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small eyes hey guys oh my god no no hey beautiful people today I want

to do a really fun kind of easy tutorial on some do's and don'ts on how to make

your eyes look really nice and big a lot of people have asked me like what are

the tips and tricks that you can do that can make your eyes look a little bigger

and let me tell you there are a lot of tricks so today I'm actually on one side

gonna do all the do's and I'm going to show you guys all the don'ts so I'm

gonna give you guys these tips and I'm gonna leave the best tip at the edge

with tip number one use the right concealer shade the wrong concealer for

your eyes can make your eyes look tiny but I'm gonna use toasted almond on my

lid I'm just gonna go ahead and blend that out on this side I'm gonna go a lot

lighter and I'm gonna apply a light color all around the eye this is to give

you the effect of the wrong concealer and how much it shrinks your eye so this

is cotton candy this is a lot lighter than my skin I'm gonna go ahead and I'm

gonna blend this and I've had this done to me so many times I so many makeup

artists back in the day that's not attractive it's like almost scary when

you like look up at your stuff for the first time you're like woah what

happened for step number two it's really important to contour your eyelid this

entire space here right here utilizing it properly is actually how you make

your eyes look bigger a lot of people think it's just you put white eyeliner

in your eye and boom your eyes look bigger that's actually not what it's

about it's really about utilizing this space properly I'm gonna now grab a

little bit of a brown shade I'm going to now start making this space look bigger

and I'm gonna show you guys exactly what I'm talking about so I'm gonna grab this

shade here and what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna start working it in the brow bone

