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R: Hey! What's good what's goning?

C: Hey guys, welcome back to our channel, fourmation fam.

T: Okay so... the rules of the game are Cat asks us questions and we have to answer.

T: We get a point for each answer we get correct.

T: And the loser gets slapped.

R: Each and everyone one of us slaps that person - those that won.

M: Nooo, uh.

C: We'll do that two finger slap, like...


C: That one. That one's not that bad.

yeah okay first question what's my full name my surname my middle

name and my my full name is Catherine

what's my favorite color I think there's anyone

okay this is a little bit of two guesses okay so it's like so it's like it's not

just like poeple it's like something no you know what it means like look like

specifically like a type of shade of purple but like you know it's like blue

but then you have baby blue something like that something like that think of

think of warm colors just write anything what do you think you guys are so close

it's actually past our orange I said I came while you guys were close red and

yellow makes orange so complaining I think what is my favorite drink

oh we drink fizzy drink it's

when's my birthday just the day and the month and the other yeah I mean great

all the day the day you get an extra point if you get the big 31st if every

2003 yes I know you're born into

how many piercings do I have what is the word that I say a lot words that I say a

word it's okay not to be really dense no I'm

still thinking rusty says these two words the most well these are the two

words I hear come out of her mouth knows none words things one that's the same

consider one okay three two I said season okay

yeah you guys all be the point I do say I'll find you a lot I say that all the

time you get two points you get two points you wanna fight rachel gets two

boys like how many pets do I have

three two one I said one two three two points because she got the dog and a

cannon I thought you know it has a point

you can sit five how many languages I speak fluently obviously English is one

how many languages are my learning currently I'm running a lot guys

you guys know it's full okay you guys all get a how much weed go

smoke in a month who are you asking for the grams like yeah I weigh my do I look

like a stone on only men in a month

that's like you know mini stacked up that's like six exit potatoes I go to

school two bags afraid one bag I said we were all right but we just tryna be fun

what's my favorite I've never seen can I eat this every day when I

every day careful and they always in season yes these are basic questions

okay oh yeah I said I was gonna list five okay almost five I knew the group

but is this the name was like yeah I had the faces

and the winner is time next time don't worry subscribe channel and join the


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