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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Irish People Try Ice Cream Floats

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I'm a fan of lactose but lactose is not a fan of me Laura: Exactly

Or more so, my body is not a fan of lactose.

We will both leave here and look extremely pregnant

We're eating and we're drinking, aren't we George?

We are! We're eating a drink

Davey: It's ice-cream floats? Niamh: Yeah Davey: So excited!

The first one's going to be coke

Yeah, has to be

Ooooh, shit the bed!

LITERALLY that's what's going to happen!

Looks like diarrhoea medicine

it's unreal like it's the best thing ever

*Happy noise*

I haven't had ice-cream in years!

my favorite bit is I just got a solid

chunk of ice-cream, like

You just wouldn't expect it to taste as good as it does

Look at this, this is the best

You know what this drink should be called?

The dirty protest

It's real Coke... it's real Coke, right?

You can tell

So bloody GOOD!


Yours looks worse than mine

It bubbled in my mouth

Like, it's just this nostalgia of happiness and you're like,

oh, I didn't know that was there!

I would never in my right mind put them together

but it just works

Kellie: It really looks like diarrhoea George: Look at that

That is

one of the most disgusting things

I've ever seen

Ten out of ten! Éadaoin: *slurping noise*

Strawberry ice cream? okay I think this could be nice

I want to get a raspberry

It's strawberry flavoured ice-cream *laughs*

Three hours ago, Simon drank an entire pint of water and

And ate a chicken sandwich and now it's been

turned into this

Looks kind of dystopian, though, like this is all of your nutrients

for a day, like, you just drink that

Éadaoin: The creaminess and ice cream is kind of Laura: I'm just going to projectile

Not as good, no.

It's still pleasant

It's very summery

Niamh: *squeals* Davey: More... more... you're actually just leaking

Kellie: oh no... no! George: I don't like it, not a nice mix

It's too sugary!

My tastebuds were't dancing!

This is the one we should be suspicious of

Niamh: Because it looks so good? Davey: Yeah

This one looks like a chocolate milkshake so it's going to taste like shit

Bottoms up!

I don't like the taste of chocolate...

Oh, that is so good

*disgusted noise*

all of these will be nicer if they

didn't have soda in them

All I want is the ice-cream, oh my god it's so good

I don't like it

It kind of just tastes like a brownie with a bit of fizz

No I'm not going to be negative

I mean, the fact that it's Ben & Jerry's is definitely helping

Chocolate fudge brownie?? Awwwwwww

I. hate. cream. soda.

but this, like, this is nice

It's probably my favourite so far

They taste like they're lighter than they are


Until you finish consuming it and you're like


*high-pitched voice* Have Irish people tasted ice-cream?

Have they?

Oh it's definitely root beer!


That smells rotten

There has to be a bad one, it can't all be fun and games

Laura: It's alright, like Éadaoin: It's not

Immediately rank and disgusting and my body's rejecting it

I think it's root beer.

I feel really overwhelmed

That's actually very nice

It makes root beer better than it is

Oh it just evaporated in my mouth into a taste of Deep Heat (sore muscle cream)

I'm not gonna be able to eat for two days after this

I'm kind of sad that we're finishing with this one

We should have finished with the coke float

You should have just given us a tub of ice cream

you can put a finger in it

Now I feel like I'm going to explode

I feel very nauseous

Ugh, I'm crossing swords here

We did it, we put ice cream in it like you goddamn asked

and it's still DISGUSTING

I don't think I can eat anything ever again

Éadaoin: *Burps* Laura: *laughs*

Laura: *Burps* Oh my god Éadaoin: *laughs*

Sometimes you don't want to drink a drink a drink and

have ice cream in a separate plate so

you just you just give up on life and

you put them in the same glass

and I get that, I can respect that

good job America


Do do do do do, do do do do do, do do do dun dun


Bup bup de de doo, do de do do do, boo de de de do, OH OH OH

Oh I feel another burp coming on

Éadaoin: *burps* Laura: Oh that was adorable! Éadaoin: That was a cute one!

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