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friends news friends at the moment thank you very much for joining us in this

issue because we are already starting this today's video the program of the day

today we have a long program on solar eclipse and well what many say

could be the apocalypse the truth is that I personally doubt it but

you know there are many theories around what is the solar eclipse

always in the history of the humanity whenever the history of the

humanity there has been some phenomenon meteorological always always always

says there's going to be some catastrophe or some tragedy happened for many

many thousands of years with our ancestors when they saw for example some

comet they said no if it's a comet of o

of a tail will bring certain misfortune if it is a two-tailed comet

is going to bring another kind of misfortunes and so they always mentioned that he was going to

have certain misfortunes for some natural phenomenon even for example les

I'm going to tell the subject of the Vikings the Vikings was one was a stage of the world

where they would go out on boats to navigate and they were with the thunder with the

rays and the Vikings could not explain because there were thunder or lightning

and then they said there was a god that it was called thor that was the one that generated

the thrones and the rays now we know that is by a magnetic charge between

clouds the collision of two clouds or something like that and it's good not something like that the clash of two

clouds generates an electrical charge that it generates a ray and that they do not

They could explain it at that time they said it was the god thor now

we know there's science behind that and how good this happens in nature

Eclipse theme is probably no more that a subject a natural phenomenon but

it is always given to the collective this believe that it could be already the end

or the beginning of the end of the world but it has to do with a reason no it is not a

reason this minor the truth I'm already going to explain what I believe about

that we are going to read first some greetings this we're not going to read some greetings

of our friends subscribers do not read silvia asks us when is the eclipse

is going to be today in an hour starts in USA at least one hour begins in the USA

here we are going to bring the transmission of the nasa and in the we will be able to see in Mexico

in a small part just 21% yo I think it's two hours around

of twelve thirty of the day sorry to the 12 at 12 the day more or less with says

of briseida chipana muñoz says Ramón nurseries today will be chupacabras here

we are in salem oregon health up they leave key hernandez can not miss

clau hernández good day all good day Thank you Clau for being here as

always ramón íberos thank you very much also for

be here as always tells us that he will be warned when he touches his

whole and in texas partially like this is it's a strip that goes through

This does not give Silvia in Argentina de San john know no we do not believe that in

argentina is going to see noelia good what you can see here here we will be

transmitting in news at the moment perfect as always natalia isabel

twelve o'clock will only be US state says ramón blue blue celeste directive

total of the clear love that yes man for all lovers is a good day and a

good excuse for them to go out with their couples

oh my god it's way 31 says it will look little in mexico and I see it better in the nasa

clear caution if they are going out want to see this please do it with

a filter this degree 14 of those who use the welders do not go out like that in a boat

soon to want him to see without protection because it can cause them can cause

nobody is assuring you that you are going to make a damage but it can cause them a year of

We've already made a video about that theme

but now I'm going to bring you again blue light information put the

schedules now we are going to put the let's look and we will put them to your

headquarters this perfect as always natalis hello that the girls who passed

I'm not worth that ramón comment in Argentina it will not be seen where flash says

I do not understand you well you do not understand me what do you speak another language me or why do I speak

very short or what happened already weighed well let's use a few grams less just

some grams twitter fords says all will become the black of whatsapp not

no no no no do not invoke is black whatsapp frank meadow pereira and a

prophecy of a rabbi named Judah ben I do not remember the last name of

that prophecy bait did please they play ro blocks they are going to see they are going to pass

tell us to use is just a few grams blue not much says android and more in peru

you will see no you will not see in Peru just no I do not think it looks good if you see it

through the internet yes but in my one pozzo colo says what time it starts in

a little while here and in Mexico near the midday

noelia silvia or the one that you live in Colombia is to be seen, neither is it

see in Colombia this diego felix this is the day of the end of the world, nothing of that

the zombie apocalypse is not good either personally I do not think it's going to be

the zombie apocalypse or the end of the world is the truth I do not think I do not think that

that's going to be the issue but we're going to have this good is a natural phenomenon

precisely a natural phenomenon that we will have here for all of you friends

news of the moment the jj greetings friend thank you the jj in

guadalajara that now we are going to be able see now let's see let's look

the schedules for all of you

to see what time we're going to see it schedules we are going to look for the schedules of the


we are going to look here for the schedules of the eclipse

let's find a quickie right now send greetings please for all

our friends of news at the moment thanks really

thank you for being here tell me how it is listen to the background audio please

They are so kind someone who can say

how the background audio is heard

it's not going to end the clear world that you can not the degree yet you do not have the

14 as far as I go as far as I have the information I do not know how the

degrees but I do not know if it's up be more or less but I must tell you that it is

