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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: How i improved my German in 1.5 years [ENG/GER/THA]

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In this video, I will speak in German

(speak german with extremely wrong accent )

(speak german with extremely wrong accent )

(speak german not fluently )


5 tips on how I improve my German

within one and half year


I'm Pasit Zhou

we come back to my Vlog

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first of all I'll say

that, now I'm already in Germany for 1 and half year


if i do something today normal

then it is not so special

so I will speak in German today !!

let's see

Okay so good evening first

So in this video I will speak to German

yes as I said

because I now in Germany for one and half year

so I'm going to talk today in German

and I would say that

and I would say that

Here is my first time that I in front of the camera only in German speaking

so we come to this topic

it's about

5 tips on how I improve my German within a one and half year

but especially before I give all these 5 tips

how do I improve my German

I will first show you how was my improvement of my German

let's hear

how was my german

as I was a beginner learning German

and the data has been so a year and six months already

and my family number (my family name)

is Zhou

and my

I'm 19 (with wrong accent )

I'm 19 year old (with wrong accent )

and my birthday (with worng accent )

I am at

13 October

I speak (with wrong accent )

I speak I speak!! (with wrong accent )


So how was that

as I was a beginner

and we'll see next video

this video is from last year

(speak german not fluently )

also also

So I think it's enough already

I hope that you have noticed

that my german was not as good as now right ?

although I do not speak German so perfect

anyway my German has really improved a lot

so yes, I'm so happy with it

that's why I want to tell you today !!

5 tips on how I improved my German within one and half year

Tip Number 1

try to think your language is your mother language

just like now

while I have been speaking on camera

I think now that I speak in my mother langauge

although in reality is not so

because German is not my mother tongue at all

some people now have the question

why should you think so

There are two reasons

the first is not to focus on mistakes

when u speak your mother langauge

have you ever thought about whether you have spoken correctly ?

or speak grammar correctly

not at all right ?

me too

if I do speak in Thai

just like now when i speak thai

I have been never ever thinking

whether I have spoken correctly or incorrectly

In case of grammar too

so try to remember that

you speak right now in your mother langauge

so that you won't to give more energy

to speak all correctly

Tip number 2 not afraid to speak

if you're afraid to talk , then you do not quickly improve

you learn new language because you want to speak

right ?

if you do not speak or anxiety have then

you will not learn

so you need to find the reason why you're afraid to speak

I had many times previously afraid to speak

because I thought that other people will be angry at me

if they don't understand me

that is why I have asked myself

if a foreigner speaks to me in Thai

and I could not him or her understand

will i be angry at this man or this woman?

not at all

I would not be angry

if I do not understand other people

For this reason, I have thrown away my fear

So I think just like now

I made so many mistakes

while I have spoken in front of this camera

but I do not care

because the main thing you can understand me

right ?

I hope so, lol

Tip number three speak another language if you have opportunity

but not your mother langauge

but other language that you can speak

I give you an example

I can also Chinese right

and it's such a help to me when I speak in Chinese

and the question is why?

you know sometimes you also need a diversification

so you can get a new perspective

so I'll give you again Example

To tell more precisely and clarify

Three weeks ago I was in China

to travel

and you know in this journey, I have spoken only in Chinese

and when i speak chinese

I also get lots of tips

how do I improve a new language

eg tips number two that I have just presented

I also got from this trip

it is

try to think that your foreign language is your mother language

because as in China I was've spoken Chinese

I never thought that Chinese is a foreign language for me

I just speak simply

I'm not afraid that I will make mistakes

so that i would like to recommend you to speak other language

if you have chance

so you can get a new perspective

try using as simple as possible to formulate a sentance

it is so often happens with me

that I do not so well express my opinion

or say something

do you know why ?

because I always try to speak german

which is as same as I thought

eg when I think in Thai

i want to speak german so as same as i thought in thai

Do you understand what I mean ?

so I complicates

i make it difficult

that is why the result was so bad

I could not express my opinion

so that's why I want to give these tips

that if you're speaking in foreign language

you need as simple as possible to formulate a sentence

because the main thing is not that you build such a beautiful sentence

but is that other people understand you

so we come to the last tip from me

the final tip is the most important

because it's about

you have to believe in yourself

that you can learn a new language

you have to

believe in yourself

that you can do something

so you can motivate yourself

and I think you can also use this attitude

with other things too

something like that

if you do not believe in yourself

then who will believe in you ?

right ?

that's why you have to believe in yourself that

you can do it

how was my 5 tips I recommended you?

I hope it is helpful for you

to learn a new language

and to learn German

I hope that you at least get something good from my video

I thank you for your visit,


and I wish you a good night !!

bye bye

sawasdee krab

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