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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Is Bulk Thermal Compound Worth It?

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Thermal Compoundwe need it to aid thermal transfer between the hot pieces of silicon in our computers and

the hunks of metal that are responsible for dissipating their heat into the air.

But there're so many different solutions out there, ranging from stuff that's included with your product for free

all the way up to pads that can cost multiple dollars each for single-use applications

not to mention, that even with the tubes, they're so small that you have to be frequently re-ordering them

paying for shipping on these things is inordinately expensive!

But maybe there's another waywhat if you could order in bulk, one time

enough thermal paste to last you for the rest of your life.

Well, I've certainly tried

Synergy is the software that let's you share your mouse and keyboard between multiple computers

Check it out at the link in the video description.

So, right out of the gate my main reason for buying thermal grease in bulk has been kicked in the head

a term of validity two years

So, no, it will not indeed last you a lifetime, unfortunately,

But what else does this thing have to say for itself?

There wasn't a lot of information on the Amazon page, I just kind of ordered it and went from there.

but apparently there are more choices!

all of which are either better, or...

looks like better than the one that I got, which is the HY610.

Ah, there's some instructions for how to apply and there's some... sort of features.

Is "Low Thermal Resistance" and "High Thermal Conductivity" the same thing?

Isn't that basically the same thing as heat transfers

I mean

I guess if I was charge with writing the, uh,

the marketing bullet points for a tub of thermal goop, I'd...

probably wouldn't able to be too much better anyway


Let's open it up

*oddly satisfied exhale*

Step 1: Open The Film

'kay, we're having a bit of difficulty with Step 1 here...

What the crap?

What kind of horrible film is this?


Wow, it's a really different colour from most thermal compounds I have used...

...and has really different packaging...

...that seems to be designed to keep you out of it

That is a...

that is pretty exciting


wow, it's got kind of like a gold colour to it, I was expecting it to just be like your standard white...

y'know, Silicone type

Step 2: Mix the Oil that Has Separated from the Rest of the Thermal Compound for 1-2 Minutes

That is a long time

and the included stick is really...

not very good

I bet this is what royal peanut butter looks like

'kay this is...

...not a very good stir stick



Mission accomplished, I guess

New thermal compounds can enhance...

gives you that... shiny glow

But seriously, look at that *chuckle*

So the first step in evaluating the value of buying in bulk is to have a look at how much we've paid for it

So apprantly it's not available right now but apparently we paid 90 bucks for it

and you get entire kilogram of their thermal grease compound silicone for CPU/VGA heat sinks

So when you compare that to something like a tube of Arctic Alumina

1.75 grams and you're paying a few bucks for that

So if you were paying the same rate for something like IC Diamond

again, this is a 24 carats, whatever that is in a real measurements... ugh

[linus is displeased]


and they don't even *linus still displeased*


But whatever. The point is that thisbuying like this is much much more expensive




Ohh crap I got thermal compound all over my...

*suppressed curseword deriving from the soul*

*deep breathe in*


That's fine because that leads me into the second important thing

When we're evaluating valuewe've got to look at performance

So in order to do that we're gonna need some paper towel

We're gonna need some rubbing alcohol

and we are going to need a computer, which I conveniently have right here

and we will get to that in a moment after I'm done cleaning my laptop


*gentle rubbing and sqeaks*

So here's how we're doing the test: IC Diamond isn't the best thermal compound on the market, but it's right up there;

it's a high-performance thermal compound, and if this stuff gets us anywhere near that,

then it looks like a much better deal

So, on the test bench behind me, I've been running on a CoolerMaster AIO with a 5960X

about an hour and 20 minutes of AIDA stress test with just the "stress the FPU" box checked

and our CPU temps are sitting at 58 to 59 degrees.

I would consider either of those to be a tie when we're done this

So all that's left to do now is shut this puppy down, replace the thermal compound

that's on here with our value special HY600 thermal grease.

Fire it back up, wait for it to reach equilibrium, and have a look at the results

fire it back up, wait for it to reach equilibrium *slap* and have a look at the results

[breathy] okayyy

*usual linus sound effect*

so that's a very good application of the IC Diamond that was on there

that's actually really good for us to know

okay, so...

we'll use this spatula method

...of applying, I guess

auvhh crap

I got it

uhm, okay

- You know what, this is actually kind of hard, Brenda - I know it's hard

- This applicator is not optimal - I'm not- I'm not blaiming you, it's just funny



and it is already crappier

so, um, this stuff sucks, umm...

64 degrees, that is a full 6 degrees higher than a high quality thermal compound

meaning that I just spend $90 on some really crappy thermal paste!

Not recommended

[expression of dismay, followed by gentle thud]


Do you use Amazon? Well, we do and we think they are great

I personally have two Amazon Prime accounts

I personally have TWO Amazon Prime accounts

That's right


One is not enough for me

I have one for Amazon Canada and one for the US

What's Prime, you might ask?

And I might respond "Really, you've never heard of Prime?"

Okay, it cost 99 US Dollars annually and gives you access to a ton of cool features

Prime Now, which is in very very limited regions like free two-hour delivery

they've got their regular free prime shipping, they've got access to prime video

which is unlimited streaming of movies and TV episodes

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as well as what are all of these stupid notes about the WAN Show

as well as what are all of these stupid notes about the WAN Show blah blah blah

consider subscribing over there et cetera whatever

the point is, check it out at the link below, Amazon Prime

also you can just go buy stuff

'cuz they have everything

So, thanks for watching guys

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