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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: REAL VS TINY Challenge! Hide and Seek

Difficulty: 0

- Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes!

I found my last one.

Now, let's get out of here and stop the clock.

- These are the two best things.

- Look how cute they are!

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In today's video, we're gonna do

the Real versus Fake Challenge.

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- Hi SOTY Family!

- Alright guys, today we're gonna do

the Real versus Fake Challenge.

- Using 5 Surprise Mini Brands!

- There's over 70 minis to collect.

- Awesome.

- Including some super sweet treats!

Like Twinkies, and Mentos.

- Not edible!

- And there's also rare and super rare

glow in the dark ones.

- For this challenge, we're each gonna open up

a 5 Surprise ball, and see which

5 Surprise Mini Brands we get.

- The real versions are hiding somewhere in this house.

- Whoever finds the real versions of their mini brands

the fastest--

- [Together] wins!

- I'm gonna go first.

- Okay, let's see what I got.

Oh, here we go.

What am I gonna get?

Yes, I got one of the super sweet treats!

Some TRESemme conditioner.

Nice and smooth.

Awesome, I got ice cream!

And I got some shaving cream.


Oh yeah.

And every ball comes with an accessory.

I got, oh, I got the shopping cart!

And the cool thing is, I can recreate the ball

and store them inside while I go do my hunt.

- [Taylor] It comes with a collectors guide,

so I know all the minis I could get!

- Alright, start the hunt.

Alright, time to find my four items.

Um, guys, there's one right there.

Well that was easy.

Guys, I'm gonna finish this hunt in no time.

This is awesome.

This is pretty easy.

Don't have that.

Don't have that.

Alright, alright, alright.

Don't have that.

Thought there would be something in here,

just cause, that makes sense.

Never mind, there's nothing.

Alright, alright, alright.

I see one!


Alright, two more, let's go!

That's black, this is white.

So, no, okay.

Nope, nothing in there.

Some peanut butter, nope.

I just need two more!

This stuff is weighing me down.

Oh yes, yes yes yes yes.

Wake up boy, it's time to wake up.

He was tired.

I have three, one more to go.

Taking it slow.

No, there's nothing.

There's just Q-tips, I don't need that.

This way, let's go this way.

Soy sauce?



They've got me surrounded.

Yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes!

I found my last one!

Now I have to get out of here, and stop the clock.

Oh no, I'm dropping them.

(heavy breathing)

Stop the clock!

Alright, let's see if I got everything right.

Let's compare.

Dum-Dums, check.

Shaving cream, check.

Ice cream, check.

And conditioner, check.

Look at these two, they're exactly the same!

- Alright guys, it's my turn, and I'm so excited!

Time to find out what I need to look for.

Let's see what this one is.

Oh, that one's the shopping cart!

I got Bacon Bits!

I got Airheads!

The mystery kind.

I got, oh, soy sauce.

Alright, time for my last one.

I got Mentos!

Alright, start the clock, here I go.

I'm going to check in the bathroom.

Guys, I found my first one right away!

I'm amazing!

Bacon bits, I have Bacon Bits.


This is easy.

Um, that's not what I have.


Baby Dove?

Nope, not on my list.



Don't have that.

Peanut butter?



I keep on finding things that aren't mine,

I only have two still.

What, shaving cream?

I didn't get that.



I did not get the Vaseline toy.

Or the lotion.


I had this!

I found the soy sauce!

I have three things, now all I need is the Mentos.

This is Mentos, but it doesn't look like the package I had.

It has to look the exact same, so I guess that's not it.



I need to find the Mentos!

There's a lollipop?

Oh my gosh.

Is this what mine looks like?

I walked right past it!

I found all four things, so I need to get out

and stop the clock.


Stop the clock!

How did I do, guys?

They look exactly the same!

Look how cute they are!

- It's my turn!

I got chicken pasta.

I got Vaseline.

I got Chupa Chups.

And Q-tips!

Time to find them.

I don't need these.

I don't need this either.


Do I need this?

Where's my stuff?

I found Vaseline!

I got one, three more to go!

Nope, I don't need it.



Maybe there's something up here.

I got Q-tips!

Let's keep looking.

Do I need this?


I found my chicken pasta!

I need one more.

What is this?

It's Chupa Chups.

I found all my four things!

I need to get out of the house and stop the clock.

I'm gonna win!

Stop the clock!

Look at how good I did!

Did I win?

- Hi guys, it's Payton's turn.

Peanut butter, my favorite.

Mentos, the super rare one!?



Do you guys know where all these stuff is?

Time to go shopping, grocery shopping.

(bell ringing)

Set the timer!


Nope, I don't need that.


Do I need this?

Where's all the things that I need?

Not you.

Do I need this?


I found my chili.

That's sad.

Let's go, let's go, let's go!

I'm keeping finding Mentos, but not the one I need!



No, I already have one.

Not you.

No, not you.

I can't find my other two things!

I'm going back downstairs.

Nope, I don't need this.

I didn't see this.

I just need one more thing, peanut butter.

Peanut butter!

I need to get all the things and get out,

so I can stop the timer!

Stop the timer.

Guys, I did pretty awesome!

I got the Dove.

I got the Chili.

I got the special Mentos.

And I got peanut butter.

I won!

These are the two best things.

- Alright guys, it's finally my turn.

Let's see what I got.

Okay, now, wooh.

I got Mentos!

I got raspberry skincare.

I got Dove men care.

There's my shopping cart.

And my last one is Dove baby lotion!

Start the timer.

Let's do this!

I'm gonna check over here first.

I found one!


Three more to go, and I already found one.

The baby, look how big it is.

Man, I'm doing awesome, only two more!

Let's see what else I need to find.

I need to find the Mentos, and the Dove for men.


That's not it.

Nothing in here.

I'm going to check upstairs.

And, no.

I need to win this competition!


Is that it?


I got the Mentos, and now I only need to find

the men's skin care.

I'll look in these drawers.




Is this it?


I found the last one!

Now I just need to get out of the house to stop the timer.

Stop the timer!

How do you think I did, guys?

They all look exactly the same!

- Alright guys, that's it for today's video.

- Who won, guys?

- To find out where you can get these 5 Surprise balls,

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- Bye!

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