14th grade smoking if that's now we are going to bring you clear audio

thank you very much listen well thanks Thank you

perfect right now we are going to bring the eclipse schedules in mexico

and now let's put the schedules of the eclipse in the USA this I'm placing

On screen are the schedules in Mexico If it is cloudy, it will be clear, as it is

it's not that it looks like it's going to put dark that's what will happen

is going to put the courses to darken said mexico-states can be as if

was effectively clouded well there they are for example for

acapulco the now divisions at 12 from day 12 9 forgiveness at the maximum point

it will be close to one 20 and it will end the 4 32 the duration is two hours with

23 minutes will be a partiality of 29 seconds for the city of mexico

will start at 12 12 1 and it will be a partiality of course also and in its

maximum point will be at one o'clock and will end at 2 37 sorry with two

36 minutes his bias is from point 38

just this city victory will begin close to 11 49 in colima will begin to

the 1153 in guadalajara that I I was wondering in Guadalajara is going to start

the 1149 Hermosillo has already started at 918 huatulco 12 20 peace 12 27 measure 12 16

mexicalli 99 monterrey 11 43 oaxaca 12 14 people 12

04 san luís potosí at 11 49 plus or less tapachula chiapas until 12 31

more or less tijuana at 97 savings tower forgiveness 11 37 those are the

schedules in which we go to which is going to start the eclipse in

mexico now let's look for the ones from usa for all those who live in the union

American brothers who live in the union American I send you a pleasant greeting

from here from the Mexican republic for all of you we hope to see this

who sends us greetings from the union American we are going to deactivate these


and here it is we are going to bring this graph for all of you it will surely be

a lot of help

let's remove this and we will bring the other

to see who sends them greetings from the American union but the truth

we already had opportunity and there atlanta atlanta georgia very pretty very

pretty and that's how we realized that the rains start at noon and the

cold too there is

Greetings says that gary thanks greetings from Maryland in Spain will be seen if I believe

that if we are looking for information from spain just north of mexico all of us

you will see it moving away I have fear it does not happen nothing tampico tamaulipas will be able

Spain 'health of california and san jose there are the schedules the

time zone for usa there is more or minus the time that will be seen by him

you can see you guys I leave this map more than the precise hours based on the

states because if it's easier understand it this way and also there

comes the percentage that you leave the eclipse is to say the northern part of the

united states will see it of course much more than the southern part and that includes

to mexico we are going to put the transmission here we are going to

to put the transmission here is of NASA, that's how this is going to happen

part of the eclipse by facebook will come out here I only on youtube is where

I think it's going to convey what we ideas and on facebook probably but

at least here on youtube, yes, yes sound at what time it will be seen and we passed by

there are the return times we go to repeat in a little while more will be seen in the

Dominican Republic in Colombia will start at 137 ends 342

effectively and all in Mexico a eclipse moving away cuts greetings august

thank you for telling me that not passed no no nothing happens man alejandro is a

natural phenomenon good my opinion the case is that there are many people I told them

a long time ago there are many people who do believe that something is going to happen but it seems more

that is a kind of thought collective where we believe whenever it goes to

happen something because although we are waiting for the

end for example right now I'm going to put some images of an apocalyptic cloud no longer

yesterday an apocalyptic cloud came out axel it was already a blog says you said hello greeting

that blogged blogs thank you for being here good brother told you this new

the lptic era this appeared in Brazil a mysterious cloud whose form

it looked like the fall of a meteorite seen last Thursday to the city

Brazilian from tex was from Freitas and He grabbed of course the attention of

many some inhabitants reacted with the appearance the appearance with facts

other supernatural natural they just enjoyed the show

and they published some images that We are seeing on screen in Instagram

but good is always related with the theme of this situation of

apocalypse of the end of the world that yes already it's going to end that yes, well, later

of the eclipse are going to happen things already I commented that many years ago this

civilizations many civilizations back it was believed that when a

eclipse the earth brought disasters to diseases brought plague burst things

terrible the truth is that if it happened in terrible situations on the planet but

they were not clear because of an eclipse or a coming comet is going but always

the idea has been historically through the civilizations of that

when it comes some natural phenomenon goes to be something that will affect us all

but it's not always like that or it's not like that I necessarily believe that we

humans have affected the planet more than what could affect him probably

an asteroid there is an east there is a documentary called 10,000 million

no jealousy was left as homework is very good talks about

about the end of the world but thanks to the humanity no thanks to any phenomenon

natural this good this is the eclipse that we have not lived in Mexico for a long time

the last one we lived in 1991 if someone can you correct please and then do not be

