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Young globetrotters should not start their exciting journey without proper insurance

- whether theyre au pairs, exchange students, students or volunteers.

PROTRIP-WORLD includes travel health insurance, liability insurance, accident insurance,

baggage insurance and assistance insurance.

Different kinds of sports such as surfing, diving, rafting and winter sports are covered

without additional premium.

The policy also includes a 24-hour emergency number, the organization of hospital stays

and return transports, legal assistance and help in case of loss of means of payment.

Thats a good thing for young travelers and parentsnerves alike.

PROTRIP-WORLD can easily be purchased online by individuals under 39 years and up to one

month after departure.

In case of an early return, we will refund any premium paid in excess,

calculated to the day.

PROTRIP-WORLD provides young globetrotters with comprehensive insurance cover for

stays abroad up to two years.

Rates starting at Euro 29.10 per month.

Purchase it online at

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