Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Eddsworld - Competition Time!

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Know what time it is? You don't? Well, it's Eddsworld competition time!

Want a chance to win some Eddsworld merchandise? (YES)

Well, then here's how to enter: all you have to do is simply create a Youtube video

Which is Eddsworld related and submit it at the response to this video!

There is a catch, though: you cannot just simply recreate a scene that already exsists. You need to be a bit more original than that

That's a bit... Well, lazy

Your entry could be anything from animation to live recorded footage of your friends acting like one of the characters (WHICH IS ROLEPLAYING)

Like, Tom going... "HOLY... BEACHball in a blender..." (THAT WAS TERRIBLE, EDD)


You can also visit this link for tips on how to put your entries onto Youtube! Yes, this link here. That's it. Mhm :>


or should I say


No, wait like I, I, I shouldn't because you need to contain him to be in the entry

All entries must be submitted and posted here by the deadline which is the 25th of July. Good luck! :) Subtitles by help meh i is died THX FOR WATCHING!!! :D

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