by July 1991 that was the last eclipse that lived Mexico and this is going to

live usa it is said that this simple to transmit

would be a tragedy because for example in the eclipse that occurred in Mexico in 1991

had happened or was happening in that moment or the war was over

of golf a war that had this done USA where many thousands of people

they died not as many as now they have died mexico thanks to this absurd war

against the narco not but in lived a terrible thing already in the Gulf War

this and it happened just or ended when with the sun eclipse in 1991 in

mexico when we could see it here by that is related whenever there is a

eclipse there are terrible situations that they happen says someone here asks us

you think the world is going to end and the I must tell you in my opinion

in my opinion of course the world it's not going to end it's just a theme

East that we have lived for many years

theme of the belief that the world is going to end up with a natural phenomenon

this but not frankly I do not think that happen you can not take pictures says

alexander not as I recommend it although if you're not going to see it directly

to the exhausted or if you are only going to take your cell phone and you are going to take pictures without your seeing

Well, I think so, but you should protect you right now I'm going to bring you the

information about what grade degree 14 to see the eclipse and special lenses

a 14th solar filter we will search by here

to see the eclipse quietly

Now I'm going to tell you what the degree is eclipse so that you can this

see it with total security should not see from directly as without

no protection because if you they do this maybe it can be that this

break the retina of the eye we had already done in a previous video right now

I'm going to leave the video here but if grade 14 use a solar filter

number 14 in lenses right now we're going to bring them this picture

that publishes the unam please so that be very careful all those who

are going to want to see the eclipse because this get well trout do not go to

want to see it like that I already want to see it right now without protection because you can

cause damage from a damage that does not there is a need for them to suffer

harm none of you there is no need if you do not have a sunscreen 14 that

sold at a stationery store in the hardware store Well, better not see it here I leave the

information better not to see it but the joke is that it

protect and if there are many who say to see who thinks we are going to see here in

our friends who are connected who thinks that something is going to happen with the

eclipse I want pineapple raise your thumb who thinks that there is going to be a

little milk issue that starts there a stage of humanity and that this goes this

it's going to be the beginning of an apocalypse who regina gutiérrez hello would be the

Jesus says it's shit now the eclipse mexico state in mexico close

noon and him this one that says nothing will happen brandon

eugui álex thank you in texas what time I believe that now you are going to look for the area

of texas put the camera on the helmet welder if we are going to put the helmet goat

the welder

let's expand this

let's expand it as much as possible giving a sudden

let's see this there is to use filter use a welding filter of number 14

in binocular lenses and telescopes or well special lenses for eclipses

do not look at the sun for more than 30 seconds even if you are using insurance instruments

not watch it for more than 30 seconds Women directly in the sun can damage

your retina and in a very short time

Do not use filters made in the house or common sunglasses since they are not

sure do not use photography cameras or binocular video smoked glasses

polarized filters or color films to see the eclipse take care that the

children follow these instructions not yet they are commercial court accompany me by

please news friends at the moment we came back

well these are the recommendations

what does unam do through the institute of astronomy of the unam you will see the

images of this show of the nature those are the recommendations

how to see the solar eclipse so Safe 2017 before seeing the sun remember

the importance of protecting your eyes let's repeat all the information not

doubt directly to the sun can teach your retina in a short time uses a filter

for welder of the number 14 for welding the number 14 in lenses in binoculars and

in telescopes or use lenses special to see the eclipse do not look

the sun more than 30 seconds even if you're using safe instruments do not use

homemade filters or sunglasses common since they are not safe

do not use photography or video cameras binoculars smoked glass filters

polarized or colored films for see the eclipse take care that the children

Follow these instructions through the institute of astronomy of the unam

you can from the images of the show nature this is an image of the unam

that tells us how we should see the eclipse so is news friends at

good time because we are still here with the transmission this sea and vázquez we

says that in 91 this had already been seen one was the first one he had five

thank you for the information so It came out in Mexico and we saw it very nice

here in Mexico and to Jesus from the trumpets of the apocalypse resemble

after the donald eclipse trumpet will go crazy the world will be the

do not says and yes but today you will be able to speak

greetings to my wife I love her too clear that without greetings to clau and

if it is brief, it tells us that he is greetings from the mistress too regina

Gutierrez says zombies we do not want anymore zombies please no more zombies such

time or that the sun was not covered trumpets few blessings from port

Greetings to the sister republic of puerto rico or the trumpets of heaven

Devils told them he told them that in Brazil they saw an apocalyptic cloud

I'm going to leave you again this images of this cloud because you already know that

in these dates then everyone start thinking what is going to happen

that grabs us that diosito grabs us confessed votes in my country already started

pedrín to lambert of this thanks for the information about everything to use a tone

alarmist wanting to scare those who we are trying to inform us with

seriousness that if we do not really I do not think anything happens, I think it's a

phenomenon but we have to put it in the Title

solaria the apocalypse because it is that we all have like that the idea or many

we have the idea that we already want that this world is over man and

we want this to end and always we have in the collective the idea that

something terrible is going to happen after a natural phenomenon but in reality many

