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I think we just had the weirdest experience in a stranger's basement ever

By eleven AM and this is not finished. I've let the audience decide a challenge that I'll have to do, challenge accepted.

Totally forgot that I have a meeting at ten

So, there's no way in hell I'll be able to finish it. It's not a lemon laying there boy.

I gotta see it, is it clean. No. It's not oh

Oh. Huge suprise

Hey. Hey. Look at this

Not clean

I can't wait to hear what people comment.

My hair is motivating me so much I love it. Haha

You're the good one, yes. I got to spice it up make some coffee in the morning

Don't ever take my towel off again

Holy crap!

Dont f[email protected]# with me before coffee

Back straight really like this. How's that?

Okay so we went through the list of comments and a lot of them involve piercings and tattoos

And I don't think I'm Ammar's quite there yet

But we picked out one that I thought personally was hilarious and that I think is gonna be

Extremely painful for Ammar to go out and try to do. He should switch rooms one night with a stranger

And then he said although

I don't know what strangers would take that move.

Ammar's gonna have to find a stranger to sleep in our house

I fell like we're getting screwed.

You know what you're gonna make a new friend because whoever is gonna say yes, you know is f[email protected]#ing dope

Yeah, cuz it's always the case.

Looks like I'm gonna have my first potential contender. Yeah, dude

Yeah question

Do you live in Venice? What's up? Dude? Do you live in Venice?

Are you a Venice local? It's gonna sound pretty crazy

I'm gonna ask you for a pretty ridiculous thing but bear with me. I'll explain.

Do you live in Venice?

Do you want to swap lives for a night?

I basically have to convince a stranger to swap lives with for a night.

No way, he's asking a girl

There's no way Ammar.

My roommates challenged me to find a stranger who would agree to swap lives with me tonight, so

Basically take my life. I take your life

I don't understand what the f[email protected]# that means

I'm a Ammar, I have a I have a pretty ridiculous request to swap lives with a stranger for a night

And I would go live wherever you live

so my roommate so my roommate my roommates my roommates challenged me to find a

stranger to swap lives with for the night

I'm going out of town, sorry man. No worries.

I'd love to but I got a dinner tonight though, I got plans good luck but sounds fun!

Yeah but that sounds really cool but (...) I'm sorry

It's all good no, okay. Have a good one man. That's like the tenth rejection in a row or oh, but oh

I'm moving back to San Diego tonight. Oh S[email protected]$

I would comply but you know I got to do other things.No worries

Probably gonna find that soon

No worries all right, it's gonna be a long night at the end of the past fair enough all right hmm still no luck

She's probably just sitting like I don't want a hairy man to sleep in my bed tonight. Good luck. Buddy. Good luck

It's f[email protected]#$ing hard. People are just like so confused.Why am I even asking them that.

You know what if it's not today. It'll be tomorrow

I have no doubt

This will succeed because I think there's someone out there who will be spontaneous enough

and will be one of our best friends moving forward

Can I pitch you something?

We got plans already

I might as well pitched you what I'm trying to pitch people right now. So my roommates

Challenged me to go out and find a stranger. I take their room, they take my room

Its a commitment, It is a commitment I don't even have to

Umm... does it have to be tonight?

So I just like sleep in your bed and everything

Yeah, so, it would be like a full night where you'll do with my roommates to

Please make this happen

I have asked so many people I promised like I you will make good friends with these guys

I have a company here in Venice

Okay, so how crazy would like Monday night be because I have to go to work the next day.

oh, it wouldn't be crazy like they will cook you dinner, or you will just have like a regular Monday night with my

Yeah. Oh Austin is the man!

Yeah, what's your company? He said yes!

It's called Brighten, It's a app that lets you send compliments to people and see their smiles

It's like the first positive social network.

Are you f[email protected]#$ing kidding me

I think this is hilarious because I have five roommates right now too

Oh, s[email protected]# dude, this is perfect

Dude I'm, stoked!

