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- (singing) Did it on my own now, I can be alone now

Staying out in SoCal, that is how it goes now

I can live without you, yeah, I used to doubt you

Now we all around you maybe I can't live without you

- Since the first day I was hooked by the way

And to tell you the truth, I owe it all to you

I never could have done it without you

- Okay. So Kevin can be impossible to read sometimes.

So when he says, "Great. We'll let you know,"

after our pitch, I started working on my résumé.

Technical skills: C++, SQL, Python--

Kill me.

But then, amazing news--

not only is Codefy fast-tracking Home.0

to the top of their products road map,

they are promoting me to senior product manager.

I am going to be the youngest in the company's


and I am also gonna be on the cover

of "Popular Tech" instead of Reid.

This is going to be so huge for me.

- So Sabrina, what would you say, so far,

has been your greatest challenge

as a woman in the tech industry?

- Honestly, I refuse to look at things so reductively.

Have I experienced challenges as an engineer,

as a product manager?

Absolutely. Of course.

But specifically as a female engineer

or product manager?

I've found that, by treating my gender as a non-issue,

which I truly believe it is, usually,

more often than not, people follow suit.

- And how did you go about coming up with,

as you put it, this creative solution?

I'm assuming you're referring to tailoring Home.0

to the needs of the disabled and elderly.

- Yes, exactly.

Well, we were consistently impressed by how powerful

and versatile the underlying Halee software was.

So once Home.0's future was in jeopardy--

- And your job. - Yes, and my job--

I really looked at opportunities

for how to harness this power and versatility

and how it could truly help people

that really needed it.

And the moment I decided to do that,

it was like a light bulb went off

and I knew I immediately had a solution.

- All right.

- Thank you. - Thank you.

- So I wanted to ask you something,

but off the record, of course.

- Oh, I knew you could tell.

Yes, Reid and I are dating. Is it that obvious?

- Oh, no. - Oh.

- I mean, I could tell, but I'm very perceptive,

but that's not what I was going to ask.

- Oh, okay. What's up?

- You realize you essentially admitted

that you only started thinking about trying to help people

when you thought it would help save your job--

just something to think about.

Now, I know we've only met a few times,

but I feel like I get you, you know?

But I am curious.

How did it feel to almost lose your job

even though you did nothing wrong?

- I felt fine about that.

I mean, I want to be a CEO,

so I get that business decisions happen

and layoffs are part of that.

I would've found a new job.

I would've been fine.

- Mm. Okay.

- What's up?

- [sighs]

I hear you, but don't you want better

than just "fine" in your life?

You should be exploring every possibility available to you.

Do you really want to be settling for "fine"

instead of pursuing "incredible"?


[dreamy music]

- Hey.

You okay?

- No.

I need to talk to you about something.

- Oh, you're not thinking about quitting Codefy, are you?

'Cause, look, you've proven yourself,

like, ten times over to them.

There's no way they're gonna get rid of you now.

- I'm breaking up with you.

- What?

- And before you say anything,

this has nothing to do with you or Hakim

or about your freak-out over Hakim.

- Right.

"It's not you, it's me"?

- It's not you.

But it's also not me.

But I'm allowed to not want to be in this relationship

if that's not what I want right now.

- Who says that?

If you don't want to be with me, then at least--

at least have the courage to admit that

it's your fault that we're breaking up,

'cause I tried.

I'm trying, okay?

I didn't do anything wrong.

- I know. I said that.

Reid, I appreciate everything

that you've brought into my life,

and I absolutely still want you to be a part of it.

- That's-- that's great consolation.

How could you do this to me?

I changed so much of who I am for you.

And I get it.

Right, I'm good now.

I'm better.

You saved me from being an asshole.

Now you're just gonna go find somebody else.

- I don't want to work on you.

I want to work on Home.0,

and I want to work on myself.


I'm allowed to not want to be with you,

and you're allowed to want a better explanation,

and I'm allowed to not have one for you.

I'm sorry.

- Wow. - Wow.

- Wow. - I know.

- Sabrina, should I update your relationship status

to "single" or "it's complicated"?

- Put her in an open relationship with me.

both: Don't do that.

- Is there something here I should know about?

- Are you gonna be okay?

- Yeah, I am.

- Okay.

- But breaking up with Reid

isn't the only change I want to make.

This whole process has really helped me realize

that I want to be using my talents

to make an impact on the world.

You know? - Yeah.

- I mean, I don't want to quit Codefy or anything,

at least not yet, but I want--

I'm going to start something on the side

that has an impact

and makes the world a better place,

even though I have no idea what that's gonna be yet.

- I'm in.

I've been talking smack about Codefy for a while now

and how I wish I was doing something more meaningful.

I don't know why I haven't.

Maybe I was too scared to do it alone,

but since you'll be doing most of the work,

what's stopping me now, right?

- Inspired, as ever.

- I'm in too.

Yeah--however I can help.

- I'm in...

if you can afford me.

- [laughs] Thanks, guys.


- Hey.

I just heard.

Are you okay?

- Yeah.

I'll be okay.

- Good.

- But Hakim...

- What?

- We're gonna help you with Guerilla Mob.

- Yes!

That's so obvious it's unobvious--


- We were just talking about how we all want to collaborate

on a social enterprise,

and the most obvious choice has been sitting

in front of us this entire time--yours.

- Anti-obvious! - Yes. Mm-hmm.

- Yes. - Yeah.

Okay. I'm in. I love it.

Yeah, maybe it hasn't been succeeding

because I haven't had the right people behind it,

and maybe with you guys, it can.

- Not maybe; it will.

- [laughs]

Uh, no.

It won't.

See, uh, I own Guerilla Mob.

I'm it's principal investor, Hakim--

the only investor--

and I'm shutting it down if she's involved.

- That's messed up, bro.

- Yeah, why you gotta be like that, man?

- (singing) Yeah, and they keep talking often

Go tell 'em that is their problem

I'll be sipping over here solving

And cracking your codes

Do I need to know

'Cause I got thoughts in my head

That I can't get out

Success in the air when I look around

This is new to me

You are new to me

Did it on my own now, I can be alone now

Staying out in SoCal, that is how it goes now

I can live without you, yeah, I used to doubt you

Now we all around you maybe I can't live without you

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