Sometimes only that is only a natural phenomenon that we are going to live a

great show beautiful show nature if I go here we are going to

be showing the eclipse and if it is michel portilla molina exactly here

let's bring we have the transition of the nasa I want to be showing the

eclipse in a few minutes and I think that in about 15 minutes we started to show

the eclipse here you can see in this channel in this live broadcast of

news at the moment how to see it if not you have special lenses then through

from your computer to cnn through news at the time of a transmission

on facebook of a transmission in youtube but this try not to see it says

álex roasted nothing happens and I saw a minute also because there are people that

can happen and there are people who do not all the bodies react the same

exhausted or greetings from Colombia to puerto rico is a clear usa territory

yes yes we do know this is actually this part is there from the USA though

can hardly travel Puerto Ricans to the US also need

a special permission block we knew greetings news the moment as always

I go to the alert for your videos at thanks as a messenger they said the same

in 2012 then in 2 and they had already said that the murcia will end in 2012

that the Mayans had predicted that in the 2012 this was going to end and well

we all keep thinking that the world is will end and if at the end we will

end with the planet but not because come an eclipse or a

even this or some natural phenomenon reigns pious carl Valdez says greets mind

greeting king nacar pedrosa not for that reason that's why the truth is going to end

it's over that we do not we are finishing it rather

eclipse what difference and just have very much in the most arise any

encouragement to return holding good but yes yesterday yesterday there was also a tremor a

slight tremor in here in Mexico but already you know it always occurs on these dates

they're going to start seeing things and they're going to start to pass things and they will happen to

say things but nothing happens does not happen absolutely nothing, it is a phenomenon

of nature worthy of course of see worth appreciating we should appreciate it

in its entirety it is a wonderful wonderful show of nature

nothing else is my opinion I do not think it's the end of nothing or the beginning nothing

it's just a beautiful this beautiful wonderful show of nature

Sofia Ponce Rodriguez says hello pepe tell the truth and if it is true that you are

burns the eyes even without protection Mayans are liars socially to

determine when one dies without is true that you can burn your retina if

you see even not only the eclipse the sun without protection

I have decreed natural that those who want to see the eclipse pay 100 for

who can see it would not be very good there who donated something to us in the supercade if

someone wants to do it for a hundred makes you free please

you're a solid loquillo they drive away leandro paulina ruiz I look at it from tuxtla

gutierrez greetings thank you Paulina Alejandro Cortez at Sofia

ponce rodríguez sara sara castillo and me there's nothing from last night I just fell asleep to

6 in the morning

we are not going to see here

this is where here are a time zone let's see from the usa the eclipse says

édgar rochina nothing will happen because nobody knows when ramón health will happen

rivero what you take out for the construction of the wall

says paper and drugs no manches ya it was well been not calm man

it's time for the eclipse the equator or chili a board this morning also

trembled in chile better I look at it from here clear on your computer on television

better in the media are not liars not it is well we do not understand them not

worry nothing will happen says between clouds in Latin America it

you will see the same or you will not see it - live where we are looking at the screen

of course the northernmost area of ​​the USA to see completely and as you go

going south we will see it nothing more a part not here in mexico

example just a 25 29 percent I think what are we going to see

is what we're going to be seeing says in puerto rico- they gave free in some

school be it belén garcía supports us they asked for a book in some schools

because they do not want children though be out of curiosity turn to see the

man we must protect our little ones and well you know they are good

curious people look like adults this is in usa

yes yes news friends at the moment Sara Castillo says they gave me

freedom at school and what went into today of course yes no

at least out of curiosity not even good speed and protection actually

to alejandro we are going to have to block topic not with in your comments

terrible we are going to have to forgive me but we can not leave the comment

sergio the face of barbie said time thanks for the greetings says sofía solid

fall pearl garcia remember not to see it clearly clear asseco children

primary school will stay if not then it's going to come out everything does not come out but

