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Hello, my dear! I'm really glad to see you on my channel again!

Well girls, today is a new tutorial! Let's go!

Today, my beloved Marina came to me for correction!

Who loves spangles with spangles and it's all on sparkles.)))

My student made these nails.

What you can see along the contour is not a detachment, but the top coat on the

cuticle was slightly poured and a small step formed when the nail grew.

In principle, this did not irritate Marina, and this strip is clearly visible

on the camera, and live almost imperceptibly.

I attached the cristals to her nails in full size and they were cut into the nail

under the sensitive guidance of Marina)))

Therefore, there were a lot of cristals on the nails this time.

Today we will make a correction and we will remove the length,

because the nails on the other hand are of a completely different shape and length.

Therefore, we will align the nails and we will make short nails in the shape of an oval (almond).

As you already understand the design on each hand will be different.

Therefore, today we will do the design on one hand of Marina,

and tomorrow we will do something on the other hand

We prepare nails as usual for nail modeling.

We remove the old material, push back the cuticle,

remove the pterygium, apply the primer and the base coat.

In each video, I repeat the same steps for you so that you do not forget about anything.

And because the preparation of nails is one of the most important stages.

Depending on how you prepare your nail for modeling, your material will also be worn well.

In this case, we perform correction materials of medium viscosity.

Links to all materials I leave for you in the description.

In this case, we do all the modeling with the help of a batch and we will not lay a layer of camouflage gel.

Because we plan to cover the nails with colored gel polish.

We make filing of our short almonds and we have such beautiful nails.

And on these nails we can paint everything our heart desires!

Dear foreign viewers! We really miss your comments.

Feel free to share with us, because it is very important for us to know your opinion.

Looking forward to new comments and questions.

We covered our nails with a color and on two nails

we made a coating with a top coat with surface alignment for pigment..

Because its Marina here))) And she loves everything sparkls)))

and she needs sparkles with sparkles and all this on sparkles.

Therefore, with one layer we rub the pigment into the surface of the nail.

In the second layer, we will draw volumetric swirl patterns using 3D paint.

When we assembled this video, my husband said that it was not Swirl patterns and butterfly wings.

I ask you to write in the comments what it looks like.

When Marina and I drew it, we just decided to draw just some swirl patterns.

So, we draw swirl patterns or butterfly wings

The next stage, we dry them well.

And guess what we will do with them?

If you have any answer options, then write me in the comments.

We raise the height of our swirl patterns a little to make them look more voluminous

and in the highest parts we put another level of height.

In order to show this small amount.

And now we return to the comments and check the correctness of the answers.

And of course we rub the pigment here.

This is Marina !!!))))

And that is why we will have sparkles with sparkles on sparkles

And guess what we glue here? Of course the crystals.

This is Marina and she will have sparkles on the background,

sparkles in design and there will be sparkles after the top coat.

And soon everyone will already talk about it, that when Marina comes, it means there will be sparkles.

In general, as I promised you, we put a lot of crystals and a huge number of micro balls

and decorated everything so that everyone would see this design when Marina goes through the city.

Marina was pleased and in fact this design is incredibly beautiful.

And this design looks very gently in spite of a large number of shiny elements.

We had a rather restrained design.

And despite the fact that it was supposed to be very catchy, but we got a pretty stylish design.

Or is it all wrong?

I am waiting for your opinion in the comments about this design. Is there a place to be this design?

And I hope you enjoyed it today with me!

Meet you in the new tutorials!

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See you again! Bye!

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