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Hi everyone, my name is Richard.

I am the CEO and founder of Roll Technologies.

At Roll we provide electric scooter sharing services to cities and campuses.

Urban transportation is very inconvenient.

In the downtown area if you want to go somewhere driving is really costly, walking is tiring,

and taking the bus and public transit is really time consuming.

So how it works is we have our Roll app.

On the app you can see all the scooters around you and you can go to one scooter, use the

app to unlock a scooter.

And the best part of it is dockless.

You don't have to return the scooter to a dock.

When you arrive at your destination you can just park it anywhere you want.

At Roll there's one more thing that we really want to emphasize, that is safety.

That's why we have our fully customized scooter.

We have front wheel suspension, a wider base, and a dual brake system.

That will help you to maximize the safety of the scooters.

So if you believe share mobility is going to be the future then roll with us.

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