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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Tower of Terror Last Ride | Al Dente Creepypasta 03

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Youre moving into a land of both shadow and substance.

Of things and ideas.

You just crossed over into

Al Dente Creepypasta, horror stories cooked to perfection with a splash of red sauce.

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Amid the flash and the flare of a bustling young amusement park at the peak of its

growth, the Hollywood Tower Hotel was a star in its own right.

But like all shining stars, there came a time it would be eclipsed by a newer franchise.

With the Tower on its death bed, people flocked to go experience it, before it was

too late.

Let's dig right in.

When I heard that The Tower of Terror at Disneys California Adventure was being remodeled into

a Guardians of the Galaxy ride, I immediately made plans with my friends, Joey and Matt,

to go pay the ride one last visit.

We all decided to take a Monday off, and visit the park on the last day of the rides operation,

in hopes that there might be some kind of special send off.

If youve never been to Disney, Tower of Terror was a part dark-ride part free-fall

ride themed around an abandoned Hollywood Hotel.

Guests are told they are entering a special episode of The Twilight Zone.

Five people riding in an elevator on one Halloween night in the 30s were struck by lightning,

causing them, and an entire section of the hotel to disappear into another dimension.

Let me make one thing clear: I was never the type of guy who believes in ghosts.

Thats part of what made me love The Tower of Terror though.

The theming and effects were so well done that you really did feel like you were stepping

into a dimension where ghosts do exist, and it was a lot of fun.

As we walked through the Hollywood Blvd area of the park towards Hollywood Tower, I couldnt

I was disappointed to see that they had already stripped off the walls, leaving behind a tower of scaffolding


construction workers were already at work transforming the outside appearance of the ride.

As we turned the corner to the street where the tower was located, we were met with a

huge line, pouring way outside of the ordinary queue area.

Understandably, it seemed that lots of other Disney fans had the same idea that we did,

and wanted to give the ride a proper send off.

We decided to hit up some of the other rides first and return to Tower of Terror once the

sun had gone down.

This turned out to be a great ideaor so it seemed at the time... because most of the

rest of the park was relatively empty in comparison.

We ended getting on just about everything else that we wanted to do before returning

to The Tower of Terror that evening.

The tower was lit with those ominous glowing blue lights as we approached it for the final


There was still a very long line when we got there, which we expected, so it was getting

pretty late by the time we even hit the front gates to the attractions official queue.

Joey was starting to get nervous about us making it in before the park closed, even

though they were open late that night.

We were actually one of the last groups to get through before they started turning people


After welcoming us to the Hollywood Tower Hotel, a man in a bellhop uniform with dark

circles under his eyes closed up the giant metal gates behind us, presumably never to

be opened again.

At first, I was feeling relieved to have made it in time to go on the ride, but I was quickly

overcome with an uneasy feeling

Something was off.

Before entering the building, the line winds through the main level terrace leading up

to the buildings entrance.

I know the area is supposed to look worn down by the elements, but it looked even shabbier

than usual.

The plants were all overgrown, and some of the lamp posts were broken, making it very

difficult to see.

I even came close to stepping on some broken glass on the ground!

But the strangest part, was the screaming.

These were no ordinary theme park screams though, they sounded like screams of agony,

like someone was being tortured.

We were wondering what was getting such violent sounding reactions out of the riders, but

eventually came to find that the screaming was coming from the speakers hidden around

the area.

Im not sure if that made me feel any better to be honest, why would they be playing such

disturbing audio for their guests?

It all just seemed so weird.

When we got to the covered area just outside the building, it seemed like the pillars holding

up the structure had some considerable decayand all the windows were broken.

I couldnt remember exactly what this area looked like last time I was here, but I was

fairly certain it was at least a little bit more put together than this.

After what seemed like forever, we finally made it into the hotel.

This when things really got weird.

Normally, the hotel lobby is made to look like it was abandoned in the 30s.

Which it still was.

Only this time, the room was filled with 15-20 Disney employees, all wearing the same Hollywood

Tower Hotel bellhop uniform.

They were standing straight up like soldiers around all the major set pieces in the room,

and every single one of them was just staring at us.

It was almost as if they were guarding something, but none of them said one word the entire


Matt even tried asking one of the employees how much longer it would be until we reached

the front of the lineto whichthe guy made eye contact with him and just stared

into his soul with a completely straight face.

Ill never forget the look of those blue eyes with the dark bags underneath piercing

at us from his pale, almost greyish skin.

At this point, I was thinking that this all must be part of the parks special going

away present to the fans of this ride and they were really going all out to make the

last night as creepy as possible.

I let myself think that they were really outdoing themselves, and I was really enjoying the


I also noticed that the iconic owl statue in the center of the lobby was gone

and it was replaced with a sign that said "The Silverlake Sisters. Live at the Tip Top Club."

