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Welcome to our new channel on PBS Digital Studios. My name is Kevin. And my name is Grandma Lill.

And we are on this new show. What's it called Grandma? ChatterBox. The ChatterBox. I like that name. Me too.

If it wasn't for you, I wouldn't be here. If it wasn't for you too, seriously.

We have so many that just want to watch us. Thank you for being born. You're welcome.

We're going to be coming to you guys and talking about pop culture, technology

trying all sorts of things, cause some stuff I haven't even tried.

She doesn't know what's going on in pop culture like Kim Kardashian, Justin Bieber.

People from my school like Miley Cyrus. Sometime she doesn't know what we're talking about. Taylor Swiss

We're gunna put her in the loop of things. It's very good. What's good? It makes me younger. It makes me younger when you talk about all this.

Yea how old are you? I know it's inappropriate to ask. I feel like 65.

So let's just say 65, but just add 20 to that. I don't look it.

Who wants to learn a lot of things at my age? You do. But I'm learning.

Welcome to my grandma's house

Tell them what you like to do.

I go swimming three times a week. I like to play Wii bowling. I like to watch the Instagram

Do you want to tell them stuff about me that they don't know?

You don't listen to me. What grandma, I listen to you.

Something you don't know about my grandma is that when the ketchup bottle runs out of ketchup

she fills it with water. No I don't fill it up with water. I did put a little drop in there. Shake it.

My generation used video chat to like communicate with people.

What did you use? Cause you like grew up with dinosaurs right? Dinosaurs, yes.

Did you have the cup and the can with like the string? I heard that's supposed to work.

Did you ever let go of a balloon with a note attached to it?

No, never. You did?

I have. But I left my phone number and no on ever called me.

So if you find the balloon, call me.

That's a good idea.

If you had friends that lived far away, how do you talk to them?

On the phone. Before phones.

You lived before phones, didn't yea?

That's no way to answer the phone, Susie.

Since we're new to PBS Digital Studios

we are going to call in an expert who has a show on PBS Digital Studios called BrainCraft.

Her name's Vanessa Hill

Hi Vanessa

Hey guys, it's so nice to see you.

I do have my own series, it's called BrainCraft

So it's on like psychology and neuroscience and why we act the way we do

And it's so exciting that you guys have a series on PBS now too.

Yea, we're new to the PBS family. So now we are basically relatives I guess.

And you got a shirt just like us.

It's great to have you guys here. Thinking of all things YouTube

one fact is that there's 4 billion video views every single day on YouTube, which is crazy

4 billion, with a "b"?

Wow, that's a lot of views. That's a lot of views.

4 billion with like 9 zeros.

So do you have any tips for us for being new to the PBS Digital Studios family?

There's a lot of other shows you can check out.

There's one of my favorites, "Gross Science" with Anna Rothschild.

It's about all like disgusting things

Another one I like is "Game Show" which is with Jamin

Where, I don't know if you're into video games Grandma, but it has a cool perspective on gaming

Other favs I would say are "It's Okay to be Smart" which is about all kinds of science and is very interesting.

And "Idea Channel" with Mike Rognetta is very like thought provoking.

I wanna adopt you.

Aww, that's so nice Grandma.

I would love you to adopt me.

I could get a zip car, I could come up to Connecticut on the weekends, we could have dinner.

Hug her Grandma, come on. Okedoke.

We love you, Vanessa.

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We're The ChatterBox and we'll see you guys next week.

We're hoping to see you next week.

Peace be with you. We're going to see you guys next week.

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