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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Oxford English Video - NEW HEADWAY 02 – English Subtitle

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it's a big day today we have a new


and we're all very excited well Jane and

I certainly are you ready it's cool it's

in what time is the form start half past


okay he's nice he's very nice

but not good-looking he is good-looking

hmm it's nearly ten to seven who's that

a new neighbor that's a nice car

I bet it's fast that thing that slow

it's very expensive cheap is it oh yeah

and it's horrible

let's say hello now yes



hello hi I'm Helen I'm Simon

and I'm Jane hi Jane come in and meet

the others okay


this is Matt hi I'm Simon hello and I'm

David hi would you like some to your

coffee oh yes

coffee please Matt can you what oh yeah

sure milk no sugar right let me give you

a hand

have a seat Thanks

so where are you from Simon

Newcastle David's from Manchester oh I'm

from London I'm from Brighton and Matt

comes from Birmingham what do you do I'm

a marketing assistant for MacDougall's

the publishing company I'm a drama

teacher David's a lawyer and Matt runs a

computer game shop what about you I'm a

journalist really where do you work I

work in London for a sports magazine do

you know work out know it I buy it

really sometimes hate being late for

films biscuit no I go to the office most

days but on Wednesdays and Fridays I

work from home did your coffee the film

starts at 7:30 oh I'm sorry I didn't

mean look don't worry the cinema is only

10 minutes away come on Matt let's wait

in the car

bye bye nice to meet you tell us about

your job Simon okay

the film starts in quarter of an hour

where are they what you do at weekends I

yeah buy tennis watch football or go to

the cinema go to clubs do you have a


Jane it's okay no I don't actually hear

more coffee Jane


play off I've got an idea he doesn't

have a girlfriend he likes tennis but he

also likes football and going to the

cinema it's David the film starts in ten


say goodbye to your big boring boyfriend

and hurry up

just a moment it's David



I really like Simon unfortunately Jane

likes him too


but I'm not sure if David does



breakfast is usually a quiet time in our

house not always good morning honey

what well sorry morning where's Matt in

bed why he owes me 10 pounds Oh

he doesn't start working till 1:00 today

oh yeah okay see you later

you need some breakfast have a slice of

toast good idea can I Thanks

hey it's my toast bye

enjoy my breakfast





hello Martha its Jane hello Matt its

Jane oh listen Matt I need your help I

can't find my person it has my cash card

and everything in it I think it's in the

kitchen could you look for it okay

hold on okay I'm in the kitchen

can you see it no sorry is there

anything on the table there are some

plates there's Henin's mug but no purse

how about on the work services I can't

see it there's only the newspaper could

you look under it okay we've got it

oh thanks Matt I was really worried can

you put it on the kitchen table I can

pick it up later okay bye




my keys don't believe it Matt also the

door please

tenants and lo David Price speaking Oh

David thank heavens you're there Jane

what's wrong everything first I couldn't

find my purse so I couldn't get any

money from the bank and now I'm outside

the house and I can't find my keys

where's Matt he was at home before but

he's not here now I can't get away at

the moment but I'll try to come back in

about 20 minutes is that okay that's


thanks David no problem see you later




are you okay J Oh Simon

hi what's the problem I don't have my

keys they're in the house but I think I

can get in through that window no you

can't it's too dangerous

I'll do it okay thanks

be careful

okay Matt where were you I was here

couldn't you hear me

sorry it's okay Simon Matt's here he was

at home all the time

you can come down now no I can't

I think I'm stuck

hello Sullivan you're right no I'm not

oh dear

can somebody help me please David and

Matt rescued Simon in the end

but we didn't see Simon for a few days

after that I think he was a bit



our favorite bar is Freud's we go there

a lot especially on Friday and Saturday



what time a Helen and David coming a

half past eight

right hey guess what I saw Simon last

week really that isn't very strange he

lives next door oh ha ha very funny

no I saw him in here he has very good

taste you know I think he really likes

what's wrong but the bar don't look


who is she mad she was my girlfriend

really really how long were you together

a month only a month it was a very long

month right when did you last see her

about three years ago she moved to

London but she sometimes rings me at

work so she still likes you

unfortunately yes Jane how long is it

three years you still have beautiful

eyes you are happy to see me off you

mati hello my name is Jane sorry Jane is

my fiancee pleased to meet you


I didn't know you were engaged when did

it get engaged about weeks ago months

ago where did you meet on the internet


we met in a chat room on the Internet

and then we met face-to-face at a club

yeah right yes that's right it was at a

club and we fell in love didn't be mad

yes we did I was very shy at first but

Matt was wonderful and when did he get

engaged on the 18th of March oh no it

was on the 19th don't you remember

oh yes you're right darling where's the

ring sorry can you buy an engagement


for Jane they did I did I did but I

don't wear it because it's a secret

nobody knows we're engaged now who wants

a drink no thank you

same again please darling

but I can't believe it you're engaged

I hope but yes sorry about that Deb

don't tell anybody about Jane it is a

secret oh no what is it

look at Matt he's with Deb

Paulo Matt you really didn't want to see

her again

yeah for Matt come on let's go and help

David he needs our help

hello Deb how are you Alan

did you tell their bad news what news

Matt's really engage

what is it

hi everybody what's the matter

is something wrong darling so you're

engaged to Matt and Jane is a James with

me but I thought would anyone like a


Jane and I told Matt it's okay to have

two fiancees but he can only marry one

of us


David's preparing a romantic dinner for

his girlfriend Julia unfortunately he

isn't the world's most confident cook

what is it it's Thai chicken with chili

mmm I like Thai food look Julia will be

here soon aren't you going out it's not

very cold what do you mean I put lots of

chili in it hey let me I'll get that

