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I won't stop until I get our daughter from your mother.

She is my only memory of you.

I will not give up;

I will fight

just like how you fought your mother for our love.

You fought for our lovetil death

and Ill do the same for you and for our child.

I love you so much, Elvin.

You are the only man I will ever love

until the day I die.

I love you, mother.

I love you, mother. Im still hoping that time will come

and youll love me as much as you love Rosemarie.

My instincts were right,

Ill see you here.


you're here.

Its been a long time.

Wheres Rosemarie?


Shes doing well

and I raised her well.

That wouldn't have happened, if I had left her to you.

I dont care how you raised her.

Give back my daughter to me.

Forget about Rosemarie,

you dont have a child anymore.

Move on!

Is that how easy things are for you?

Even a dog will prey upon someone if its puppy is being stolen;

a bird will peck if its chick will be caught.

What more if its a human?

Wow! What will you do to me?

re you going to prey on me?

I hate to be brutally frank with you

but forget about Rosemarie.

Consider her dead

because youll never see her again.

Im not going to let this happen.

My daughter is not an animal that you can easily get.

You kept her away from me for seven years,

give my daughter back!


Stop it already!

And stop calling me "mother!"

I don't care whatever you think about me.

Ill accept all your insults as long as you give my child back.

And then what?

You think Ill just leave my granddaughter to alittle personright away?

Over my dead body.

You can't leave until you bring my daughter back.

Onay, will you please stop? Please leave.

Give back my daughter.

Let me go!

Give back my daughter.

Mother! Mother!

Onay! Onay!

- Mother! - Onay!

Mother? Mother!


Lets leave, quick!




Mother! Rosemarie!


Mother, give back Rosemarie to me!

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