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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: MY LITTLE UNDERGROUND COLONY | Oxygen Not Included #1

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My name is Jacksepticeye

and welcome to a game called ''Oxygen Not Included''.

I had never heard about this game,

until today,


I can't even remember where I saw it,

I was just browsing around on steam a small bit.

This is a game made by "Klei"

who made the "Don't Starve" games

and all the subsidiary like mods and DLC's and all that kind of stuff

got to do with that series (as you couldn't tell from the art style already).

So it's the new game that they're working on.

This is the alpha of it,

so everything- as with all of these things,

I feel like i sould say that this is not finalised and that stuff

is bound to change eventually

and stuff can come in and come out

and they'll- they'll make the game the best they can

based up on this version,


I- I don't know what-

what the gameplay is actually like,

but just based on the fact that I love those developers and that they're making a new game and there is a playable version of it out right now,

that made me want to play it.


I think it's like a space colony game where you have to manage

your little base area, you have to dig holes,

you have to just manage

the oxygen

in the environment...

I dunno.

We're going to get in and play it and were going to find out and hopefully

it gives us some sort of, like, inklng on how to play it as we go along

and I hope it's not a case of get in, try shit, and fail, and then come back and try it again

because I- I don't learn the best that way.

"Success! Space adventure awaits!"

"Assemble your crew to begin."

Ohhhh god.

Ohhhh jesus.

Digging and strength

construction, creativity, and medicine and tinkering.


Dooon't know

what people need for this. Erm...

Decor, expectation: 10, 5,

vomiter, vomiter-

Oh god!

So, when YOU get stressed you vomit,

when YOU get stressed you vomit

when YOU get stressed you just break shit...

YOU'RE a narcoleptic, YOU'RE a mouth breather- oh, that's not bad- and YOU'RE a yokel.


Digging and strength. I think that that's good.

These are probably good attributes as well. Tinkering? I don't know.

Creativity, athletics, cooking and learning.

You're ga- gastrophobia.

What's your st- Okay! So, if you all get stressed,

you're just gonna vomit. That's fine.

Sadie, Yvette, and Pam.

I think we can go with them!

"Name your colony."

God! Whenever it comes to names and stuff, I feel like I should have, like, all these ideas in my head,

but I- I never know what to call it.

Erm. Lemme think.

There we go! It'll be "The Vomit Comet". Just because you guys vomit all over the place and we're in space!

So... we'll vomit all over the place. Erm. Ooo, I can change the names, though.


Nah! I think I'll leave Pam, Yvette, and Sadie!

Why the hell not? If those are some of your names out there that are watchin',

you're in the video!

Let's embark!

Again, I have literally NO idea about this game.

Ohhhh, very "Don't Starve".

Okay. "ALERT!"

"Your crew has awoken miles beneath the surface of an unfamiliar terrestrial body. Oddly, they have no recollection of how they got there. It might be the best- It might be best to start digging."

Okay. Basically just threw me into the fucking game.

WASD to pan your camera. MOUSE WHEEL to zoom in and out.

H will return your screen into the printing pod?

Simulation. Pause. Okay.

Alright, so, I have a dig tool.

And I think I am suppose to go and build stuff somewhere

But I don't...

Drag to dig.. Ok

This my.. This probably one of these things that I'm like THAT'S NOT DIGGING

You're just blasting away the rocks with electricity

Ok Duplicates, that's these guys down here, must have accessable paths to their job task in order to work

When placing task keep in mind that Duplicates can only climb obstacles. If you're unsure how to place accessible duplicintes will show navigation. ok

So you're probably going to have to be very patient with me with this, cause there is a lot of learning involved and I don't know if I am ready to do it just yet.

We are going to see what we dig up

We are going to see what the game is like, and then we'll get going

Maintain your colonies infrastructure. Yeah I need to figure out what I actually need to build as well

Ok lets speed this up. There we go

Why are you not digging the ground underneath you?

Was it too tough?

Ok. Nice hole gang! I don't know what that means, but...

Cool. What is this? Whats in this?

Storing. Stores a small amount of food

Ok. I don't has any food. I don't has anything. I don't know what I'm doing

Food. Ration Box. Microwb-Musher. Produced low quality food for duplicates using common ingredients. Duplicates will not...

Fabricate unless recipes are queued. Okay

A lot to take in

Ok I have an Algae-deoxydizer that I can put down

Can i just put this? I...

Again I don't know where things go. I don't know I need to like connect them up to a certain location. These guys are kinda freaking out over here.

Fuck it. Click to build

Am I building it? Is that being build? Yes! ok

Hopefully that means you guys will be able to breath or I will be able to do something with it

Becomes idle when room enters maximum air pressure rage. Converts Algae to oxygen

Oh and I need power. Ok

Manual generator, electrical wire, tiny battery

Manual genntator

I'll put that there, than I should be able to connect an electrical wire to that right?

If that is indeed how that actually works. ok

Speed it up there Sadie Pam, and Yvette.

