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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Joe's Clues

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( music begins playing )

Come on in. ♪

What did you say? ♪

KIDS: A clue, a clue!

You see a clue? ♪

We see a clue.

Another Blue's Clues day, hooray! ♪

Do you want to play... ♪

♪ ♪ ♪

Blue's Clues? ♪

So count to three... ♪

One, two, three. ♪

And clap your hands... ♪

Clap your hands! ♪

Learn something new... ♪

Something new. ♪

Join our Blue's Clues band today! ♪

Right this way.

It's another Blue's Clues day. ♪

♪ ♪ ♪

It's another Blue's Clues day. ♪

( barks )

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Guess what.

I have a big surprise for you and Blue.


You want to know what it is?


Do you really want to know what it is?


Do you really, really, really,

really, really want to know what it is?



I'm not going to tell you.

Nope, I'm not going to tell you,

because today you're going to have to play...

( fanfare playing )

Joe's Clues to figure out what my surprise is.

Joe's Clues!

Really, Joe's Clues.

You know how Blue always leaves the clues, and we find them?

Well, today, I'm going to leave the clues,

and you and Blue will have to find them.

What do you think of that?

( Blue barking happily )

So do you want to play Joe's Clues?

You do?


Oh, these hand prints are the clues.

I made them myself.

♪ ♪ ♪

( Blue barking "We are looking for Blue's Clues" song )

So remember, my hand prints

will be on the clues-- Joe's clues.

( barking happily )

Blue, are you looking for clues today?


That's so cool.

Here, you two will need the notebook.

( barks "Thank you" )

You're welcome.

Good luck finding Joe's clues.

( barks "Thank you" )

♪ ♪ ♪

To play Joe's clues you have to find three... ♪

Hand prints!

Hand prints-- one, two, three-- ♪

And those are your... ♪


Your clues?

Our clues!

Then we put them in your... ♪


♪ 'Cause they're Joe's clues, Joe's clues

You know what to do: ♪

Sit down in our thinking chair

And think... ♪

( Blue barks "Think" )

Think... ♪

♪ 'Cause when we use our minds and take a step at a time

We can do anything... ♪

( barks "That we want to do" )

( song ends )

Are you ready to look for Joe's clues

to figure out what my surprise is for you and Blue?

You are?


Okay, somebody has your first Joe's clue.

You want to know who?

Well, solve this riddle and then you'll know.

Here's the riddle.

What has yellow feathers and orange webbed feet

and uses a bill when it's time to eat?

What is it?

A duck!

You got it.

A duck has your first clue.

So find a duck.

( Blue barking "We are looking for Blue's Clues" song )

( barking )

A duck has your clue?

Do you see the duck?


There! The duck!

JOE: Quack! Quack!

We found you, duck.

We found you, we found you.

Do you have a clue?

JOE: No-- quack, quack.

I gave your clue to a friend of mine-- quack.

Do you want to know who?

( Blue barking "I do" )

Well, this riddle will tell you who-- quack.

Here's the riddle.

Who is the girl with a hood on her head

that found a wolf... in her grandma's bed?


Well, who is it?


Little Red Riding Hood!

Quack, quack!

Little Red Riding Hood has your clue.

Well, go find her.

Quack, quack!


Follow that duck!

TICKETY TOCK: Did you see

Little Red Riding Hood?

Where did she go?

That way?


Do you see Little Red Riding Hood?

Where is she?


It's Little Red Riding Hood.

Oh, hello.

I am Little Red Riding Hood.

Do you have Joe's Clue?

Oh, I am so sorry,

but I do not have your clue anymore.

Well, then who has it?

Well, a very good friend of mine has your clue.

Would you like to know who?

( Blue barks "Yes, we do" )

Well... here's my riddle.

( clearing throat )

He is a person with brown hair,

and his favorite shape is a square.

Who is it?


Yes, yes!

Joe has your first clue.

Well, go find Joe.

Off to Grandma's house I go.

( humming )

( Blue barks "Good-bye" )

A clue!


A clue!

Where's the clue?

I don't see it.

