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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Sound like a native English speaker by using ACRONYMS!

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hi welcome to ink vidcom I'm Adam in

today's video I want to help you sound

more like a native English speaker again

probably more North American British

Australian they will have their own

things to do with this as well as you'll

see but to sound like a native English

speaker you have to know a little bit

about the slang and the shortcuts that

natives use so what we're gonna look at

are called acronyms acronyms are letters

or initials of words and instead of

saying all the different words

separately we just squeeze them all into

the first letter of each word and that's

called the acronym so for example all of

you I think know the company IBM it's a

big international computer company

International Business Machines so this

is an acronym foreign company name but

we also have acronyms for regular words

so we're going to look at some of these

now it's very important to remember that

these are generally used in casual

conversation don't use this in formal

writing and in certain situations don't

use them in like very formal contexts

like a business meeting or a

presentation in a conference but

otherwise use them freely sound like a

native speaker so we're going to go over

the ABCs now ABCs is not an acronym it's

ABC like the alphabet this is actually

an idiom and when you're talking about

the ABCs you're talking about the basics

okay so these are some basic acronyms

you should know fYI for for your

information so this is commonly used

when it's an when you want somebody to

understand something very important

that's coming up for example so it in

business for example somebody from head

office is coming by tomorrow and just

FYI they're coming to see you who to

promote to headquarters right so just

FYI it means just to let you know it's

basically what it means just for your

information but just to let you know

they're looking to promote somebody to

head office so keep that in mind

and be ready and make a good impression

and maybe it will be you right so FYI

just FYI this is a very common usage

just FYI do well be impressive okay

aka sometimes you'll see it with dots

sometimes you won't

so just recognize both also known as so

when somebody has a nickname or when

you're talking about like instead of

using quotes you want to give something

a different title you can say aka

right so there's lots of famous people

like Sean Combs I think aka P Diddy I

think that's who it is I keep forgetting

who's who there but aka when you have a

nickname and you have the real name okay

then you say also known as to make sure

that people can recognize this person

the President of the United States

aka Donald Trump also known as Donald

Trump again AC AC basically means air

conditioning or air conditioner so it's

really hot in here can somebody please

turn on the AC

now most native speakers will not say

air conditioner too long why waste words

why waste sounds because somebody turn

on the AC right two syllables air so we

have air con dition

nur five syllables or AC two syllables

so native English speakers love to take

shortcuts they love to use fewer

syllables and that's why there's a lot

of acronyms there are a lot of shortened

words etc okay so turn on the AC I need

some AC ASAP now some of these words if

there's there are vowels in them like

for example here I don't say I say aka I

don't say acha sometimes we take the

acronyms and we make a word out of it

ASAP some people say ASAP some people to

say ASAP both okay

but not akka okay so as soon

as possible so just do it quickly I need

that report ASAP okay cuz it the

deadline is coming up so tell me when

you're done ASAP okay as soon as


BFF now keep in mind BFF I personally

never use this expression this is a bit

of a younger person's expression but

it's becoming so common and since the

internet and social media made it a bit

famous there were some celebrities that

started using this all the time so now

pretty much everybody uses it

BFF best friends forever so when you're

talking about a very close relationship

you're talking about this person and his

BFF or her BFF or whatever again up to

you if you want to use it that's fine it

just means very close relationship

between people Q&A so at the end of the

meeting I'm gonna have a Q&A so please

reserve your questions till then I'm

gonna have a Q&A period or we're gonna

have a Q&A basically questions and

answers so in most again professional

situations or even academic situations

somebody's giving a lecture and then

they set aside some time for the

participants to ask questions and get

the answers to those questions so

instead of saying we're gonna have

question period we're gonna have

questions and answers we're gonna have a

Q&A at the end of the meeting please

save your questions till then but again

very commonly used you're gonna hear it

pretty often MC master of ceremony so

when you have somebody who's in charge

of an event somebody who welcomes the

guests and introduces the speakers and

tells people what's going on the

schedule of events etc this person is

called a master of ceremony it could be

in a business meeting or a conference it

could be in a wedding like or a social

event it could be just a function or a

promotional event anything you have the

one person who's basically overseeing

and running the show so keep in mind you

can also use this as a verb so

- MC right so somebody some celebrity is

going to emcee the Oscars this year

right he's going to be the master of

ceremony he is going to emcee the

ceremony or the event he's going to be

the emcee both okay mo modus operandi

this is a Latin basically means how a

person does something the way he does it

or the way she does it so here we're

talking about people and you're talking

about a person's particular style of

doing something when we talk about

criminals like a murderer

the police are catching them looking for

a murder and there's another murder and

they say oh yeah this has the same M

always the last one so we know it's the

same person but you can also talk use it

in business anybody know anything about

the new CEO or what's his MO right how

does he do things it's basically what it

means what it says mode of operation way

of doing things

TLC tender loving care when you think

something just needs a little bit of

care and attention and it'll be good

right so I bought a new car you know

it's not perfect it's used but with a

little TLC I think it could be great a

little Center love and care I will give

it an oil change I will change the tires

maybe a little paint job and it will be

a beautiful car and you can use this

about people you can use it about things

right just means just to give it a

little bit of care and make it better

just give it a little TLC

it'll be perfect DIY now if you watch

YouTube I'm sure you've heard this this

expression before Do It Yourself it

could be with hyphens it could be

without hyphens it could be an adjective

or a noun so DIY do-it-yourself so I

have a hole in my roof in my house and

my friend just recommended a DIY story

where I can get the equipment and DIY it

so again I can use it as a verb why

don't just DIY it do it yourself instead

of saying why don't you just do it

yourself what is just DIY it

okay so if you hear that expression you

understand what that means now Bo body

order so sometimes I mean again it

happens especially in the summer you get

on the bus and you walk in and suddenly

you're hit by a smell not a good smell

but it's there and it's common and

you're wondering what is that and then

you realize it's oh it's Bo body order

sweat some people sweat and they give

off in order so if you want to talk

about that smell you talk about Bo oh it

smells like Bo in here

it smells like body sweat so it like a

gym etc facts now a lot of people

confuse this word with facts as in like

fax machine facts frequently asked

questions okay so I'm at a meeting or I

met at a conference or an event I'm

giving a lecture and I say that I'm done

I say if anybody has questions please

check our FAQs page on our website and

if you have any further questions you

can send us an email so please check our

FAQs page fax not this FAQs FAQ s and

again squeeze together to make up a word

now you might not hear these every day

and some of them have particular

contexts but you will hear them you will

watch movies you'll watch TV shows you

listen to the radio or YouTube whatever

you will hear these acronyms used like

regular everyday words it's very

important to know what they mean and if

you can try to use them and you can

sound like a native speaker because you

know the little tricks and the little

shortcuts of the language okay yeah if

you want to make sure you understand all

of these and can use them properly

please go to Inc vidcom and take the

quiz if you have any questions you can

ask me there in the forum and I'll be

happy to answer your questions if you

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see you then

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