Only Tip-Top Club was crossed out in red ink and replaced with the word lobby.

At some point some construction workers came in and started to remove the

sign and some of the other furniture.

This was the first time I saw one of the bellhops react and speak up.

He grabbed the construction workers hand and said, “sir, please.

The hour is not yet upon us.”

I assumed that this was also part of the show

I mean, they wouldnt really be clearing the place out minutes after the closure, right?

At this point, riders are taken in groups to the Hotel Library for a briefing video.

Matt and Joey walked ahead into the library, but when I tried to pass through, the bellhop

stopped me and told me to wait for the next group.

I tried to explain that I was with those two guys, but the bellhop wouldnt let me pass.

Matt and Joey didnt seem to notice I was gone, but I figured I would catch up with

them before they boarded the elevator.

When it was my turn to go see the briefing video, there were only a couple of a people

left in line behind me, so the three of us went in.

We get into the orientation room and the lights go out.

We sit there in the dark for what seems like ages.

That's when I hear someone shuffle around behind me

I could SWEAR, it was just me and those two other guests who had come into the library.

I was positive they were the only ones behind me in line.

I had to to think that whoever was behind me was just one of the employees, but then,

seemingly just to disprove that theory, they guy moves closer to me, and starts breathing

down my neck.

I was getting very uncomfortable, but then just as I was about to say something


The orientation video starts, so I just take a step forward, away from that creep behind


You unlock this door with the key of imagination.

Behind it, is another dimension.

A dimension of sound.

A dimension of sight.

A dimension of mind.”

I wasnt sure if there was something weird going on with Rod Serlings voice, almost

like it was off pitch or something

Youre moving into a land of both shadow and substance, of things and ideas you just

crossed over into

The Twilight Zone.”

The rest of the introduction video went on as it normally does

That is, until it got to the part where Rod addresses the audience.

Tonights story of the Twilight Zone will be your last.”


Now that was definitely not normal.

They must have changed up the intro video for the final night or something.

This, as you may recognize, is a maintenance service elevator.

Still in operation, but not for long.

At midnight tonight, normal operation of this machine will cease and at that moment

the Stars

Will come out to play.

When this happens, you will have to fend for yourself and your safety is not guaranteed.

You are about to embark on a ride through history, and your destination?

The Twilight Zone.”

All right!

This is exactly why we wanted to come on the last day!

I was so excited.

I couldn't wait to find Joey and Matt and get on this ride.

The doors opened and we continued onto the boiler room, the last part of the hotel before

we get into the elevator.

The creep who was standing behind me didn't join us however.

I looked back and saw him just standing there in the dark.

I couldnt see him that well, he was basically just a silhouette in this lighting, but

I think was an outline of a bellhop uniform


I scanned the boiler room for my friends, but didn't see them anywhere.

I hoped they hadn't gotten on the ride without me.

The more I searched around for them, the more I realized that the entire room felt kind

of empty, at least considering how many people had just been ahead of us.

It was also freezing cold down here.

I was getting goosebumps.

I know it was January, but we were inside and it was Southern California after all.

It doesnt usually get this cold.

The two other guys from the library and I were directed past the usual boarding stations

to a creaky stairway leading up.

This was completely new to me

I mean, I remembered seeing these stairs before but I always thought they were just a decoration

to make the hotel feel more fleshed out than it really is.

Or maybe one of those secret entrances for the cast members to access their changing

rooms and whatnot.

Apparently, I was wrong, and there are more elevator entrances up above, as well as more

pipes, machinery and theming.

The only thing that wasnt wasnt up there was people.

I tried to text my friends to see where they were at, but my phone was dead from a long

day at the park.

One of the employees led us to a station that was completely empty.

We didnt have to wait long for the car to arrive.

The elevator shaft doors parted, and we entered the ride.

I chose a seat towards the middle, and the other two guys filled in on either side of


The Tower of Terror starts by traveling up to the first floor, where the doors open and

the guests see a mirror.

The narrator then asks them to wave goodbye to the real world.

When the doors opened for our ride I saw a man sitting directly behind me with what appeared

to be a hunting rifle!

This REALLY startled me!

Thinking it might have been some kind of effect, like the hitchhiking ghosts in the Haunted

Mansion, I turned back to see that there really was someone there!

It was the creepy bellhop guy again!

At this point I started to freak out.

Not only was this the second time this guy inexplicably appeared behind me, but he was

carrying a weapon?!

I know Disney can have a dark side at times, but this is still Disney were talking about

A family company.

I was truly getting scared that something was very wrong herebut what could I do?

I was strapped into the seat.

So I start to scream and panic, I dont really remember exactly what I said, but I

do remember the ride violently jolting down a floor.

The next scene is the hallway full of guest rooms where riders are shown the ghosts of

the five hotel guests who disappeared years ago.

