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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Vikings: Ivar and Hvitserk Plot Revenge (Season 6) | History

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Who are these people?

I don't know, but they're not viking.

That is not one of King Harald's ships.

They are scouts.

But where from?






You look like shit.

Yeah, I feel like it.

What are you wearing?



Why do you keep returning?


Why do you hunt me so?

I don't understand.

But I'm happy to see you--

truly happy to see you.

Prince Oleg, Princess Katia, Your Highnesses,

allow me to present to you my brother, Hvitserk, just

lately risen from the dead.

Your Highness.

OLEG: The son of Ragnar Lothbrok.

You're welcome.

You arrive in interesting times.

So I understand.

My brother's told me that you intend to attack our homeland.


It was once my homeland.

I'm only reclaiming the past.

I trust you will be happy to join King Ivar

and myself in this great undertaking.

Well, I have nowhere else to go.


I'm at your service, Prince Oleg.

I too need to reclaim my own past.

OLEG: Our army's assembling.


Tonight you will watch some of it parade past the palace.

It should be an interesting experience.

Who can resist such an army?

Nobody-- not King Harald, not Bjorn Ironside.


They're like children.

They and their gods will be destroyed.

This, my good friends, is the end of paganism,

the end of the pagan gods.


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