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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: An Expert On If Tekashi 6ix9ine Can Really Disappear | Genius News

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[HOST] Brooklyn rapper Tekashi 6ix9ine went from the self-proclaimedKing of New York,’

to states witness in a little over a year.

[HOST] At his peak, a few saw it coming, especially with the heavy gang representation in his

videos and songs likeGUMMO,’ andKOODA.’

[HOST] Tekashi cultivated an image of in your face arrogance.

6IX9INE: Like I said, when you see me in the street you be like, oh, is all this gang shit real

or is it just something for fun?

And I tell people, come up to me and test it.

Test my gangster.

[HOST] But we now know these music videos were all a ruse.

[HOST] He joined a gang for the image through a friend.

He testified quote.

[HOST] so I asked him if we could get some Nine Trey members to be part of the video,

because I wanted the aesthetic to be, you know, full with Nine Trey Blood members

[HOST] And 6ix9ine did play the part - allegedly funding 9Trey and even ordering assaults.

[HOST] While on the come up, there were many who tried to tell him about the dangerous

path he was on, like Charlemagne tha God...

CHARLEMAGNE: You dont think you effinup your money with this tough guy gangsta


6IX9INE: nah, hell no.

You dont think its a persona?

CHARLEMAGNE: it is clearly a persona.

So you sayinI dont live up to it?

CHARLEMAGNE: I dont know what you live up to.

All Im saying is that eventually its goncatch up to you.

[HOST] The Bronxs Fat Joe tried to look out for Tekashis well being, drawing on

his own run-ins with the law...

FAT JOE: Yo, b.

One move they gontry to throw you in there.

Big time, do you understand this?

[HOST] And even long-time New York City radio host Angie Martinez, who warned him about

his vulnerability as his then unofficial manager and future threat, KifanoShottiJordan,

sat right next to her.

ANGIE: You could talk crazy to the hot dog guy downstairs and you fucking got your guard

down and he could get you like...anybody could get got.

6IX9INE: Nah ANGIE: Nah, *anybody could get got*

[HOST] He eventually fired Shotti but his troubles werent finished yet.

6IX9INE: Only one thing I fear in 2 things.

I fear God and I fear the FBI.

[HOST] He was arrested days after that interview.

Staring at decades behind bars, 6ix9ine flipped the *very next day.*

[HOST] Ironically, he rapped about his disdain for snitches onTATI.”

[HOST] There are reports that 6ix9ine could be headed for Witness Protection but that

surely wont be easy.

FRANK: WelI, its easy to makeem disappear, staying disappeared is the hard part.”

[HOST] Thats Frank Ahearn, author of the bookHow To Disappearand an expert

in vanishing without a trace.

FRANK: I work with clients who find themselves in bad situations, dangerous situations.

So I pick them up and I disappear them.

Its almost like a private witness protection program.”

[HOST] Frank chatted with Genius about the unique nature of 6ix9ines situation.

FRANK:Tekashis situation is very difficult

Number 1 are his tattoos

Hes gonna have to get them removed from his face

Hes got fame, and hes lived this life, and its hard to give that life up.

[HOST And its not just Bloods he should be on the lookout for.

FRANK: But the person sitting on the bus that could see him, snap a photo, tweet it.

Hey doesnt guy look just like 6ix9ine I just saw him on the 6 bus in the Bronx.”

[HOST] Frank spoke with us about other famous people who went into protection like mobsters

Sammy the Bull and Henry Hill, but its going to be much different for Tekashi.

FRANK: He's not going to be forgotten.

Ya know, most mobsters go into witness protection program and theyre forgotten…”

But the hip-hop community is worldwide.

[HOST] In order for this to work, Tekashi is going to have to walk away from everything.

And Frank isnt too optimistic.

FRANK: I dont think he can adjust to be honest with you.

...hes just gotta cut that world off and walk away, simple as that.

[HOST] And as for the world of hip-hop, to some he's persona non grata, from the subtle

shot in Trippie's music video to the late Nipsey Hussle, NLE Choppa and YG gloating

about him flipping.

[HOST] However, J. Cole viewed his situation with empathy.

[HOST] Well have to wait and see how it all plays out, but hip-hop and practically

all of the music industry will be following every second.

Im Jacques Morel with Genius News, bringing you the meaning and the knowledge behind the

music. Peace.

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