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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: An Unlikely Friendship | English Vocabulary Exercise

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this is my friend Laura and she's 80

years old and this is my friend Tiffany

and she is 26 and we live in a

retirement community I'm a part of the

artist in residence program at Judson

Manor which is a residential program

where young musicians get to live here

rent-free in exchange for performing

recitals and concerts when I tell people

I live in their retirement community I

get a lot of mixed reactions some people

don't believe me other people all think

it's a wonderful idea I have not been a

part of this community more than two

days I was in the lobby and they've told

me about Tiffany and I walked over and

introduced myself and I said do you like


oh she loves dogs and Tiffany and I

became friend we just formed a



The Description of An Unlikely Friendship | English Vocabulary Exercise