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A few months ago I tested the Audi A3 with 180BHP

A car I was really impressed by

But I kept having one question about it..

Is it so good because of all these optional extra's?..

That A3 was 50.000 (NL)

A month after driving the A3, my question was answered

I drove an A3 Diesel..

Fitted with normal extra's like leather and a MMI system

No Bang & Olufsen system.. There are just a few people who would order that system

Which you should.. It was amazing!

Back the the A3 diesel..

Sitting in that A3 was like the previous generation A3

The feeling the first A3 gave me was gone

So I thought we should test some competitors

The first time I tested the A3, I thought it was going to be impossible to beat the car

But the second time.. I think they CAN beat it

Today we have the Volvo V40 T4

180 BHP from the T4 engine

This is a car which is really interesting for lease drivers

Tax reduction nd 180 bhp

This really is the territory where all the brands are competing

They all offer about the same.. BMW, Audi, Mercedes and Volvo

They all have tax reduction and around 180 BHP

This should attract the sporty lease driver

This car should live up to that. If you order a 180 BHP car you're probably looking for a sporty one

The A3 wasn't really up for that task..

This Volvo is surprisingly good on that front

It is more dynamic than the A3 on the limit

Something you wouldn't expect from a Volvo fitted with winter tyres

The A3 was fitted with summer tyres and still this Volvo handles better

This car is fitted with a lot of cool gadgets

Like the dials.. which are digital

I've seen them before in the XJ Supersport

I didn't like them in that car, they were a bit laggy

These aren't.. I really like them!

They look really sharp, I can imagine these are like the LFA's..

It's like sitting in a 100.000 + car!

A great job!

The LED lights are really cool

Every car manufacturer has to have LED lights these days

But they don't know how to be creative.. Just crossing through the headlights

Volvo took them out of the headlights and fitted the LED's in the front splitter

Just looks great!

Is this car faultless?

Not quite..

The gear lever is too big, so it can't be shifted quickly

And the engine could be more fierce

If you're ordering this car, I advice you to wait for good Heico or Polestar software

So the engine will be more fierce with more power

In conclusion; a very good car!

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