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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: 靠谱儿用英文怎么说

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hi guys welcome back to my channel I'm

Maggie today we're going to talk about

how to express this idea in English cup

or this one we're going to separate it

into two sections because the English

discretion is different for high Shandy

Kapoor and take short hop for so that's

what we're gonna talk about today we're

doing these videos because English is

our second language and even though we

try to think in English all the time but

sometimes when something happens my

first thought in my mind is Chinese so I

have to find the perfect way to express

that idea in English so that Americans

can understand me that's why we're doing

this videos and I think it's really

useful because you're not really

translating you're trying to express

yourself in a different language so I

hope you guys enjoyed these videos and

also comment down below on what you want

to see from this series I got this idea

from the subscriber and when I heard it

I just can't wait to share with you so

give this video a thumbs up if you liked

it don't forget to subscribe to the

family let's learn English together and

now let's get into the video show so I'm

actually sad Jay sure warm up just to

sure suma taken are you you and I could

you tell me out that it's cystic legit

yes this thing legit legit she should

should call you doc authentic or

reliable thank you sir

you mean called I'm Jonah legit hiking

chung-yong de gyro t-shirt call for my

hey is your Sigma Syrian call for my is

he legit clear you're not sure what

again dokgo yong and is he legit it's

this thing legit for example hey Amy

just told me about this business idea

yesterday apparently if you invest

$1,000 you can get fifty thousand

dollars at the end of the year in return

oh is this legit it doesn't sound legit

is this legit

it doesn't sound legit certain type of

coke or a dozen

sound legit no don't do that most likely

is a pyramid scheme

Sammy and I woman said I surely sad how

should meet call poor Jones the cult for

summer sure that Jake a cop or not upon

entre la jolla ctrio Johnny and Craig

Swapp hey you're legit cheating your

career don't you go to Montana Ruben Rio

Grande Barney tomorrow homie for a high

shiny copper nickel no wish at the shop

I can always depend on you I can always

depend on you I know I can always depend

on you

it means yeah you're legit you're more

legit than others I can't depend on

others but I can always depend on you I

can always depend on you or you can say

you always save the day you always save

the day

yeah sure hi shouldn't come for you sir

yeah Oceanside's we hope may soon you

don't know just until that yeah

Chancellor is Selena julianka not okay

yeah I can always depend on you you

always save the day

alright that is it for today's video I

hope it's helpful don't forget to

comment down below on what you want to

see from this series thank you guys so

much for watching and I will see you in

my next video bye


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