that's right it needs more chili powder

Julia's already at the station she's

early Matt no hey give that to me

David don't what's wrong I put some more

chili powder in so did I hmm too hot of

course it's too hot

Julia Kearney this and she'll be here in

quarter of an hour I can't cook anything

in 15 minutes

Janie can she's a fantastic cook Matt

Jane isn't here then phone her



sorry hello Jane its Helen we need your


what's wrong Julie is coming to dinner

and Matt ruined David's delicious Thai

chicken oh dear what can you think of


is there any pasta in the cupboard

pastor pastor yes it's a pasta how much

is there half a kilo that's plenty

what about tuna there are two small tins

Matt's are there any mushrooms and

onions yes there are we've got

everything okay

Matt boil some water can I do anything a

copy her it's only turned away don't

worry we can do this what next David go

yeah sit down do you like someone yes

please why don't you sit down I can't

first course oh good I'm really hungry

fry the onions yep mmm that was


what's the main course I can't wait it's

a surprise

have some more wine thank you I had a

really busy day today didn't have time

for lunch it's lovely to be here and

have a quiet dinner and simply relax

I'll just get the main course it's great


here you are thank you so much thank

Jane Jane hi

Jane you're wonderful no problem how


what is it it's called pasta and our

junior mmm smells very good

oh hang on I forgot the salad this is

much nicer than a restaurant it's more

romantic and as the food better - hmm

possibly mmm

David this is absolutely delicious can

you give me the recipe the recipe I can

but sound but what it's a family secret

David really yeah

Matt Jane and I did a good job for David

maybe we could open a restaurant


so why are we having a party on a boat

you're joking

Jane's sister Alison is staying for the

weekend she's going to an engagement

party for Tom and Zoey two old friends

of hers

what are you going to wear I bought a

new dress it's really lovely can we see


sure oh that's beautiful

do you really think so you're going to

look fantastic Thanks

oh gosh I've got to get a move on

where are you going I'm going into town

to buy a present for Tom and Zoe what

are you going to get them oh I've no

idea something romantic see you later


what are you doing hi hi

is that another new dress it's not mine

whose is it it's Allison's it's quite

nice quite nice it's wonderful tomato

it's no good I'm afraid

the stains not coming out what am I

gonna do

Alison's gonna be really upset by

another dress

what does the label say New York Paris

Milan I think it's very expensive why

never mind okay let's go and get another

dress all of this this is an emergency

Matt okay Jane you go with Matt take

shops on the left I'll go with David

will take shops on the right have you

got all the details hi everyone

Alison oh hi what's she doing we're um

we're planning our shopping okay see you

back at the house Yeah right bye

have you got your mobile


and here's some Jane and Matt know this

is hopeless about this one it's too


this one looks bigger it's the wrong

kind of white the wrong kind of white

David look that dress is almost exactly

the same as Allison's excuse me

oh no she's going to buy it hang on can

I help you yes can I try this on please

excuse me I don't think it's white

enough I'm sorry I think this one's much


oh really yeah really it's very nice can

she try it on yes the changing rooms up


I'll take it phone the others okay how

much is it two hundred and fifty pounds

can I pay by American Express of course

Jane we got one yes we're going home now

see you later wow that's perfect

how much was it two hundred fifty pounds

two hundred and fifty pounds it's Alison

why why what's wrong

I had an accident with your dress so I

bought another one for you for tonight

oh thank you it's almost the same as


oh this dress is much more beautiful

it's gorgeous the other one only cost 10

pounds 10 pounds yes I got it secondhand

from a charity shop

next time Helen forget Paris Milan and a

New York it's straight for charity shop


on Sunday mornings we usually just sit

around and read the papers it's so

relaxing after a busy week this is good

a weekend in Barcelona including flights

and hotel 120 pounds that's cheap

I went to Barcelona about three years

ago did you have a good time it was


the food was wonderful and the nightlife

how long did you stay for a week we

stayed in a four-star hotel we who did

you go with a friend have you ever been

to Barcelona no I haven't here's another


Paris 190 pounds

Paris fantastic went there as a student

I went when I was at school so romantic

so you've been to Paris too then of

course I have where else have you been

Rome Prague I love Prague New York New

York's great what about you

where have you been Matt well nowhere


I've been to Scotland that's astonishing

do you mean say you've never been abroad

only Scotland you poor thing

why don't you go to Barcelona it's

really cheap and you have another

holiday this year no I went home to

Birmingham Birmingham is not exactly

exotic why don't you go no reason how

about next weekend

what could do I suppose come on let's

book your ticket right how on the

Internet of course


their flight jm5 one four to Barcelona

Friday the 23rd of May at nine o'clock

in the evening

check-in at 7:30 what do I do between

half-past seven and nine o'clock you get

your boarding pass and you wait in the

departure lounge hang on

haven't you ever flown before no I've

never been on an aeroplane actually I'm

a bit nervous

terrified Oh Matt don't be silly

flying is really exciting


what about this one that was a holiday

in LA I had a girlfriend there

how long am we were together for about

six months

no I mean how long did the flight take

about ten hours was what did you do for

ten hours watch films hey it's that

anyway your flights only two hours

can you packed you know it might be a

good idea all right





have you packed everything yes I have

yes some time cream yes you toothbrush I

packed everything have you phoned for a

taxi yet I did it 15 minutes ago

that's it go on


where are you off to Barcelona Oh have

fun have a great time Matt bye adios

hasta LaVista

safe journey




no we haven't that's impossible I've

just taken it out of my pocket I've got

it here well no I've taken yours


Matt had a wonderful time in Barcelona

and the flight he loved it in fact he's

thinking about taking flying lessons

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