you can burn a part of your retina and that would be terrible for any to

any small for anyone even 1 month after the little one those who

think that the world is going to end better suicidal

it's about that in sadness with you without even anyone knows

tell the end of the world only god what you know glad you have 440,000 to yes

equation 58 spectators ramón levels I'm happy to be here in this

live broadcast axel bound says greet me porfa

hey ya talk the usa can be seen in dublin ireland I do not think so in europe

solid alejandro I think that only here in america or it can be the tamos to look

that information viviana rodríguez bolivia piero javier saludos see

in the day one night If these stones javier chistosito hello

new leather juniors nicole guevara when is the eclipse the republic

Dominican pearl Garcia is acts suicides said they think the world is

will you end up believing that yes yes something will happen from the eclipse

today or believe that only as I they only believe that it is a beautiful

nature show in miami Of course it will be seen in Miami, we are going to

put the graph back here in the usa Here is Miami Florida know more or

less at 80 percent this juan luís lopez towers says you greet me from

Zacatecas health up to Zacatecas when I greetings from new york juan

muñoz you if you will see it completely hand thank you very much everyone for being us

accompanying in this live broadcast It's one of the best we've had

to this day, really, thank you thank you very much for being here and we are going to

keep broadcasting for all of you news friends at the moment still not

begins but already shortly and soon lets start

to have it for all of you say hello from argentina sampedro

greetings greetings from Ecuador greetings up to ecuador guerrero mexico beautiful

pimp warrior everything is normal I already lived the eclipse the first greetings and cucho a

what happens if you move it directly in the patriotic angel video

Well nothing you will be amazed by so beautiful patricia show this is

sell man is still cute sisters here in the channel Monday you are not going to take the

the blocks is to sell mancera in order for two name will not happen absolutely

nothing or that is what I think we are going to put it again the time zone of

Mexico Stop looking for her over here

the time zone of mexico for all you so that we can see again to

what time will this eclipse begin? it takes to start in a few minutes

we will be broadcasting the live ones for all of you news friends at

moment thank you all for being here let's put the time zone in mexico

let's go here let's leave for a little while only from the city of mexico

I think he thought about the sick man minecraft minecraft is lenderman's

minecraft this is for you exactly the slender dawns evil to sell

marks and carried the earth in the blocks that one builds here is the

time zone are seeing it in the sister if it's called end brother is not

slender manes ndr man is the name Right

xabi castle you are going to record me here we are going to bring a live broadcast

perfect as always analyze today is the apocalypse no no no no today is not the

apocalypse news alonso power in guadalajara

just a part just a part of the face of barbie but yes they will be able to

see if caracas greets greetings and crack here we have the timetable schedule of

Guadalajara 1149 is when we go to be able to see here in mexico daniel

jiménez apocalypse does not sell neither god nor nothing the only end is we daniel

jiménez this is good to see pregnant women should not

that is on television some screen so to see it out no no no no no

patricia the angel you play minecraft a game heap of minecraft effectively

I'm just starting but I love it that game in a rich port you can see

partially, I do not doubt it, but it can serve just to look for that

information in Colombia can not be seen in clear chihuahua that yes it will be possible

chihuahua will put the time zone of can you put the time zone clear

that right now we end up with this one We are here in Hermosillo, we are going to go up

a bit let's put is a little here

hermosillo let's put up huatulco so they can see the time zone of

mexico what time are you going to be able to see and today it is immediately we put the one of us the

time zone you can have in Peru, I do not think

also to the south I think that I no longer play all the call of duty and I compete with

people thanks solecito salutes mind greeting requested in Ecuador will be no

tripod attack says you also play Slender clearer than yes they will look

tijuana yes of course when missing to look at the eclipse just about

minutes in Latin America one hour approximately you will be able to see in ecuador

and they are like this is 25 and you can not see anything and I I have photos trophies and diplomas says already

king already for will look very little but yes angel benitez says ya came and yolanda bel

greet me greet me greet me russian river leo river health for Sara and here are the 10 26

digital body says health than envy since peace Bolivia so is

says tariff can you greet me please I thank you clearly that if it sweeps

whole well thank you excited we are all excited about this topic of

eclipse let's put the others what lack of this time zone

tijuana and tower and immediately we will see the area

time of usa to all those who are watching us from

the sister republic of the states united union the beautiful union

american let's bring the time zone for all

you there is the time zone of the us will become power in the equator because no

I don `t believe sad music is good like

I find you now the name you can find here on youtube in

creator it's called so hero turn down so the

you can find

let's read some others the apocalypse of technical avilés in sinaloa

the dragon's wife approaches the bible says there are many things with what

is happening in the usa with the president of our North Korea this

natural phenomena forgive me, I'm going to pay so much for


is that we have a terrible cough this health analyze some words in Chinese

I greet you salúdame luís eduardo bermúdez ovando greetings luis eduardo

Garzón to the classroom for Latin America Junior zambrano because he does not put himself in ecuador