Only this time, the holograms look shockingly realistic and they dont seem to notice


They are just standing in the hotel talking.

The audio isnt that loud, but they seem to be arguing with the employee about something

and the woman is sobbing.

Again, it was difficult to hear over the rain and thunder, but she said something along

the lines of, “dont make us go”.

Shes crying, begging and pleading, and the employee is just standing there with a

disgusted look on his face.

Before I can gather any more information, a huge flash of lightning fills the room,

This may have been a special effect, but I distinctly remember feeling the heat of this

lightning strike.

What I saw then the smoke cleared, completely devastated me!

I saw all five of the the bodies sprawled out on the floor, in a disturbingly realistic

death scene.

The man seemed to have vomited blood all over himself, and the little girls hair was

standing up on end.

But the creepiest part, had to have been her eyes, which had rolled to the back of her


Her eyelids seemed to be sparked open and it was almost as if her blank stare was pointed

right at me.

I was completely at a loss for words, soundsanything, when the ride jerked upward again

to the top level.

The ride stopped at the top, like it always does.

It was dark, there were only a few main lights left on in the park.

I guess the other major attractions were already shut down for the night.

Instead of the usual audio, the narrator was just laughing like a madman.

After a while, it went quiet and nothing happened.

I was beginning to think the ride was stuck, and to be honest it was almost a relief after

everything I had seen.

The moment of solace however, was short lived, when I felt the man behind me, who I guess

I had temporarily forgotten about in all the chaos, grab onto my shoulder.

At this point, I knew that there was nobody who could help me, but internally I was freaking

out, and I didnt dare turn around or acknowledge what he was doing.

I know people are going to call me out and say that I made up this story for attention.

And I know people are going to try to prove that most of these occurrences are absolutely

impossible, and I really cant blame them for that.

But what I saw nexteven if it was just for a fraction of a second, has stuck in my

mind perfectly since that night, and I am 100% sure of what I saw.

As the ride started to drop and the man behind me increased pressure on my shoulder, the

on ride photo camera flashed, and for a split second I saw three construction workers hanging

by the neck from the top pole upon which the camera is mounted.

These were not holograms, and even though I only saw them for a split second, Im

quite sure that they were not props.

After that first drop the elevator continued to bounce up and down at nauseating speeds.

Between the G-Force and the pressure of the man grabbing my shoulder, I felt like I was

about to pass out.

I actually started to black out and closed my eyes when I felt the ride come to a screeching


I was ready for this horrific nightmare to be over, but apparently, the ride had other


Once I opened my eyes and regained my composure I found myself back on the second floor, the

one with all the guest rooms.

The dead bodies were still there, but now they had the ghosts standing over them, motioning

for us to come closer.

This was actually probably the most normal thing I had seen since getting on the ride,

as it resembled the scene that usually takes place on this floor during normal operation.

Then, to my surprise our harnesses came off.

I was essentially frozen in complete shock.

What the hell was going on?

The creepo behind me continued to hold my shoulder, while the other two riders got out

of their seats and casually walked through the door to the right, which to this point

I wasnt even aware was a real door, I had always just thought it was a facade, much

like the stairs in the boiler room earlier.

After Im not sure exactly how long, I snapped out of my daze and realized this was my chance

to get out.

I wriggled myself free of the mans grasp and made a b-line for the right side door.

It was locked.

I banged myself against it but it wouldnt budge, so I darted across to the left side

door, glancing at the elevator car in passing.

The man in the bellhop uniform was just sitting there, giving me this creepy, sadistic grin.

To my surprise, the door on the left worked and I slammed it shut behind me.

I stumbled down a seedy, narrow staircase at the end of which was another door.

I bursted through, hoping to make it into the lobby or something, but instead found

myself in an abandoned swimming pool.

What in the world?

I mean, how could this possibly exist here?

I know for a fact that the pool has never been part of the ride, the queue, or any of

of the theming surrounding it.

I vaguely remember a sign pointing to a pool in the beginning of the line, but come on,

it was just a sign.

Did I just stumble upon one of those crazy Disney secrets?

Like Walt Disneys New Orleans square apartment, or the fabled basketball court under the peak

of the Matterhorn?

Perhaps this pool was at one time an employee lounge area of some kind?

All the tiles were cracked and the pool was filled with rust and who knows what else.

There were a couple of dark objects at the bottom of the pool.

I had to force myself not to look and assume that they were pool chairs or something, but

I had a bad feeling in my gut about what they may actually be.

Whatever it was, it looked disgusting and I wanted to get the hell out of there.

I looked around for another exit, but the first thing I noticed, was a lump across the


My first thought was that it was a dead bodyuntil I saw the guy stand up and start wobbling

around like a drunk.

He was wearing a hoodie, and tattered jeans.

