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Let it keep coming the hate feel the power of the dark side. Are we allowed to make joke

about star wars again I never know with these things Im always too soon. Were back

at it again with the hate, superheroes forced to work together to save the world and not

enjoying it because of interpersonal beef. Weve covered so many hates some with even

deeper histories then weve got to on here like emma stealing storms body. Which was

a good plot by the way read it. But there are still more heroes who cant get along

so lets take a look. Im Sasha and these are the Top 10 superheroes who hate each other

part 3.

Number 10 - Batwoman and Cassandra CainCassandra Cain is one of the women to take up the mantle

of batwoman after Barbara Gordon, initially mute and trained from birth to be an assassin

she would find herself taken in by Batman and learning his code and really being treated

very much as a daughter she would come to have great respect for the whole batfamily

and what they stood for so shes not here for people breaking their code enter Batwoman.

The modern batwoman is a new take on the first one both are named Kathy kane though while

the first Batwoman was created purely as a love interest to prove that batman and robin

were no homo. When she came back she was her own character and a lesbian as an f u to seduction

of the innocent but she also post new 52 more set against the bat family all like yeah I

took your symbol your name and your costume but we have nothing to with each other. Sure

jan. Well she was far more open to killing which set her against Cassandra for a bit

who had a full breakdown crying about how their symbol that they wear means something

and how dare she disrespect it and then bruce gave the most disappointed dad stare of all

of life. I love when characters have the conflict they should based on their personalities instead

of were all in the same group we should stick together nah fam give me interpersonal

drama between the people who would have it. Number 9 - Simon Baz Batman speaking of codes

and the like why if it isnt Batman having words with yet another green lantern just

he should write an angry letter to the guardians please have Mogo pick better ring bearers

sincerely an angry vigilante who has to work with them. So when Simon first started he

was from a bit of a rougher area and had a bit more of an aggressive stance on what a

green lantern could be so he used to carry a gun, and well you know how batman felt about

that. Batman has a big no no for guns unless its the Snyder verse or batman Odyssey

or some other exceptions he was all its not necessary and legit his trauma aside it

kinda isnt I mean you have a ring that can construct anything you conceive of and

you could use it as a gun anyway if you really wanted to its kinda redundant but thats

just me.

Number 8 - Rogue and DazzlerRogue and Dazzler have some classic beef from when Rogue

was still a supervillain and she absorbed dazzler powers which you know some people

get over and others dont but this feud would continue even after Rogue was on the

x-men but it would morph into a kinda tramp hussy shame off of them calling each other

names and who was hotter vs who was dressed more like a trollup. It was a moment thats

for sure I got called a tart the other day and was more taken aback by the throwback

than anything else whats next a dame a broad. Dazzler is one of those interesting

characters where shes been around for decades now and has had many arcs and plots and yet

youll still get people being like who? So do you like both serious life or death

fights but also petty cat fights cause these two have both.

Number 7 - Rick Grayson The BatfamilyMy goodness an actual chance to talk about Rick

Grayson oh joy. So rick grayson is renamed dick grayson after he got shot in the head

by the kgbeast and got amnesia. Afterwards he couldnt remember who he was but was

suddenly filled with a dan didio like certaiunty that his name shouldnt be dick and also

he didnt really want anything to do with the rest of the batfamily in a split which

has caused them great pain well I mean it would have bothered bruce if he was in character

but hes too busy doing yoga on the beach. So despite not wanting really anything to

do with his family Rick is still a vigilante in fact theres a whole nightwing group.

So hes kinda in a Jason like roll right now, and maybe hell be the new talon. Wake

me up when the hate is over yes its one sided they all miss and love him. Poor Damien

his father abandoned him to go paddleboarding and grow a mustache and his big brother and

father figure doesnt remember who he is. The names grayson rick grayson.