Right there!

The clue's on me.

You and Blue found your first Joe's Clue,

and... it's me.

I'm the clue.

So now you need to draw the clue

in your handy, dandy...


It's me, Joe. ♪

Hello, and I'm a clue, so what could the surprise be...

With me, Joe? ♪

Mail time, mail time, mail time! ♪

Mail's here.

Mail time, mail time! ♪

Hey, why don't you and Blue

get the mail today?

( barks happily )

♪ ♪ ♪

( Blue barking "Here's the Mail" song )

( howling out a long "Mail" )

Hiya, Blue.

Guess what.

I know where your second Joe's clue is.

( barks "You do?" )

I do.

It's in your letter.

Hi, Blue.

We have your second Joe's Clue.

Come on!

How are you going to get in the letter?

( barks "Skiddoo song" )

You're going to skiddoo into your letter?


I mean, incredible.

I mean, wahoo!

( Blue barking "Blue Skiddoo" song )

( barking "Hello" )

Hi, Blue!


Your clue is this way.

Come on!

Your clue is behind something

that is yellow with red dots.

Where do you think it is?

Behind the curtain!

( barking "The curtain" )

Yeah, the curtain.

Come on!

It's yellow with red dots.

Let's see if Joe's clue is behind here.

A clue!

You found Joe's second clue.

It's on the stage.

♪ ♪ ♪

I'm a stage... ♪

Hooray for you, stage

I'm Joe... ♪

And I'm a stage. ♪

What could the surprise be

With me, Joe... ♪

And me, a stage? ♪

( crowd cheering )

Any ideas?

( song ends )


Good luck finding your third Joe's clue.


Did you and Blue find the clue I left for you in the letter?


Well, now there's only one Joe's Clue left.

Do you want to know where it is?

Your third Joe's Clue is in... this backpack!

And to get it, you're going to have to catch me first.

It's the great Joe's Clues chase. ♪

JOE: Where am I?

( barks "Let's go" )

You can't catch me.


JOE: I've got your clue!

Where am I?

There he is!

( Joe shouts )

( wind blowing )

( Blue barking playfully )

( Joe shouts )

Can you catch me?

Where am I?

There's Joe!

( barks happily )


( barks "Joe?" )

JOE: I still have your clue.

Where am I?

( barks "Joe?" )

There he is!

Oh, no!

Excuse me. Pardon me.

Coming through.



JOE: Where am I?

( barks happily )

JOE: I've got your clue.

( barks happily )

( barks "Joe?" )



( laughs )

You got me!

You got me, Blue.

You finally got me.

Nice job.

Well, here's your third clue.

Your third and final Joe's Clue is...

a kazoo.

( blows fanfare )

Hey, you need the handy, dandy...


I'm a kazoo. ♪

( playing )

Hi there.

I'm Joe. ♪

And I'm a stage. ♪

And I'm a kazoo. ♪

( playing )

ALL: Now that we're three, what will we be?

You have all three Joe's Clues.

( barks happily )

It's time for you to sit in the...

Thinking chair.

Yeah. Come on.

Well, now that you're in our thinking chair...

So, what could my surprise be for you and Blue

with... me, Joe?

I'm Joe. ♪

And I'm a stage. ♪

I'm a kazoo. ♪

( playing )

What could the surprise be?

Maybe I could stand... ♪

♪ ...on me, a stage, and do a show. ♪

And in your show you could use me

A kazoo. ♪

( playing )

What could the surprise be?

( plays fanfare )

A music show!

Get ready to blow your best kazoo

On a stage with Joe and Blue and you

Let's put on the show. ♪

( barks "a music show" )

Yep, my surprise is a music show for you and Blue.

You just figured out my clues!

( music begins )

Wow, you know what?

We're really smart. ♪

( music ends )

All right.

I will be right out for the music show.

You and Blue can have a seat in the snack area.

Are you ready for "The Joe Show"?

