why didn't you pounce?

A big guy like you can't hold onto a woman?

You want me to spook her?


I'm not in uniform.

I'm in plainclothes, you know?

If I grabbed her,

she'd yell and struggle.

And with all those people watching,

it's tense enough already.

They would've taken me for a thug and beaten me up!

That would be a hassle.

Cut the crap!

Did you get a clear enough look

to see whether it really was her?

If it really was her that you saw,

then it means she's already in Beijing.

Problems are at hand.

Check out any family she might have here.

Laborers. Vendors.


Where am I?

Niutou County.

How far is Beijing?

An hour or so.

How long have I been here?

Two days.

I can't let you go without paying!

We're close to Beijing.

I've got a relative there.

He sells oil at the farmer's market in Donggaodi.

How about this, Director?

You send someone with me to get the money.


Originally I was supposed to go to Beijing the day after tomorrow.

But just because of you

my schedule got messed up.

The NPC is meeting in Beijing right now.

If you weren't taking my ambulance, you wouldn't even be able to enter the city.


Look how much trouble you've gotten yourself into.

Are you sure about this?

I don't have the time to mess around!

He's a nut seller.

Where could he be?

It's already 12:00!

I've got to pick up medicine in a little bit.

Hey, how about this?

I take you back to town,

and you talk to our director.

What do you say?

I have something urgent to take care of.

I'll die before I go back.

Skipping out on the bill?

Is that your plan?


When I find him I'll pay you back!

You have to let me find him!

If we don't find him on this round,

I'll tie you up and take you back!

Fresh roasted! Cheap!

Peanuts! Sunflower seeds! Fresh roasted!



The county court's got people looking for you!

They've been here ten times.

Three times only yesterday!

Then I've got to get away!

Hey, you're not going anywhere!

Pay the money!


You're not an easy person to find!

Hey, man. She owes the hospital money!

Once she pays me back, then you two can talk!

Step aside!

Take her to court if she owes you money.

Don't obstruct official business!

Take him away!

Cousin, don't try to run!

Drop your case.

Why don't you come back home with us?

I told you I wouldn't sue,

but you didn't believe me!

It was you who forced me into this!

I'll fight you before I stop!


Be civilized!



Don't hit me, Cousin!

We're not here to block your case!

Stop fighting!

We're not stopping you from suing.

Something's come up!

I had to tell you as quickly as possible.

I came here by plane

just to tell you this.

What's the matter?

Qin Yuhe...

is dead.


He wasn't ill or injured.

How did he die?

Two nights ago,

he was driving a shipment to Wuhan

and probably got tired.

His truck, with him inside,

took a plunge into the Yangtze River!


it's been ten years.

But Qin Yuhe is dead now.

Your enemy is dead and gone!

You can't sue him anymore.

It's not about him.

It's about you all!

You've been fighting us all this time

but in the end it was still about Qin Yuhe!

He's the root of the whole case.

We're just the leaves and branches.

Now he's dead.

Without the root,

the leaves fall off. The case won't hold up!

Like the old saying goes,

"Without skin, what keeps the fur on?"


So how can I continue my suit?

You can't, unless...

Qin Yuhe comes back to life

Qin Yuhe!

Qin Yuhe!

You good-for-nothing bastard!

You've ruined my life!

Even in death I can't escape!

You died without a word

and left me stranded here!

We still haven't resolved our situation!

And now you've died on me, you bastard!

And now it'll never be cleared up!

Qin Yuhe, you bastard!

Why didn't you hold on?

Why did you have to die?

Cousin, come home!

Come on!

Let's take you home.

We don't need to sue anymore, Cousin.

Don't make a scene, okay?

Let's go.

Let's go.

We're going home now.

What am I going to do?

Mayor Ma.

We've finally found Li Xuelian

on the closing day of the NPC conference.

Cutting it close!

With Qin dead,

Li Xuelian won't be suing.

Not this year, and not ever again.


So in the end

it was resolved by an accident.

That's right.

That's not what I meant.

I meant that the way it was resolved

wasn't because of anything we did.

The resolution relied on a random occurence.

It resolved itself while at the same time not resolving anything.

