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The Bennington Triangle is a phrase coined by New England author Joseph A. Citro during

a public radio broadcast in 1992 to denote an area of southerwestern Vermont within which

a number of people went missing between 1945 and 1950. This was then further popularized

in two books, including Shadow Child, which discussed the disappearances and various items

of folklore surrounding the area. But, what other mysterious have come out of the creepy

location? Well, today on Top 5 Scary Videos, Im going to be counting down our list of

the Top 5 Scary Mysteries About The Bennington Triangle. Before we begin though, be sure

to stick around until the end of the video where Ill be responding to some of your

comments, and with that, lets jump in.

5 A Ghost Town Even since its very first day, Glastenbury

seems to have been a ghost town. In 1761, Benning Wentworth drew the boundaries on the

map without even setting foot on the land. At the time of Vermonts first census as

a new state in 1791, only six families inhabited it. These first settlers found life on Glastenbury

Mountain difficult, as would residents ever after, and by 1800 they had been replaced

by eight entirely different families. Of these eight, only three would stay on until the

next census ten years later, and only one of these would remain in later decades. By

the late 1880s, however, the mountain had been cleared of nearly all of its mature trees,

and the towns economy dipped dramatically. In 1889 the railroad operation ceased. It

was revived very briefly in 1894 as an electric passenger trolley run by the Bennington and

Woodford Railroad, and a brief and initially promising effort was made to convert South

Glastonbury to a tourist attraction. Unfortunately though, a freshet wiped out the railroad tracks

that winter, marking the beginning of the end of Glastonbury as a functioning town.The

town was unincorporated by an act of the state legislature in 1937, and is now essentially

a ghost town. The population was eight at the 2010 census. Along with Somerset, Glastenbury

is one of two Vermont towns where the population levels have dropped so low that the town in

unincorporated. The town has no local government and the towns affairs are handled by a

state-appointed supervisor.

4 Strange Occurrences Reports of strange lights in the sky and sounds

with no explanation have constantly been reported in the Bennington Triangle area. These reports

have led to speculation that there are UFOs and perhaps wormholes in the area. However,

the strangest report may very well be that of the Bennington Monster. Thought to be an

early Bigfoot, the monster has been described as well over 6ft tall, with hair from its

head to its toes. The first sighting was reported in the early 19th century, when it supposedly

rushed a stagecoach on a washed-out road. The beast apparently knocked the stagecoach

onto its side and fled into the dark with a roar. In 1967, another monster would appear

on the mountain. The wild man of Glastenbury who lived in a cave near Somerset. Reports

say that he would often descend into nearby Glastenbury in the Bennington Triangle in

order to harass women. He did this by pulling open his coat and revealing his naked body

while waving around a gun and scaring off anyone who would stop him. However, things

didnt end there. In 1892, a sawmill worker, Henry McDowell, drunkenly bludgeoned a coworker

to death with a rock after he heard voices telling him to attack. He was ultimately committed

to an asylum but managed to escape and vanish.

3 The Disappearances The Bennington Triangles most enduring

mysteries surrounds the disappearances that plague the area between 1945 to 1950. During

that time period, several people vanished on or near Glastenbury Mountain. The first

to disappear was a 75-year-old man named Middie Rivers who served as a mountain guide. He

was leading a group back to their camp in November 1945 when he got too far ahead of

them and out of sight. In that short amount of time, he vanished into thin air. Now, it

is unlikely that he became lost considering he was an experienced mountain guide, however,

that still doesnt negate the fact that he was never seen again. Paula Jean Welden

disappeared next at the age of just 18-years-old on December 1, 1946. Welden was a sophomore

at Bennington College. She had set out for a hike on the Long Trail, and was alleged

to have been seen on the trail itself by an elderly couple who were about 100 yards behind

her. According to them, she turned a corner in the trail, and then she was gone. A search

was conducted but no remains or evidence was ever found. Next was James Tedford, a veteran

who went missing on December 1, 1949, exactly three years after Paula Weldon disappeared.

He was a resident of the Bennington SoldiersHome and has been visiting relatives and was

returning home on the local bus when he vanished. According to witnesses, Tedford got on the

bus and remained on the bus until the last stop before Bennington. However, somewhere

between the last stop and Bennington, Tedford vanished. His belongings were still in the

luggage rack and an open bus timetable was on his vacant seat. The fourth person to disappear

was eight-year-old Paul Jephson on October 12, 1950. He had accompanied his mother in

a truck, during which time she left her son unattended while she fed some pigs. His mother

was gone for around an hour and when she returned, her son was nowhere in sight. The fifth and

final disappearance occurred sixteen day later, on October 28th, 1950. Frieda Langer, 53,

and her cousin, Herbert Elsner, left their family campsite to go on a hike. During the

hike, Langer slipped and fell into a stream. She told Elsner to wait, and she would go

back to the campsite to change her clothes. However, she didnt return. On May 12, 1951

though, her body was found near Somerset Reservoir, in an area that had been extensively searched

several months prior. No cause of death was determined.

2 Lost and Found As I previously stated, only one body was

ever recovered from the disappearances on the mountain, that being Frieda Langers

which found the following May. Search parties conducted extensive searches, heavily combed

the field she was found in, leading authorities to assume that there was indeed foul play.

However, upon discovering her body, decomposition had already set in, limiting insight into

her cause of death. However, it was the advanced decomposition which only served to further

the mystery though. More suspicious still, was that Langers was the only body to be

found. It has been noted that although there are dangerous wildlife on Glastenbury Mountain,

an attack would definitely leave behind a tony of evidence. Because, as we know, bears

dont typically swallow a person whole. The fact that there was zero evidence left

behind frustrated authorities, with both Welden and Jepson wearing bright red coats that would

be easy to spot. Not to mention, Rivers and Langer disappeared seemingly into thin air

without being too far away from other people. However, the strangest occurrence was that

of Tetford who seemed to have just disappeared into thin air on a moving bus that no one

saw him leave.

1 Serial Killer The pattern of disappearances in the Bennington

Triangle has led some folks to speculate that a serial killer was responsible. All of the

people I previously mentioned who vanished did so within the winter, suggesting that

something other than coincidence was at play. The first disappearance happened without a

trace, and Langers body was found in a location that had previously been searched.

Perhaps a serial killer was on the loose and was incredibly successful at abducting and

killing people near the highway or on the mountainside. And, perhaps like many serial

killers, they were showing off when they place Langers body back out into the open following

the extensive search already done in that location. It would also makes sense why no

traces have ever been found of any of the other victims, however, saying that, it would

be incredibly risky for a serial killer to abduct people in plain sight and near witnesses.

Which in turn has left a lot of doubts in peoples minds. Perhaps it was something

more supernatural, however, that explanation tends to lack substance. When newspapers first

reported on the Bennington Triangle, the explanation was tied into Native American Legends. However,

in the 1990s, there was a shift towards UFOs and other ideas popularized by The X-Files.

Regardless, we may never find out what truly went on in The Bennington Triangle.

Well, there we have it! Do you guys agree with our list? Were there any scary mysteries

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