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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: RYAN'S BIRTHDAY SURPRISE!

Difficulty: 0

H-h-h-What the helll

What is this??


Greg: Tomorrow is Ryan Higa's birthday

We got the great idea of doing the good old fashion Ryan Higa Production Company Performance :D

Oooh yeahhhh!


MUSICAL PERFORMANCE, MUSICAL *Everyone Joins In again* PERFORMANCEEE WOOO *Small Guitar Strumming*

We are called the "Local Lavas Brothaaaas!"



Well we're mainly a reggie band

Yeah we're reggie

So we have less than 24 hours to do a full song, that's like what?

3 hours t-to make this happen

We have a bad habit of doing this

Always last minute

Oh well. We always do it though so...


The real gift we're giving him is

LAN Party *Image of a LAN party*

Basically we just bring a bunch of computers

A bunch of pizza

And we just play video games 'til you can't see straight. (Good luck with that)

We got the


*LAN Party*

*Food* food for days!

He doesn't know anything about this.

I Thi- *Greg gets interrupted* This is all surprise

We're gonna mask it by saying we're gonna do some pick up shots (Smart, Greg)

Yeahh! :)

"Well we need to film this real quick"

"'cus we forgot it"

*Will in a strained whisper* Sike!

*Deep Voice* Little does he knowwww

Alri-*Serious Greg* enough talk i think we can pra-

*Derrick cuts him* yeah lets get to work then

*Happy Greg* Let's do this :D

Welcome to Local Lavas coming at yaaa


*Bing Bing Bonnng*

*Trying So Hard To No Sound Horrible* BA BA CHo Cho CHo CHO CHOO CHUU *Harmonica Sounds*

*More Unrecognisable Words And Music Playing*

*Screaming Over Strumming* PA CHA WO HEE WA WOOOOO *More Strumming*

*Starting to sound okay*

BUBUBUBU- We're not even practicing the song anymore


*Strumming And Sounds Starting To Die Down*

Thank you! Next Up... We Got-

Derrick: Today we just finished band practice, any thoughts and concern?

Because tomorrow's the big day

Greg: Yeah... aubh, i have a lot of concerns actually

First off we don't David Choi (David's not in town)

He was supposed to sing the song that we're practising for

We have Demitri instead...

I don't think even think-mmRyan knows who Demitri is honestly (sorry Demitri)

(Oh, hey Demitri)

(Yeah you go rock on that instrument)

(OH DAMN YOU'RE GOOD AT IT) *Starts Playing Some Sexy Tune*

*Lengthened Notes*

*Casually puts it back down and a grin slowly appears across his face*

So that's gonna be weird

Man, he guys are just like not nailing the, just the ESSENCE of the song, right? (Idk you tell me, josh)

They're not getting th- the whole idea of what we want it to be in the beginning


I think I got my part- down pretty goood

I mean, as long as we're having fun

Right? Right?? *Daina looks around the room for positiveness*

We had two hours. What do you expect? (Oh I don't know Sean, I expected a magical hit musical)

Fooooooh Man did you see that game though!?

I have to work a double shift tomorrow so I'm not even gonna be there for anything :(

I did print this out *Holds up picture of herself*

So it feels like... I'm there with them... (Dang that must have costed a lot of ink to print)

I think it's gonna be great

I feel good :D

I mean... I woke up early and I practiced all day (Yeah right Will)


Yeah I-I think- I think we're gonn-uh... do really bad (Nice job on the positivity, Greg)

I'm not gonna lie, I think we're gonna nail it :D

Sorry Ryan

Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday Ryan! sorry... :/


*Low and slow voice* happy birthday Ryan...

Happy Birthday.

*Cheerful Will* Happy Birthday Ryan, we're gonna TRICK YOUUUUU

Alright so today is the day that we're gonna perform for Ryan

This is the LAN party material

I'm stressed dude but... I'm gettin' my lyrics down

Derrick will distract him

While that's going down then I gotta come through with all the equipment and stuff and

we're gonna go put everything inside his house

Wel-*Gets cut off by Sean* So an entire band and an entire LAN party, *mhm* without making any noise or having Ryan find out

We're ready boys, I'm scared

10 minutes before he's supposed to be there

We gotta go pick up the rest of the food

The equipment's packed?

Instruments? Oh we gotta practice...

No screw it! Let's just go. Let's just go :P

No practice :D

Let's do this

*Whisper* Alright, So we're at Ryan's right now-

You texted uuh-

Lana Happy Birthday but it would be random if

I mean it's not that random but... yeah


*Silenced laughs*

David Choi's here (David's in town :D )

Ryan: Are you doing BTS?

I don't know :| Maybe...

Maybe might be good for something, maybe not... (Naaah we're not doing anything like setting up an entire LAN party or anything)

Ryan: maybe

David: You want me to shoot something?

*mumbles* Man I have to go through the vid with Greg- you see how long this script is?

Coming out good

*sighs* yeah well still long though

*neck cracking*

Alright let's do one where you're standing and kinda like uhhh

uhhh, maybe like a funny little dance or something


Yeah. Real, real subtle. Doesn't have to be like crazy or anything



*slowly laughs*

Tryin' what to do


*subtle dance*

Yo that's good :D

*Silent laughter from Derrick*

*David tries it too and dances a lot slower*

*Turns away to hid his small grin*

I don't know what, jerking my arms in

don't worry about your arms now-

I mean the motions are pretty funny

*more laughter from Derrick*

*Doing some sort of T-Rex high-speed digging action*

*T-Rexxing Intensifies*

*Breaks Into laughter*


*silly goofy walk on the spot* :D

*More Laughing*

Alright that's good

Lets try it this way now

I don't know

Okay I'll just do it


*Ryan repeats the same motion in other direction because Derrick couldn't flip it*

Let's do another one where uhhhh

Let's see, i got you walking across the screen

Got you popping up

what else does my notes say...

*Ryan gets bored*

Oh yeah okay *Ryan says "Notes" in a distorted voice while yawning*


*intense music*

*Ryan asks if there's chipotle*

*Nope* :(

*Ryan surprised* H-H-What the hell??

What is this??

You knew about this?

Damn I got my own welcome Greg? *Ryan laughs*

Beat starts up

*Light mixture of instruments*

*Ryan keep laughing* *Dog Barks* *Strumming Intensifies*


*dog barks*

*dog barks*

"Seven little boys" "Sittin' on the-

*Lyrics covered up by the slamming and strumming of instruments

"Not quite sure what this song is about" (Yeah me neither)

*Starts listing names*

What the hell you guys?

But WAIT! There's MORE :D

*drum roll*

Behind curtain number one is.....

*drum roll continues*

LAN party!!



You were suspicious Derrick

*Ryan's birthday celebrations*

*Starts commenting and overreacting with laughter in an attempt to break the awkwardness of singing to a grown man*

*Points and keeps laughing*

My wish has already come true

This is all my favorite things :D


Where'd you get this though?

That's your favorite thing too

Oh yeah!

You guys are crazy

sneaky little dickys (um what?)

That was crazy

Song No. 2, right?



Hey what's up ya'll. thanks for watching this week's video

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I don't know why we keep doing surprises, i guess it's just our thing

You should wait 'til the very end and you'll have another surprise

That's right! Another video! :D


This endcard is not very creative :\