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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: 10 Scary Videos Taken Before Reality Hits

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Every moment in life is precious, but never truly safe.

These video show the moments leading up to very bad things happening, or in other words,

before reality hits.


This dashcam video comes from Tempe, Arizona.

Rafaela Vasquez is watching Hulu on her phone when suddenly a bicyclist heads directly into

her path.

One thing makes this recording an extra strange case: this is actually an experimental self-driving

car made by Uber that is supposed to be able to operate without a driver.

With that said, Uber hired Rafaela to sit in the car and take the steering wheel just

in case something like this happened, which she sadly failed to do.

The pedestrian, Elaine Herzberg, did not pull through.

Despite this, I could not find any news article that says Rafaela Vasquez was charged with


Maybe Elaine violated traffic laws by crossing at an unmarked spot at night.

Let me know if you think Uber or Rafaela should be held responsible.


A motorist in Lagos, Nigeria is making his way down the road, just basically minding

his own business when he notices a major traffic slowdown ahead.

Thats when he and his passenger both see the big red fuel truck heading in reverse.

Watch this part and tell me what you think the fuel truck crew is doing here.

It almost looks like they are trying to throw something into the tires to stop the truck

from going backwards, but I cant tell for sure.

The driver and his friend think that they have made it through the worst part, but seconds

later they hear a huge bang from behind.

I guess the fuel truck backed into something and then blew up, but Im not sure what

happened and I couldnt find any articles with a clear explanation, so Id like to

hear yours.

The driver pulls over to assist however he can and the video ends shortly thereafter.


Onasi Olio-Rojas uses Facebook live to record himself doing 115 miles per hour on the highway

in Providence, Rhode Island, blasting loud music the entire time.

He thinks nothing of swerving in and out of traffic, cutting off cars over and over again

while going breakneck speeds.

His high-speed escapade only lasts about two minutes before he cuts into the shoulder and

fails to pull off a quick two-lane change.

What you dont see in the final moments of this video is the garbage truck slamming

into him from behind, sending Onasi into the concrete barrier and then to a dead stop in

the middle of the road.

He survived and was sentenced to six months of house arrest followed by six months of


Based on this video, tell me if you think he has received a fair sentence.


Its late at night and Charlotte Teeling is dancing by herself at a club in West Midlands,


She finishes the last song and then says something to the bouncer on her way out, who later tells

police that she hit on him.

I believe bouncer because it looks like he bends over and laughs in disbelief at something

outrageous that was said.

Little does Charlotte know that a different man would pick her up later that night, a

complete stranger named Richard Bailey.

He takes her home, takes her life, and leaves her body for the police to find a week later.

In a sad and weird twist of fate, if the bouncer had agreed to her proposition, Charlotte may

very well still be alive.


A group of Russian construction workers are taking a break when a bear cub curiously wanders

over to their tent.

Their pet German Shepherd takes an interest in the small bear and the construction workers

videotape the entire scene, not thinking much of it at all.

Even after the mother bear appears to see what the commotion is all about, the group

of workers still does not seem worried in the slightest.

Maybe they think they are safe in numbers against the wild animal, or maybe theyve

never learned how protective mother bears are over their cubs.

A few tense moments pass before all of them quickly discover the grim reality of the situation.

Look at the video closely and it appears the German Shepherd makes direct eye contact with

the mother bear, sending it flying into a rage.

According to reports, the bear ravaged everyone inside of the tent, ending the lives of three

workers and sending the rest to the hospital.

Sadly, the poor dog did not make it either.

I am curious as to what these workers could have done to avoid this unfortunate incident.

I guess they all should have abandoned camp as soon as the bear cub wandered in, but I

want to know what other measures could have been taken, if any.

There are also some reports saying that this video may have been staged, but I seriously

doubt it.

I have no idea how (or why) anyone would teach a bear to charge on command, so I think this

video is 100 percent real.


A British truck driver named Tomasz Kroker is making his way down the A34 highway when

he decides to change the song hes listening to.

Its a decision that costs him the next ten years of his life in jail.

He rear ends a mother and her three children going full speed, none of whom survive.

These kinds of videos are always hard for me to watch because playing with the phone

is something that so many of us do every day while driving without a second thought.

Hopefully we all learn from Tomaszs terrible mistake and pay attention to the road more



Two friends in Myrtle Beach are going to the top floor of a hotel.

The honor roll students look to be in high spirits as they wait for the elevator, joking

and laughing, even dancing at one point.

A short while later, both of them are gone to the world forever.

Daniela Flores and Amber Franco somehow manage to fall off the roof together, though no one

is exactly sure how or why.

Investigators initially thought they had jumped on purpose until this CCTV video showed their

happy states.

Obviously they arent carrying themselves with the seriousness of two people who are

about to take their own lives.

You can see they are wearing backpacks in this video, and both of these backpacks were

found next to each other by the edge of the roof.

Maybe they took them off before sitting down with their legs hanging over the ledge.

I think maybe one of them accidentally slipped and maybe grabbed the other one as she went


Tell me if you think this is possible or if you have a better explanation.


Two police cars go racing through South Bend, Indiana in response to an emergency call,

but notice how only one of the squad cars has their police lights on.

Moments later, an innocent 22-year-old woman named Erica Flores is struck by the second

police car on the way home from her factory job.

She does not survive.

An Indiana grand jury decided not to pursue charges against Officer Justin Gorny for reasons

that were never released to the public.

I personally think that Erica Flores would have stood a better chance of avoiding the

car if both squad cars were properly using their overhead lights and sirens.

Either way, watching this video and knowing someone life was lost moments later is unsettling

to the say the least, but let me know if you think the officer should have been charged

or not.


Jack Shepherd is on a date with Charlotte Brown when he suggests they take a ride on

his boat.

She probably was imagining a calm and scenic tour on the water when she agrees, but Jack

has other plans.

He decides to impress her by going full speed ahead.

Moments after taking this video, the boat collides with a floating tree trunk and throws

them into the water.

Only Jack survives.

The London police later posted this video online to prove his guilt after he tried to

say Charlotte was the one driving, not him.

Charlotte clearly tells Jack that he is going too fast, so I think he is definitely guilty

of taking her life.

He was eventually found guilty, but he has since fled and is currently still on the run.

Having seen the video evidence, tell me what type of punishment you think Jack Shepherd

deserves if the authorities should ever find him.

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One day a YouTuber named Pedro Ruiz has an idea for the ultimate YouTube video.

He convinces his girlfriend Monalisa to unload a firearm into his chest at point blank range

while he holds nothing but an encyclopedia in front of himself for protection.

Listen to the worried noise she makes here at the end of his request.

Clearly she doesnt think this is a good idea.

Shortly after making this intro, Monalisa points at Pedro and hesitates.

After being reassured numerous times by her boyfriend that he will be okay, she fires

a round straight through the book, which then goes into Pedros body.

He perishes shortly thereafter.

Monalisa was sentenced to 180 days in jail for making this video, but I want to hear

your opinion as to whether this was a fair sentence or not.

At times it seems as if she was clearly uncomfortable with doing this and was almost forced to go


The Description of 10 Scary Videos Taken Before Reality Hits