you can see why it's going to happen over the north of the planet juniors zambrano by

that and between more than vallsur it is less the intensity told them with everything

what is happening in the world yet what we are living now

it's always like the idea that something terrible will always happen

always this knowledge monterrey Of course, if Sofia always has the idea

that something terrible is going to happen and this is the problem with the human being we believe

that comes if something comes natural phenomenon like this which is the

eclipse of this nature for something terrible could happen and then

we live with that with that world that something terrible happens and it's something that we

has then let's say that all frightened in some way to think that

something bad can happen with the issue of eclipse

the apocalypse mine craft but that happens whenever there's going to be some

natural phenomenon always always always that comes a natural phenomenon happens what

I definitely tell them with Much respect and with much love always

the same thing happens whenever there is some natural phenomenon happens is always what

very definitely we believe that something magic is going to happen we think that it's going to

end the world we believe many things but nothing far from

the reality or is nothing far from what ya estamos nosotros en este momento

estoy viviendo como humanidad nada nada que no hayamos vivido antes

nada que no hayamos hecho antes definitivamente se los digo nada que no

hayamos pasado en otra situación

bueno vamos a ver si ya sí ya empieza el té master el eclipse si empieza la

transmisión de la nasa para todos ustedes vamos a traerla para todos

ustedes esta transmisión de la nasa

aquí la tenemos

usted pueden ver el eclipse también directamente a través de la página de la

nasa o de otros de otros medios de comunicación aquí la tenemos para todos

ustedes en noticias al momento

como no no nos vamos a morir empieza allá ya estamos apenas a unos minutos de

comenzar este maravilloso espectáculo del eclipse

dice es por curiosidad nos burla pero si lo haga tras un vidrio sirve o causa el

mismo efecto necesito lentes especiales y necesitarás un filtro especial de

grado 14 como el que usan los soldadores para poderlo ver de otra forma pudiera

sufrir este tema de hacerte daño a tu retina dicen con razón

dicen que el amor es ciego ya me llamo el casi eclipse salúdame jesús va si yo

te saludo si lo veo como diez segundos sin protección no afectará si es muy

probable que sí bueno que mi amigo se toque el nepe en o no es bueno el

eclipse es de chile desde colombia saludos pues también en colombia en

panamá en eeuu en cantidad de lugares en las arepas o en chilenas

seguramente son unas riquísimas arepas adquieras el eclipse mágica se va a

acabar el mundo ayuda no no se va a acabar se me acaba sea un tatuaje y me

dijeron que era malo que saliera cierto o falso falso no creo que suceda nada

nada terrible se puede ver con lentes de soldador sí cierto patricia del ángel

seguía en peso ya empezó todavía no ya está por empezar josé salomón lópez

garcía saluda mente saludo aquila el eclipse ya ya no tardarían unos minutos

lo empezamos a ver aquí lo vamos a empezar a transmitir

puedo darme 10 clics y los brillantes de 30 segundos lo puedo ver 10 pruebas que

el mundo se va a acabar mentiras y luego en directo se puede que puede pasar nada

no va a pasar absolutamente nada y va quitan a salúdame jorge ftv salúdame

nicole llevará a que ahora el eclipse en la república dominicana ahorita vamos a

ver un mango zoom o algún tip para ver el eclipse nada disfrutarlo y

disfrutarlo y nada más que disfrutarlo otra cosa no se puede hacer que

disfrutar este maravilloso espectáculo de la naturaleza recuerden recuerden

verlo en con un filtro solar grado 14 por favor por favor por favor

cuídense protéjanse y es lo más importante y disfruten de

este maravilloso espectáculo pocas veces visto en el mundo merecemos disfrutarlo

for real en compañía de nuestra familia con


13 minutos para el eclipse así es salúdame yo no puedo arrepientan ser

pecadores saludos desde puebla así es amigos de noticias al momento

muchas gracias a que ahora se verán chapas y archivos ahorita los horarios

vamos a poner de nuevo dicen que me dijeron que si lo veía me

pueda convertir en web acompáñenme por favor a un corte

comercial en seguida regresamos henricus salúdame te saludo henry

así es amigos de noticias al momento que vive la mota dice que ahora pasará en

cancún o si te dejamos los horarios ningún ahora mismo estuve en argentina

buenos aires y mi perdón esa terrible a todos no está nos está fastidiando

mis pájaros enjaulados alborotan a no más bien siento que todos los animales

se van a dormir es algo que sucede el horario guadalajara vamos a poner de

nuevo todos los horarios vamos a poner los horarios primero para eeuu aquí dejo

la franja horario por favor eres el amo del universo saludos gracias eduardo


bendiciones así es aquí en michoacán los polinesios prontito vamos a ver aquí en

mediodía más o menos aquí está en pantalla dejo la zona

horaria donde lo vamos a poder estar seeing

deja de asustar no no no está mostrando a nadie no estamos viendo la zona

horaria de eeuu las mujeres pueden sufrir las mujeres embarazadas pues fue

un daño en el bebé no pero sería mejor que no salieran definitivamente mejor

verlo por televisión o aquí a través de noticias al momento este mejor verlo

aquí y está la zona horaria de eeuu aquí es más o menos a la hora a la que podrán