( barks "The Joe Show" )

( music begins )

It's "The Joe Show" ♪

( blows kazoo )

It's "The Joe Show" ♪

( blows kazoo )

It's a show for you, it's a show for Blue

It's a show about the wacky, quacky things I do. ♪

Today on "The Joe Show,"

Little Red Riding Hood has a snack for her friend, Duck.

But... she can't find him.

What's going to happen?

( song begins )

My name is Little Red Riding Hood

I always try to be just where I should

But it seems I'm rather stuck

I cannot find my friend the duck

The one so quacky with the big red feet

I brought this snacky for him to eat

Where... is that duck? ♪

( blows kazoo )

I am the duck, I like to quack

But Little Red has my snack

I really cannot wait until I stuff that snack into my bill

I've searched across this grassy wood

But where is Red, Red Riding Hood? ♪

Quack, quack, quack, quack, quack. ♪

( blows kazoo; song ends )

Oh, Duck?

Little Red?

Oh, Duck?

Little Red?

Oh, Duck?

Little Red?

I'm so tired, I will go to bed

But here's the snack if the duck should ask

Tell him it's in this picnic bask.. et. ♪

Hello, quack, quack

I am back

Have you seen my precious snack? ♪

Can you help us?

Where is the duck's snack?

Right there!

( music playing )

Quack, quack

My snack, my snack

Quack, quack, I got my snack

A quacky snacky from Little Red

Makes me happy and well fed

I got my snack! ♪


( applause; Blue barks happily )

Thank you, thank you.

( applause continues )

I hope you enjoyed "The Joe Show."


( cheering and applause )

Oh, please, you're too kind.

Ba-ba ba-ba, Blue's room. ♪

Ba-ba ba-ba ba-ba, Blue's room!

Let's play!

Hi, Blue.

Hi, Blue!

( kisses )

( laughing )

Hi, you.

Wasn't Joe's game so funny?


Hey, hey, hey, guess what, guess what?

I made up a game, too.

It's called "Polka Dot's Puzzles."

Want to play?

Do you?



So you need to look for three Polka Dot puzzle pieces.

Put it together, and you get...

( whispering ): a surprise.


That sounds like a great game, Polka Dot!



Now let's look for puzzle pieces.

Um... uh...

Hmm... uh...

Do you see any puzzle pieces here?

Hmm, let's go see.


Do you see one now?


Oh, yeah.

Here, use this--

Polka Dot's Puzzle Pouch!


Let's clap it into our Polka Dot's Puzzle Pouch.

Pouch, pouch, pouch, pouch, pouch, pouch.


Great finding.

We only have two more left to find.

( laughs )

Thank you.

Come on.

Oh, um...


Let's look around here.

Do you see one now?


Oh, hey, yeah!

It's next to Roary!

( roaring )

Let's clap it into our pouch.

Pouch, pouch, pouch, pouch, pouch, pouch.


Great finding.

Only one piece left to find.

Let's look.

Puzzle piece?

Where could it be?


( gasps )

Right there!

You have it, silly Silly Seat.

( laughing )

That's just plain silly!

( laughing )

Let's clap the puzzle piece

into our Polka Dot's Puzzle Pouch.

Say "Pouch, pouch, pouch, pouch, pouch."


Now let's put our puzzle together... find out my surprise!

I wonder what it could be.


Whoa-- look!

Puzzle made a present.


Now clap with me to open it.

Come on!

Say, "Open, open, open, open."

( fanfare plays )

Wow, look at that.

Yeah, that was a great surprise, Polka Dots.

And that was an amazing game you made up for us.


We'll play again soon.


( clock chimes )

It's time to go, Blue.

Thanks, Moona.

Time to go see Joe.

Bye, playroom friends.

Bye, Blue.

Bye, Blue.

Come on.

( Blue barks "Ba-ba ba-ba ba-ba, Blue's room!" )


Oh... hi.

You know, I hope you liked finding Joe's Clues,

because I sure liked leaving them.

Maybe we'll play again sometime soon.

( music begins )

Come on, won't you help me say "so long"? ♪

Everybody sing the good-bye song

Ready? ♪

Here we go



See you later

Sweet potato

Bye-bye. ♪

See you real soon.

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