Guess who found a f[email protected]#ing roommate to swap with?

Not you, I did! He's the sickest dude! I don't believe you. Okay I'll show you the photo. When?

There's no way. F[email protected]#. And this man is sleeping in your room

F[email protected]# look at us being besties

I thought we would be laughing at Ammar going for like four days

And instead he got on the second day alright peace out

Roomie you're out you've been replaced

So excited for this new roomate, he's probably going to be way cleaner.

Shut up! My room's the best in the house right now. Yeah, but you cleaned for him.

No I didn't clean for him. My room has been, my room, get out

I'm not gonna make it weird at all

All right Austin I hope you're ready dog

I got my sleepover bag

Austin, nice to meet you Thomas. Welcome roomie. Thank you guys for having me

Wow, and the candle's lit

The weirdest thing about this whole thing is how normal this actually feels like

We've never met you and you're about sleep here, and you're just like very casual about it

I told him like don't you want like someone weirder like it's gonna be creepy

That would be so funny if someones here stealing his things

One thing you do is the planetarium show (...)

so we put together a show where one of my roommates dresses like an astronaut takes you on a tour the universe it's like an

immersive x-rated disney ride. Where am I going?

As he grew up sometimes you guys sound like you're gonna be your best friends

Yeah, what made you say yes, I thought was funny

Honestly like at first I was like it was this is weird, but this is totally something

I would do to someone else and so it's perfect all right so since I'm not the new guy anymore

I've been here for a couple days now, and I think I've become part of the group anyway

So this is a sweet outfit that you're gonna have to wear for uhh the majority of the night

Amazing all right we're gonna join you yeah, I think I think Austin's born for this is perfect all right

I'm out of here here. It is, Brighten HQ. Looks like a sick house. Hey, bud

How's it going?

Alec yep

Thank you, dude, yeah, it's a pretty strange experience - yeah

To be just switching lives with a stranger, so do you all live here, all the people on the team? Yeah

Yeah, I'd love too

Damn, is that where Austin sleep?


Alright, time to get some ice cream

Wanted to show for all you guys okay, it'd be kind of weird with just one person, okay, sweet

We'll be back with all the guys

Hello, what up bro?

Alex nice to me

We have very similar setups it's carzy

We're making good friends here. It's like a x-rated Disneyworld ride is the best way to describe it oh?

It's great. It's time to go to bed to have that early interview tomorrow, but these guys have been awesome

And I got you down all right go to sleep cheers guys

I'm so glad that I ended up not cleaning my room on time whoever made that comment. Thank you very much. All right

Good night. All right man, Thank you for such an amazing night. We had such a great time

Thanks for having me. I'll get that I come here is the best never do the best roommate an average guy like me could ask for.

I love you, I love you too.

Goodnight buddy. What a great day, sleep tight okay?

Alright I just woke up and I'm gonna head back home right now.

Good morning haha

How was it? It was great

Yeah, dude your bed is very comfy and your roommates were amazing, it was really fun. I'm glad I found you and we did this.

Yeah, yeah

It's like an X-rated immersive galaxy tour. I just met these guys yesterday and now I'm rolling up with ten people to the house.

Ahh thats my roommate guys!

Yeah It seems like I haven't seen you guys in forever.

So the shows gonna start in about uh 5-10 minutes

Nah I'm glad you guys are coming. I'm commander Lorraine by the way, nice to meet you.

Commander Lorraine? Commander Lorraine yeah

56% Wow everyone commander Lorraine

I studied space. I got surgery to remove the tumor and I would be fine, but I was disqualify from ever becoming a real astronaut

But I never gave up on my dream of going to the stars stars

That was insane, what did we just witness oh?

This is incredible. That was the craziest shit I've ever seen

Yeah, that was insane, so I'm glad we did that we discovered definitely one of the streamers greatest basements

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