verlo en eeuu o están sobre la zona horaria de mexico

a ver vamos a poner la zona horaria de aquí de méxico

ahí está la zona horaria de méxico

vamos a ponerla desde el inicio y vamos a traer las recomendaciones para ver el

eclipse aquí está aquí vamos a dejar la zona

horaria de mexico unos minutitos y en méxico solamente será parcial

efectivamente será sólo un tema parcial no será este completo el eclipse ya lo

vimos en méxico completo allá en el 91 pero esta vez solamente será parcial no

there is more aquí está para acapulco tenemos que el

inicio será a las 12 9 horas el punto maximum

será una 21 y tendrá una parcialidad del 29 de punto 29 es decir el 29 por ciento

en la ciudad méxico comenzará a las 12 del día 12 1 y tendrá una parcialidad

del 38% en la ciudad juárez comenzará a las 10 23 y tendrá una parcialidad del

68 por ciento lo podrá ver completo el club se emplease totalmente ya veremos

ya el en ciudad victoria 11 49 y tendrá una parcialidad del 51

por ciento colima 11 53 y tendrá una parcialidad del 32 por ciento y

guadalajara 11 49 y tendrá una parcialidad del 37 por ciento

hermosillo a las 9 18 y tendrá una parcialidad del 57 por ciento vamos a

ver huatulco la paz mi vida y esta en huatulco comenzará al mediodía

12 20 y tendrá una persona de 31% la paz baja california a las 10 27

tendrá una parcialidad del 47% mérida a las 12 16 se tendrá una

parcialidad del 56% mexicano a las 99 y tendrá una parcialidad del 66% monterrey

este 11 43 y tendrá una parcialidad del 55 por ciento oaxaca 12-14 tendrá una

personalidad del 34 por ciento este pueblo a las 12 4 tener una parcialidad

del 38% san luís potosí 11 49 con una parcialidad del 44 por ciento

tapachula 12 31 con una parcialidad del 30 por ciento

tijuana 97 y tendrá una parcialidad del 65% torreón coahuila empezará a las 1137

con una paridad de 52% en morelia michoacán lo vamos a poder

ver cerca de las 11 49 1150 mediodía con una parcialidad también de apenas un 30%

más o menos eso es lo que vamos a poder ver en morelia michoacán aquí dejo la

ciudad la zona horaria de los eeuu en las farmacias venden las gafas y

están en muchos lugares farmacias papelerías en muchos lugares están

vendiendo los lentes que serán usados para poder ver sin problemas este

eclipse eclipse de sol vamos a ver alguna información que nos

está transmitiendo en ese momento la nasa

para todos ustedes

eso será el paso del eclipse por estados unidos al en voices kasper este omaha

kansas city san luis nashville ahí está esta economía

sullivan ahí es por demás menos por donde lo

pueden estar viendo ahorita el eclipse donde lo van a ver perdonando no lo

puede estar bien donde lo van a ver el eclipse más o menos esa es la zona

tampico estado de méxico cerca de mediodía también parcial dice que no se

verá el 100 por ciento claro que no se van al cien por ciento sólo en eeuu lo

van a poder ver al cien por ciento puedo grabar elegirse con un iphone sin ver el

eclipse claro que sí no creo que le pase nada a tu iphone solo a tu retina el

tema es la retina es nada más el problema de la retina del ser humano no

creo que le pase nada a los aparatos si tú no la ves pero siempre es mejor tener

cuidado no cuándo durará pues unos minutos apenas pero el totalidad serán

como dos horas el transcurso de un eclipse guanajuato gracias por sacarme

mi duda es el mejor gracias acercar este stand llegan muchos mensajes no los pone

