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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Sesame Street: Snuffy's Polka

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SNUFFY: All right, everybody.

You want to do the Snuffleupagus Polka?

KIDS: Yeah!

SNUFFY: All right.

Everyone, get in their places.

And don't have to be Snuffleupaguses to do it, it

just helps to have some around.

And, you are in luck today, because there

are two of us here.

My little sister Alice, and me.

I hope you want to do it, 'cause it's great exercise.

All right, maestro, hit it!



There's a nifty little dance that Snuffleupaguses do.

You might think it's not for you, that simply isn't true.

You don't need to have a snuffle to be among the few

who can do the Snuffleupagus Polka.


Just go and find yourself a Snuffleupagus or two.

We'll show you what to do.

We'll do a dance with you.

We'll polka, polka, polka, polka

'till the day is through.

Yeah, we'll do the Snuffleupagus Polka.


We're your perfect polka partners.

ALICE: I'm Alice!

SNUFFY: And I'm Snuff!

So let's all strut out stuff.

We don't can't get enough.

It's the dance that keeps us going when the

going's getting tough.

We do the Snuffleupagus Polka.

Do the Snuffleupagus Polka.


That was great.

Oh, wow.

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