My initial impression was that it was a homeless guy, who had somehow snuck in and was living

in here.

When he saw me, he started screaming at me.

He kept saying, “you cant take my home, and cursing at me.”

He was clearly intoxicated.

As soon as I figured out where the door was, I made a mad dash for the exit, which may

have in fact been an entrance, because it led me into a dimly lit locker room.

I guess if that was at one time a pool for the employees, this must be the corresponding

locker room.

The lockers were pretty small, and all of them were open, and empty.

The only sound I could hear was that of running water on the far side of the locker room,

in the dark.

After all I had experienced, I thought it might be best to approach the door on the

other side of the room more stealthily.

I was also feeling very sick, and needed to catch my breath.

I still felt like I was going to pass out.

I walk over to the source of the water, keeping my footsteps as quiet as possible.

There are a few shower stalls up ahead.

I poke my head into the first, and it is empty.

I proceed, continuing on to check the second, third and fourth stalls.

But what I see in the fourth stall stops me dead in my tracks.

In the corner of the shower, an old man stands in the waters stream.

He is naked, senile and borderline deformed and he has his head buried in the corner.

Luckily he doesnt seem to notice me, so I decide to tip-toe past him to get to the


I make it across safely, but as I grip the door handle, I hear a terrifying cry out from

behind me.

I see you.

Youll never get me out of here.

Youre the one who has to go!”

I hear wet footsteps charging out of the shower stall behind me and waste no time yanking

the door open and fumbling my way through the next room in the dark.

This leads me back to the original mirror room.

The elevator car from the ride is now there, seemingly just waiting for me.

The creepy bellhop guy is in the same seat, continuing to stare me down!

I dont even bother to stop running across the mirror room and through the door on the

other side.

Now Im in another hotel corridor, but different from the one upstairs.

At the end of the hall, I see a woman, and yet another bellhop character, this one wearing

a red pair of Mickey Mouse ears with an Iron Man logo on it.

The two are having a dispute.

She is screaming and grabbing onto the sides of the doorframe as he violently tries to

pull her out of the room.

She is screaming, “please, dont make me go.” and he would just methodically respond

by telling her that her stay is up and she is welcome to check into one of their other


He then yanked her hard enough for her to lose her grip on the door and she flew across

the hallway, crashing her head against the wall hard enough to draw to blood.

She collapsed on the floor in front of him.

Thats when he looked up and noticed me, with the same intense stare that the bellhops

down in the lobby had given us.

My vision was starting to get blurry, so I decided to try to go into one of the rooms

if I could to buy myself some time.

I assumed that all the doors were fakes, but was pleasantly surprised when one of them

actually opened, leading to yet another corridor.

I was too tired to try to comprehend how this was possible, given the layout of this ride

and given the fact that these secret rooms have no reason to exist in the first place.

Just then, the room went dark, and the walls, floor and ceiling became projection mapped

with the starry night sky, the same effect used in the 2nd floor of the actual version

of the ride.

At the end, was a single door.

I took this as the metaphorical exit to the Twilight Zone, so I ran to it as fast as I


As I was running I heard the narrators booming voice one last time.

Next time you try to mess with history, make sure you know just what kind of vacancy

youre filling, or you may find a few nasty surprises coming your way.

You may or may not have made it through tonight, but to close this door is to forever live

on in your head in

The Twilight Zone.”

And just like that, it was over.

The sound of the 30s soundtrack played in my ears and I was making my way down the exit

stairs, trying to think about if Joey and Matt had a similar experience to what I had.

And what happened to those two strangers?

What if I was the only one to make it out?

Who would believe me?

A light caught my eye.


At the top of the drop, that guy was grabbing onto my shoulder.

Not to mention the hanging bodies would also probably be in frame.

I ran up to the preview screen.

If I needed proof, this would be it!!

But when I looked at the photo, it was just me and the other two guys.

No creepy bellhop.

No bodies.

Just a regular ride photo...

The gift shop was completely devoid of any gifts or people so, feeling defeated I passed

through and met up with my friends.

As I had feared, they made no mention of anything abnormal and asked if I was OK.

A regular Disney employee in a yellow button down shirt informs us the park is closing

and to make our way to the exits.

We walk out of the park.

I turn back and see the lights coming down on The Tower of Terror one last time.There

are already cranes in place, ready to start ripping off pieces of the structure.

Other than that though, it looks completely normal from the outside.

No hanging bodies at the top.

Nothing out of the ordinary.

Before turning back, I see a window open on one of the floors near the top.

I stop walking.

Joey asks whats gotten into me as I stare back at the ride for the the final time.

A light shines out of the window, and the silhouette of a bellhop sticks his head out

and waves at me.

I dont plan on going back to ride the new Guardians of the Galaxy ride when it opens.

I believe in ghosts.

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