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Shalom to all of you, and a special Shalom to my friend Mr. Rafi Eitan,

a man who has done so much for the welfare and security of the people and the State of Israel.

On behalf of the Government and people of Israel, I want to congratulate you and everyone else involved in Project HEART.

Please accept my personal assurance of our full support for this important.

initiative towards the restitution of property seized or looted during the Holocaust era.

Project HEART is a joint undertaking of the Jewish Agency for Israel,

under the leadership of Natan Sharansky, and the Israel Ministry for Senior Citizens.

This is an initiative of great importance and holds out the promise

that we can finally achieve the justice so long denied to victims of the Holocaust and their heirs.

It provides the world with an opportunity to fulfill its humanitarian responsibility

towards those who suffered the many torments of the Holocaust.

Denying Holocaust victims and their heirs the rights to their property

is tantamount to denying them their basic right to justice.

World Jewry, having experienced this suffering together as a people, cannot allow such injustice to continue.

Project HEART is in a race against time.

Every week more survivors pass away, taking with them the direct, detailed evidence

that can most thoroughly document the crimes of the Nazis.

As time goes on, the task of achieving restitution for stolen properties becomes more difficult.

In our minds, we can see the images of survivors returning to their homes to find their property stolen,

their bank accounts looted, their earthly belongings utterly ravaged.

After all the suffering they had undergone in the concentration camps,

they emerged to a world that had vanished.

These images must spur us to act immediately and with determination, in these last moments before it is too late.

This endeavor, therefore, is an important one to the whole of the Jewish people,

to anyone who believes in the passionate pursuit of justice in Israel and throughout the world.

Our commitment as a people to the principle of justice obligates

us to understand and declare the importance of this project.

My friends, you know as well as I do that the lives taken in the Holocaust are lost forever.

The vast contributions they might have made to our people

and to all humankind will never be fulfilled.

Who knows how the history of the Jewish people would have unfolded

if Theodor Herzl's vision of Jews moving in their millions

to the Land of Israel after the fall of the Turkish Empire had come to pass?

One thing is certain: the Holocaust never would have occurred.

We paid a very heavy price. And yet, while we know there is no undoing the past,

we dare not let this understanding deter us from acting

to win restitution for properties stolen during that darkest era in modern history.

Once again, let me commend and thank my colleagues whose efforts established this project.

I wish Project HEART much success in the months and years to come.

Go forth with blessing and much success.

Those of Project HEART are carrying out a mission of great monument and righteousness.

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