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It cant be that hard to get lots of credits from a battle, right?

Actually its not so simple.

Collecting credits requires knowledge and special tactics.

You need to be well prepared if you hope to earn a lot.

There are some nuances in the strategy.

For example, selecting the right vehicle is important.

The biggest profit is not brought by top-tier tanks.

Yes, the Tier X gameplay is unmatched.

However, it can be an expensive luxury.

Shells, repairs

its like buying a Humvee to save on gas.

If your goal is getting creditsyou have to find a balance between tanks which generate a good income and are still cheap to maintain.

The perfect balance is usually found on Tier 8.

You dont need any special consumables, just the essentials: a repair kit, first aid kit, HEAT and APCR rounds.

However, think twice before using them in battle needlessly.

If you dont use something then you dont have to buy it next time.


The most important part starts in battle.

Here are the basics of what you get for any battle:

Credits for participation

Multiplied by vehicle tier

Multiplied in case of victory

The rest depends on your actions.

Everything is based on multipliers and formulas.

They arent difficult to understand. Have a look.

The first multiplier is the credits amount per hit point.

Its easy: more damage dealtmore credits earned.

Setting enemies on fire and blowing up ammo racks bring the most profit

just one shot and the damage is tenfold.

There are some nuances to these tactics.

Firstly, destroying an enemy provides no bonus whatsoever, only damage dealt matters.

Secondly, if you shoot with someone spotting for you the profits drop by a quarter.

However when you provide targets for your allies you get half of the profits for the damage

without spending any shells at all.

Sometimes being a good scout is even more profitable than being a veteran tank skirmisher.

The first one to spot an enemy gets a fixed bonus.

However if there are many scouts, youll have to split the profits.

This is the main income source that totally depends on your skills.

Damage plus reconnaissance, but thats not all.

Capturing the base provides an additional bonus.

The profit will be split among the capturers no matter how much they contributed, if the base is captured.

Just capturing for a few moments and rolling on wont do anything.

The next time you decide to finish off all enemies just for fun,

think, “wont it be more profitable if I capture their base instead?”

At the end of the battle, the credits earned for damaging and scouting

are multiplied by a factor that is unique for every tank.

In addition, a third multiplier is provided by Premium Account, it multiplies the resulting credits by 1.5.

Of course, you wont get an enormous amount of credits for one battle.

A systematic approach is required. Combat missions are helpful here.

If you set yourself a goal to complete all daily missions and keep the profit factors in mind,

youll have more than enough credits before you know it.

Well, getting lots of credits in battle isnt that hard, is it?

Join the battle and earn your victory!

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