Number 6Speaking of the batfamly we need some pre new 52 drama with Jason Todd Tim

DrakeJason Todd had a lot of strong feelings about Tim cause well he was his replacement

or at least thats how Jason viewed it he used to call Tim the pretender. And he was

out to hurt him as much as possible. He would actually shoot him in the knee during the

battle for the cowl like tim should be permanently limping thank goodness for comics, tim started

off not actively hating Jason but after seeing the pain he was causing plus being on the

receiving end of jasons at the time unhinged rage responded in kind. These days tim and

Jason have a better relationship definitely eased by the fact that theres an even newer

robin in Damien since now him and tim can bond. Jason was quite the big emotional catalyst

when he first came back now he lives in a kind of limbo. People love him though if you

dare suggest anything bad about Jason prepare for people to come for you lock your doors

delete your search history its going to get real intense.

Number 5 - Captain America Punishermid way through with some one sided and kinda

sad but understandable hate. The punisher really admires captain America which is understandable

a lot of people in the marvel universe do but captain America he is not here for franks

methods, his brutality, his killing, his unwillingness to forgive. Thee had that really awkward fight

in civil war, civil war 1 wherein the punisher didnt fight back when him and steve fought.

That always makes the aggressor look terrible. The sad mad is a great defense tactic gets

the crowd on your side. There was also a what if story wherein frank castle was chosen to

be captain America after steve lost an arm and that was apparently beyond the pale get

a whole new cap. Metal arms are for antiheroes and thor. Cap would find a way to convince

frank to change his ways in that story but in mainverse that has yet to occur and it

wont a well adjusted punisher hed be cancclled.

Number 4 - Raven Justice LeagueSilly justice league not trusting people just cause

theyre an interdimensional portal for their monster destroyer of worlds father. Stop sipping

on all that haterade. No matter the iteration the justice league is always at first wary

of raven shes powerful and if unhinged could destroy the whole world or prove to

be the means for her father to do so. Raven doesnt hate the justice league really especially

not in the new teen titans but she will defend herself when push comes to shove and there

was an all out battle between the two groups teen titans and league because her fathers

influence did come through. So yeah I understand why the league is concerned, but Raven works

hard to not be evil and most of the time it works you know unless its Dick and Korys


Number 3 - Rogue Scarlet WitchFinally Rogue having a problem with someone else and

not the other way around. So back in the day Wanda nearly erased all mutants from existence

by uttering the phrase no more mutants. Mutants were on the run hunted it was a terrible time

and then a lot of the marvel universe just got over it but not rogue. Rogue doesnt

forgive and forget quite so easily. And you know what else isnt house of x. It makes

sense especially with the new canon that wanda isnt a mutant which #notmywanda but I digress.

Rogue has come for scarlet witch more than once over this and wanda will defend herself

but also she has a lot of guilt over this but its more of a gee I should learn to

wield magic better so I dont almost nearly commit another near genocide.

Number 2 - Captain America U.S Agentwhenever I put the us agent on a list people come for

me how dare you he saved my family, we have lunch every month hes a real hero. But

Captain America and The U.S Agent theres friction there. The U.S agent would actually

take up caps mantle for a bit but he believed in far more brutal and decisive measures than

steve ever had and it got to the point where he had to come out of retirement and take

the mantle back cause he felt that john was abusing it and staining it. While John felt

he was utilizing his position to the fullest potential and that Steve was weak and soft.

Also when he was first introduced he was a cap villain called the super patriot. Hes

going to be in the Disney plus series. So get excited for that.

Number 1 - Cyclops and Captain AmericaAvengers vs X-men what a time. So the plot cliffnotes

time the phoenix force has crashed on earth looking for hope summers as a host cause the

summerschildren are the only ones who ever matter. Except when they dont. The

x-men and avengers differ on what to do this is post no more mutants so hope comes to be

viewed as like a mutant messiah her and the phoenix force will heal mutants and save their

species while the avengers think it will destroy the earth. Well Cyclops and Cap would be the

ones who played out this conflict the most and Caps streict adherence to what the

government and shield wanted would burn a resentment in scott that he still has and

would really start to crystallize his segregationist views that mutants and humans had separate

interests that humans couldnt be trusted and that they should be separate. And well

Scott just rubs people the wrong way in general, so its not hard to return that hate.

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