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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Why Do Audibook Narrators Talk SO SLOW? [CC]

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okay so today we're going to be talking about narration and my narrator speak so

slow. This is a video that I expect very few people to be interested in but, I

don't know man, I just really wanted to make it. If you

don't know, I am an audiobook narrator - not a particularly good one but you

know, I do what I can. I do have a video talking about my favorite audiobook

narrators, so if you are looking for some really good ones check it out up there

and down below. But a lot of people speed up their audiobooks, not everybody, but a

lot of people. And today I want to talk about why the narration is so slow. I

have four things that I'm gonna talk about and there's really no point to

this video. The first reason that narrators speak is so dagum slow is

because reading out loud is just slower. When you read in your head you don't

have to have subvocalization, or at least not as much, which means you don't have

to pronounce every word in your head. I still do but I think it's just because

I'm Dyslexic. But for the average reader, reading in your head is just naturally

*faster than reading out loud.So if you physically read a book or read a book on

eBook you can just get through it faster than you can if you're listening to an

audiobook on 1x speed. Going along with that, the next thing is because a

narrator has to enunciate and articulate themselves really well. If you're rushing

through a passage, one it doesn't sound good. Two, it's harder to understand and

three, you're gonna make so many more mistakes. And so to have a clean audio

file where you're not having to go back and retake literally everything, you have

to move a little bit slower in order to get through it cleanly. But then also

it's just not fun listening to a narrator speak ridiculously fast where

they're mumbling or stumbling over words, which is what happens if they read

faster, So it makes more sense for them to read slowly, and then if you want to

speed up the text it's still clear - not text. If you want to speed up the audio

file, it's still clear to your ear because they're speaking slowly and

clearly and you're just making it as fast as you want it to be. The third

reason I'm going to talk about is conditioning of the reader. Have you ever

watched a YouTube video on 1.5 speed or 2 times speed and then for whatever

reason decided halfway through the video I'm a slow this down and then you put it

on normal speed and it sounds like the person is speaking through molasses?

They're not, you've just conditioned your ear to listening to them talk a little

bit faster, and when you slow them down their natural pace, it sounds unnatural to

you. If you're used to speeding up audiobooks and that's something that

you've conditioned yourself for and it's something that you've accustomed to

yourself too, then one time speed is going to sound so much slower to you

than it really should because your ear just isn't used to a normal dialogue. On

the opposite end of that, giving an example in reverse, as a narrator

sometimes Korey actually - my husband - will put one of my audiobooks on to listen to

it and he listens to my audio books at 1.25 speed and it drives me crazy

ecause it sounds so unnatural to me. He thinks it sounds natural, he thinks that

I sound like just a regular person talking at 1.25 speed, but

I'm used to listening to me at 1 time speed and so when I hear myself sped up

even just a little bit, it feels so uncomfortable to me. Even though I may

speed up someone else's audiobook, I'm used to hearing me at one time speed so

it just sounds wrong any other way. If you're used to speeding up your books

and doing the opposite and slowing it down it will sound wrong to you, not

because it is wrong, because of what you're conditioned to. Last let's talk

about performance. Let's say you want to watch a movie, but really all you want is

the plot of the movie and you want to get through it really fast. Do you read

the script of the movie really fast or do you want to sit down and watch the

performance of the actors? Just reading through the script really quickly is

going to be faster, and it's still going to give you the story that you're

looking for, but you're missing out on the performance that you came for. The

truth is that just reading a script even if you're just reading out loud is going

to be a lot faster than performing the script. I'm gonna give you an example and

I'm gonna use a public domain book because I don't want to be copy written.

Let's just read it. Last night I dreamt I went to Manderley again. It seemed to me

I stood by the iron gate leading to the drive and for a while. I could not enter,

for the way was barred to me there was a padlock and a chain upon the gate. I

called him my dream to the lodge-keeper and had no answer and peering closer

through the rusted spokes of the gate I saw the lodge was uninhibited. I've read

through that really fast, it was also terribly boring to listen to.

Last night I dreamt I went to Manderley again, it seemed to me I stood by the

iron gate leading to the drive and for a while I could not enter for the way it

was bard to me there was a padlock and a

chain upon the gate. I called in my dream to the lodge-keeper and had no answer,

and peering closer through the rusted spokes of the gate. I saw that the lodge

was uninhibited. That's just a narrative paragraph, no dialogue or anything, so

that's kind of boring anyway. But the point is, if you're performing something

in order to actually invoke emotion and make it feel like a conversation there

has to be some sort of slowing down and tone and a little bit of drama to it.It

feels more like someone's talking to you and less like someone's reading to you

and that just takes longer to do. Performing a script takes longer than

reading a script. For me, I have a list of my favorite narrators, people that I

listen to their books for their performance as much as for the story. I

actually recently read skyward by Brandon Sanderson and I wanted to read

it physically but then I realized that Suzy Jackson with the narrator and she's

one of my favorite audiobook narrators, so I got the audio book just for Suzy

Jackson's performance and I listened to her at one time speed, Even though I

could have physically read the book way faster, I chose to listen to her

performance because her performance adds so much to a story in my opinion. Now

there are definitely narrators that are a lot more dramatic and want to add

drama to every word ,those guys you got to speed them up otherwise you die. But

that's just a narration style, people are individuals and the way they narrate is

going to be individualistic. If you're gonna listen to someone that's a little

bit more dramatic and likes to make things a little bit slower, you know

speeding them up might sound more natural to you. But there are also

narrators like Suzy Jackson who I think narrates at a really normal feeling

pace. For me, there are narrators that I can't speed up or can only speed up a

tiny bit because I want their performance as much as I want their book -

their performance adds to the story, which is every narrator's goal. There are

some narrators that I speed up more than I'm really comfortable with just to get

through their performance because I really don't like the way they're

narrating the story but I still want the story, so I just speed them up so that I

can only focus on the story and not get distracted by their performance. That's

obviously not ideal. Obviously there's nothing wrong with

speeding up your audiobook, listen to them however you're comfortable with. But

if you were ever curious why audiobooks are so dadgum slow, there ya go, there's

some information. Anyway that's all I have for you today in regards to

audiobook and narration. I'd love to chat with you more about this in the comments

if you have any questions or any more insight about this topic. I post videos

every Sunday Tuesday Thursday and Saturday I'll see you guys soon. Bye

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