The whole situation

was an accident.

The past few days

I've been pondering this Li Xuelian situation.

The government and its various officials

were not malicious.

They all wanted to do good.

They all wanted to help her.

So why did the situation worsen?

Why did it drag on for ten years?


When you get down to it,

Li Xuelian wasn't in the right to begin with!

The court didn't make a mistake

in its judgment of her divorce.

So why, at all levels of government,

were we so afraid of her?

Did we really want to help Li Xuelian?

Or did we just want to protect our own positions?

In my opinion,

it's more the latter.

Someone who only cares about himself

isn't going to stick his neck out.

He's only looking upward, not outward.

But you know what?

Not answering to the people

is the worst thing we can do for our superiors.

If we don't figure that out,

then Li Xuelian may move on,

but a Wang Xuelian will take her place.

Don't rush to answer.

Go home and think about it.

You'll see the importance of taking responsibility.

Li Xuelian fell terribly ill.

When she came to her senses.

She looked for a spot to hang herself.

Not because she could no longer petition,

but because for ten years it had been her reason for living.

She had nothing to struggle for anymore.

Li Xuelian's life had collapsed.

There was no point to living.

That's how she felt.



What's your beef with me?!

You shouldn't do this to me!

Hey! Leave it alone!

I've been watching you for a while now.

What's it to you if I die here?

It's easy for you!

But this orchard is contracted to me.

At harvest time,

city folk come here to pick fruit.

If they knew someone died here,

would anyone come anymore?

Then where should I go?

You really wanna die?

When someone wants to die,

no one can stop them.


If I could answer that,

I wouldn't kill myself.

If you really want to die,

then do me a favor.

Go over there.

That orchard

is contracted to Cao.

He's my competitor.

As the saying goes,

"Don't hang yourself on just one tree."

You won't waste much time if you change trees.

After Mayor Ma's chat with Chief Zheng,

the city of Yong'an launched a program focused on rectifying official conduct,

drawing a range of lessons from the Li Xuelian case

in order to prevent minor issues from metastasizing,

to establish a responsibility system,

and to work closely among the general populace

to nip similar situations in the bud.

Here, dried tofu.




I'd like...

one bowl of beef bone broth,

and one plate of cured meat.

One plate of cured meat.


are you Lian?

Do you recognize me?

Do we know each other?

Back then you were holding a big sign

with "Injustice" written on it

in front of my car.

After that I lost my job as county chief.

Oh, you're Chief Shi!

We only met that once!

I know!

That was my injustice.

Chief Shi.

It was because of me

that your future got derailed.

Don't say that

because you never know.

What are you up to now?

After I lost my job,

I went back to Hunan.

I'm from a family of carpenters.

I run a woodshop.

I get by.

I've come to Beijing this time

to get business.

Why are you here

and not out suing?

When Qin Yuhe died,

I couldn't continue my case.

I didn't want to go home,

so I stayed here with a cousin

and opened a restaurant in front of the station.

Careful, it's hot.



After a decade of lawsuits,

you still didn't find a resolution.

It hasn't been easy for you, either.

I recall the case started

with an apartment, is that right?

For an apartment

you faked a divorce.

Looking back now,

was it worth it?

When we faked our divorce,

it wasn't for an apartment.

Then what for?

It was to have another child.

The apartment was just a pretext.

But in those days I wasn't allowed to.

It was against the law

So we thought of a plan,

talked it over,

and faked a divorce.

Qin would get our son,

and I'd give birth to the younger one

who would belong to me.

Once the baby was registered,

we would remarry.

But a few months after that,

the fake divorce became real.

That lowlife bastard got married again.

I was so angry,

I had a miscarriage.

Chief Shi.

Those ten years of lawsuits

were all for my unborn child.

I didn't realize it was so complicated.

I'd rather not mention the past.

Yes, you're right.

The past may fade.

Eat up!

This concludes our story of Li Xuelian.

The past may fade,

but people who were familiar

with her story told it like a joke.

First behind her back

and then to her face.

Eventually she got used to it.

She even laughed along with them

as if it were someone else's story.

Not hers.

The Description of I Am Not Madame Bovary