Practice English Speaking&Listening with: A Yo-Yo Valentine's Project

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Hi, its Jenny, from the Missouri Star Quilt Company. Happy Valentines Day! Weve got

a great little project for you to help you celebrate this season. Weve taken Sandy

Gervais’, Pieces of the Heart pattern, called Flowers for Thee, and weve combined it

with Deb Strains Sent with Love, to make this darling little project.

Right here, you take out your red swatches, frame it in, the pattern is really self explanatory

and great. What I really want to show you are the yo-yos. For years I have not been

a fan of, well you all know Im really cheap. So, I try to not have to buy all those little

things that we need to do things, but Sarah got me to try the yo-yo maker, and Ive

always thought, “Yo-yo maker? Just cut it in a circle and sew it

up.” But I used the yo-yo maker and Im telling you, I am sold! A hundred times over!

Let me show you how this works. I think youll be sold, too!

First, these are the pieces that youll need. This is the Yo-yo Clover package.

This is the two pieces that are in it. You want to keep this piece with the writing facing

up where it says Clover. Youll need a pair of scissors, and a needle and thread. You

lay your fabric in this cap so that it shows right side out on the backside, and you snap

this piece in. No more of the drawing a circle and trimming around, and now you just cut

this so around like this. You dont have to take your circle and draw it, you just

cut it in. This just makes the fastest, most fun yo-yos,

I just cant even tell you how sold I am on this project!

Then youre going to take your needle and you see these little lines here. You go in

one side and you just hold this down with your thumb, like this, and youre going

to go just back and forth through the little holes right there, and what you want to do

is you want to make sure that you only go in and out the holes. Dont let your thread

go across the plastic or itll be hooked to that, but you just go in and out these

little holes, and theres little ridges on the other side that let your needle go


So, with your thumb you just fold that fabric down, and you keep going all the way around.

Lets see maybe I can show you better from this side. There we go. See, Im holding

it down with my finger in the back, and then I come up through this hole, right here on

the front and stitch it over. Youll continue doing that until youre all the way around

your whole yo-yo.

Alright, here we are in our last hole and were through there, and then what were

going to do is were just going to push through this one, right here, were going

to slide out this little orange piece, inside here, and then were just going to pull

our thread and how easy is this! It just all cinches up like a yo-yo, and then you puff

it out to make it the size you want, and were going to cinch that up. Look at that! Its

a perfect little yo-yo, and you didnt have to do the tracing, or the cutting, you just

cinch it up.

Look at that! Isnt that darling! You just lay your fabric in there, cut it out, and

stitch around it, and it makes the little folded edge and everything! We love this,

and weve made several of them here.

The yo-yo makers come in several different sizes and as you can see, they come in a small,

medium, a large, an extra large, and an extra small. So, especially when you are making

those teeny, tiny ones you dont have to cut out the fabric. You just lay that fabric

in, clap that thing together, and stitch around it. Its just the, I just love this yo-yo

maker and I can see why people love it too! We have a lot of them for sale at the Missouri

Star Quilt Company! Check us out!

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