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Rope Halter. Well you can do a lot with a rope halters. They become

mainly used during the earthworks. but like this, it has rings so you can also ride.

Now it is important in a rope halter

that you put i on the right way. Well you have the noseband here so that

we pull the nose and then goes another rope around the neck and through the loop here.

It is important that you tie it well

because if you tie it the wrong way, it can come loose or it can

pulling it too tight so that you can no longer open it.

So you go from back outside. In this way.

So he goes back down to me. I put my finger below I'll do it

underneath towards the eye. I'll get him through the loop and pull it

away from the eye in this way. If the horse is, or at least as a halter

So goes down then pull the knot is fixed and can not get loose.

Create your button at the top than the node can come off and is the loop or

end on that side, it goes irritate the eye.

So this is the right way it should be tied halter. Then you must

briefly see how it fits. He may Slightly higher, I slide

just a little bit on him. Well like I said, this halter can go on

used in different ways. We have a loop below where you

lead rope, rope or you can attach to lunge.

Or we have two things that can determine the reins to which I have here.

You can put a rein in there and one on the other side.

And then you can also ride with this.

Well with a rope halter is always

equally important to keep in mind that these very different

action than a stable halter. Namely, those nodes work very differently

on the head than just a wide halter.

In addition, a rope halter can not break. So never put your horse with this

stuck at the cleaning place or in the trailer.Don't do it because at the moment it

horse scares and hangs then it can be behind here

or cause damage. Furthermore, while the groundwork is very nice to

use because the horse because he works a little sharper than an ordinary

halter, not so much to hang in the rope.

So he is very nice for that, but make sure you don't leave your horse alone with it.

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