I like to do like these little circles especially when I'm first depositing

color and this is now gonna make my lid this lid space look bigger so you can

see I've really went pretty far up on that brow bone and may not show right

now but as we're adding each step you're gonna see a major difference in which

eye looks bigger so I contoured this side this side I'm

just gonna leave as is and we'll move on to the next step

so step number three is actually highlighting you can't do this with us I

can't do this step number three I can only do it on

one hand you guys do both hands you can I have a crab you know like a massage

now step number three is actually highlighting in the right places

this is gonna be a really nice step you just want to make sure that you maybe

twist and adjust it the way you need so I have a very big lid I'm just gonna go

ahead and take a little bit of a shimmery shadow

I'm just gonna head and put this in the middle see it's so pretty it's like a

pinky modern cold and I'm just applying it right there in the center I'm also

just gonna take a small amount here just to kind of enhance the contour and I'm

going to put it here on the brow bone and I'm really just putting it under the

arc I'm not gonna go too far down on this side I'm gonna do kind of the

opposite instead of highlighting my brow bone I'm going to kind of contour my

brow bone which I've never done before because it's not ideal instead of

working my way in the crease like I did before I'm now taking my contour where

the highlighter would have been so I'm just gonna hide yeah I'm just gonna

apply it under my brow nobody should ever do this like hopefully nobody's

ever done this but I'm literally just going to the extreme to show you guys

the absolute tips I should never do my makeup is gonna look great Zee today

actually maybe this could be a trend no not me trend and now I'm also going to

take an even darker color on my eye here and make it look even tinier I'm

literally just gonna go completely on the lid I'm not gonna extend that over

good the difference is so insane already so using a really dark shade like this

first of all that dark shadow kind of absorbs all the light in this area and

makes it look smaller so we kind of did the reverse contouring where this side

we contour the the lid over here we made this lip space look bigger and we

highlighted certain areas so we kind of created a faux lid or this one we

literally did the complete opposite we made the eye look tiny like it's anybody

and we made the brow bone look like it's like you know like push back so step

number four is a liner there is a misconception with liner that applying

too much liner can make your eyes look small so what you want to do is you

really want to make sure that you apply liner in a shape so on this side I'm

going to take just my eyeliner this is man-eater from Tarte and I'm basically

creating a faux lash line so you're gonna see exactly what I'm talking about

here and I'm gonna go pretty big but it's gonna look like a faux lash line

okay so now what I'm gonna do is I'm actually gonna take the liner and I'm

gonna go a little bit closer to the corner just a small amount so I'm adding

a little bit of it peak and now the last part of liner really is inner liner so

on this side I'm actually gonna use a nice cream color which is gonna make my

eye look bigger here and I'm applying it in the waterline here as soon as I get

to the front I'm actually gonna make it look even bigger I'm actually drawing on

my actual craft here what I'm also gonna do is I'm gonna take that liner and I'm

gonna drag it here this is a nice little trick but if you actually take this

liner and you don't connect this party I and make sure eyes look super open and

super big you guys can see that on this side of my do the opposite I'm going to

take a black eyeliner and I'm actually just gonna go ahead and we're gonna line

the waterline over here but we're gonna use a darker color and I'm gonna go

really heavy actually with this liner as well again I want to go really extreme

and I'm gonna kind of like blink a little bit to kind of get it on the top

I'm my tight line here as well so we're gonna move on to one of my favorite

steps with Sue's lashes and mascara so in this side I'm not gonna put any

mascara any faux lashes anything so first I'm gonna start with mascara and

if you need to curl your lashes you can do that as well

curling your lashes really opens up the eyes so I'm gonna grab mascara this is

the benefit BADgal bang I just basically want to clean off any product here and

then before I do the bottom I'll apply the false lashes so I don't mess up my

makeup this is Samantha from how to beauty bye

my favorite lashes in the world a lot of people are afraid of big lashes they

think they're too heavy but if you put them directly on your eyes yes it can

absolutely be too heavy I'm gonna put them a little bit higher then where my

lash line is I'm actually gonna apply it on the liner so I'm gonna show you guys

first I'm gonna go ahead and just lay this lash on my lash bed and I'm making

sure the inner corner here is nice and intact

and the way I'm gonna do is I'm gonna pinch this outer corner and I'm gonna

apply it a little higher and then just as I've applied it I'm then gonna push

it upwards especially towards the ends and then a little bit here in the corner

using the tweezer applying upwards this way doesn't move and so what that's

gonna do it's gonna make my eyes look open if you do it too early when the

glue is really wet it just it won't move it'll just kind of it back down I almost

like to do this okay I'm now just gonna go ahead and finish the mascara I'm

gonna apply some on top and also on bottom and so for the top I really want

to lift the eyelashes even more so I'm applying it kind of upwards to do some

more lifting and now I'm gonna go ahead and go and bottom now I'm just gonna go

ahead and I'm gonna add a little bit of shimmer to the inner corner here and

this really opens up the eye as well it's kind of like something that takes

that little bit of eyeliner I put in the tear trough it takes it to the next

level makes it look even more nice and big especially wouldn't when it sparkles

a little bit on this that I'm gonna do the opposite I'm gonna take a black

liner I'm gonna go really hardcore in an inner corner the last thing I'm gonna do

on the bottom lashline is contour and so we're gonna contour on this side and

we're gonna highlight where we controvery under the opposite again to

show you guys the difference so I again want to make this space look bigger so

we've made this face look bigger on that side and we just want to make it a

little bit bigger on the bottom I'm just gonna go ahead

and apply it really far down I'm actually going lower than the lower lash

line here we're creating that faux lid and we're using a really soft brown

again sandalwood to really do that and on the opposite side we're going to

highlight in that area right underneath the eye and make the eye look smaller

I'm just gonna take a nice gold shimmer color it's a small subtle amount the

last step which is super effective but totally optional is contacts contacts

lighter eyes just generally make your eyes look bigger it just tends to add

more lightness to the space here and I have incredibly dark eyes which my

husband loves and he hates my red contacts

um but I do like to dabble with contacts because it's fun for makeup so I'm gonna

show you guys I'm actually gonna use a pretty light pair of contacts and I'm

gonna go ahead and apply them in my left eye here to see what happens all right

so you can really see as with the last step now that we needed the last step

because it's so significant the difference but we really made a major

major difference we made this eye space look really tiny we kind of did the

opposite than we did with the side we made this whole space look big we made

this kind of faux lid and we highlighted in the right places we're on this side

rid of the opposite we made a faux lid that looks smaller and looks really

really you know just a little bit more I think tiny you never love the Bratz

dolls there's a reason why they make these dolls bigger there's a reason why

Disney characters now have like really big eyes can't look really attractive so

you can take these tips and use whatever you want you can use all of them or you

could use some of these if you find some of them attractive it's really up to you

guys I just wanted to demonstrate for you guys the difference in doing all the

things that make your eyes look bigger versus all the things that make your

eyes look smaller okay guys so hopefully you enjoy this tutorial hopefully you

learn as much as you needed out of this tutorial as well let me know what you

guys think down below in the comments section I want to hear all your thoughts

and make sure you guys share this video with your friends as well

I feel like this is a super useful video the change is pretty drastic I hope you

can do some meetings right now I don't know how I do that

I don't time to change my makeup I'm so if you guys enjoy this video we'll see

you guys next time make sure you guys subscribe ring that bell and we'll see

you soon bye my love's

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