por supuesto todos sirven la semi gafas para ver el eclipse no no creo que mis

gafas y bromas en la ciudad mexica que ahora

se verá mediodía y elegimos ahorita hoy vamos a volver a ponerlas los horarios y

pero antes vamos a dar unos consejos para la gente que va a ver el eclipse

por primera vez pues éste se proteja por supposed

se proteja se proteja se proteja vamos a ver cómo está esta imagen

de un segundo por favor denme un segundito esta no es esta es

para todos ustedes para que se protejan se protegen se protegen

por favor siempre cuídense estas son las recomendaciones

para que puedan ver el eclipse como ver el eclipse solar 2017 de manera segura

antes de ver hacia el sol recuerda la importancia de proteger tus ojitos claro

que sí siempre es importante proteger tus ojos y aquí unas recomendaciones que

emite la unam y si no miles directamente al sol puedes dañar tu retina en muy

poco tiempo usa un filtro para soldar del número 14 en lentes en binoculares y

telescopios o bien lentes especiales para eclipse nombres del sol más de 30

segundos aunque estés usando instrumentos seguros

también no uses filtros hechos en casa o lentes de sol comunes ya que no son

seguros no uses cámaras de fotografía o vídeo binoculares vidrios ahumados

filtros polarizados o películas de color para ver el eclipse cuida que las y los

niños siguen estas recomendaciones esta es unas recomendaciones que emite la

unam para todos ustedes amigos de noticias al momento para que puedan ver

el eclipse de una manera hermosa para que puedan disfrutarlo en méxico en eeuu

en donde quiera que lo vayan a ver por favor háganos siempre con seguridad

desde clinton spring colorado salud hasta spring colorado yo los dejo con

estas con estas imágenes unos minutos en lo que empieza el eclipse por favor

disfrute las y yo ahorita estoy de regreso con todos ustedes muchas gracias

amigos de noticias del momento regreso en un minutito más o menos



do not


thanks news friends at the moment por continuar con nosotros bueno pues ya

nos falta menos para el eclipse nos falta muy poco para que este eclipse

llegue ya para todos ustedes me encantará por favor que me dijeran si

ustedes creen que este eclipse este fenómeno natural que se va a vivir el

día de hoy representa el inicio de un apocalipsis el inicio de un fin del

mundo con todo lo que estamos viviendo política y socialmente este en el país

en el mundo entero ustedes creen que vaya a suceder algo fuera de lo normal

ustedes creen que vaya a saber algo sobrenatural le va a encantar por favor

este leer sus comentarios al respecto

me va a encantar leer pues ustedes qué opinan creo que vaya a ver un tema más

allá de

de un simple fenómeno natural o creen que vaya para algo más serio

bueno yo los voy a dejar un minutito

y los voy a dejar un minutito aquí vamos a estar transmitiendo para ustedes en

alive el tema del eclipse

yo voy a regresar para todos ustedes en un ratito más

gracias muchas gracias por estar aquí ya no tarda en comenzar el eclipse tengan

paciencia y anotar de comenzar y vamos a traerlo para todos ustedes

para que lo puedan disfrutar aquí en noticias al momento por supuesto

mientras voy a leer por ahí algunos saludos

en breve comienza el eclipse aquí lo vamos a poder ver aquí en noticias al

moment gracias a todos por acompañarnos

en esta edición

en breve ya tendremos por aquí en lectura para todos ustedes

voy a leer algunos comentarios saludos de guadalajara eso es una

despedida despedida aquí estamos y estamos salud

es de colombia esta música es apocalíptica claro fue elegida con ese

fin con ese fin el apocalipsis el apocalipsis se pasan depende de cuando

los animales se comportan como los humanos o los humanos como animales

salúdame salúdame de salud desde la nasa saludos desde guadalajara tengo miedo no

no hay por qué tener miedo yo no creo que haya razón para temer absolutamente

nada que era empieza el eclipse en méxico cerca del mediodía y en un ratito

más comenzar a saludarme la música ay dios mío hay muchísimos saludos

rapidísimo si alguien quiere hacer alguna donación háganlo a través por

favor de super chat ahí pueden donar un dólar 2 dólares 10

dólares y 100 dólares mil dólares lo que quieran donar por favor siéntase libre

de hacerlo gracias a luz a perú saludos a colombia salud a méxico salud

a todos los países que nos están viendo en este momento

saludos saludos un rato voy a despedir en este momento voy a terminar voy a

cortar la transmisión pero regreso ya con la transmisión del eclipse la

próxima es que está aquí transmitiendo en vivo será ella con la transmisión del

eclipse en vivo gracias gracias a todos por estar aquí y gracias por todos sus

comentarios estamos en breve aquí con ustedes en esta transmisión en vivo me

voy a cortar en ese momento pero regreso en breve ya con la transmisión del

eclipse en vivo

The Description of Eclipse Solar y el Apocalipsis | Noticias Network