Lets get this fucking road rolling. Um

I don't know where it says how much you guys need to eat or anything like that

Hopefully it will make sense eventually

Oh God. You actually have to get into it and run around? Insufficient resources Algae 10 Kilograms

Uh Of course. Yeah that's that I said

Sufficient resource and all that stuff. Yeah

Every body is sleeping. It's night time. Oh you guys just went back to the ration box and ate on your own.

Ok so Details. Contents

I have 17 kilos or rations left, and my vitals...

You guys are almost full.

Oh God. You need a bathroom. Um pluming right. Outhouse. ok got it. You guys need a pooper

Dudes don't even worry. I got your fucking pooping needs covered. When it comes to taking shits...

oh ain't no body knows better then Jack-a-boy

I know exactly how imperative it is to need shits all the time

I don't think this fucking thing is doing anything though.

I some like actual stuff... Insufficient resources. Algae

Oxygen.. um Algae terrarium. Recycles carbondyoxid into a small amount of oxygen

Gains a minor efficiency boost in direct light. Requires Farming tech research. Ok

Yiks. There's a lot to take in

Ugh so I should make a research machine thing possibly. oh a ladder.

oh. See I don't really know where I need to go. There is nothing really anywhere

Like looking at all the areas i can go to.. There's water down here.

That's probably useful right? If I put the research station here are you able to walk past it?

That's not how that works right? You like come out in the front.

Correct right? Ok I need power going to this than. um

Boom. Ok.

I'm kinda getting it. I just don't know what the end goal it, or where I'm suppose to be going, or what I need and that stuff.

I didn't know how this worked at first obliviously because now it's not fucking working at all.

So let's just build this and hopefully we can actually make some research.

Nice! Make those fucking pipes! Kinda reminds me of like Prison Architect or...

like City Skyline, or something. Where you actually have to connect up the pipes to everything. Um. No fabrications queued. No Research task selected. ok

So. Let's- Let's pause for a second and look thru this.

Open research. Oh mother of fucking Jesus. Liquid pluming

See I'm trying to think if I need liquid pluming to go here

visits remaining. 12 visits remaining. Oh you only have a certain amount or visits.

Shit. I don't know what to be prioritizing. I don't know what- what should come first. Are you researching Yvette?

You fucking better be. These guys are going hell for leather over here.

Fair to ya lads. Doing all that work

I need algae. Where do I get algae? I should actually look around

To see is any of this is algae, is consumable or...

Colony requires a food source. Insufficient oxygen generation.

Yeah. I don't know where the fucking algae is. I'ma make a microwb-musher

Apparently it makes ingredients for us

I don't know. I'm going to trust this. The game hasn't lied to me yet so...

Hopefully that's enough power. Wait. How much? Can i go back to that? You're giving out 400.

Yeah ok. So assuming this doesn't take a fucking shit ton.

We should be ok. At least i hope. This person is still making research

Lets go down here and see

Uhm. Select research

ok so we have 3 gone in to that. So what i think i have to do is put in...

No what are you doing? Select this. I think these count as nods so if I do 5 of them...

Then I get 5 put into the research, and then when i have 20 I get the actual research that should come out of that.

Pretty sure and these guns that they have are sucking stuff up and pouring them into other things so I need...

I need an oxygen source.

Maybe I should deconstruct this...

Cause it's not doing anything right now.

I'll deconstruct that then I'll put in the other one that was there.


Uh oh.

Yvette! How did you get over there?

I didn't even know you could go over there.


Dig all this shit then, if you're able ta please.


I was - I thought I had to do something else with the ap-

Ahh, you can just fucking suck it up.


So I guess,

I just don't have my queues and my priorities right

So, if I figure out how to queue, like, sweeping up all the dirt first, and then, getting all the water and that kind of stuff first.

Then we'll be able to figure it out.

And then, we're getting food right?

Meal lice... 5 kilograms

Where the fuck am I gonna get meal lice?

It doesn't say that there.

Ohhh, it does

Okay, well, let's cancel out that one and just make a mush bar then.

'Cause you only need dirt and bottled water for that.

That's why the other one took harder, I thought it was dirt and bottled water again, but just less of it.

We need meal lice for it, I don't even know where I get them!

Are you meal lice?

Meal wood!

That is meal lice!

Harvest this!

Okay, let's go to sleep first, that's fine.

So this screen here, I'm assuming that.

Based upon their strengths.

Here, so Sadie's good at generating power, sweeping and delivering.

Umm, I don't have anyone that's really good at research. Sadie's kind of good at it.

So, I should probably take these guys off research

Pam can't do research at all,so

I think that that's how that works, right?

That they... you can play to their strengths, so you can take off combat off these guys

Cooking off this person

Stuff like that?

So they, can focus more on what they should be doing.

I don't know, I wanna... I wanna kinda mess around with it and see.

Wait, did you guys fucking get over here and now you can't get back

Are you fucking serious

I didn't even know that was possible.

maybe that's in the way

Ah, there we go, they can actually jump over now

Good lord, they're all over here dying for a shite

And I - they had no where else to go

ya fucking sillies

Okay, there's some meal worms there, that we got off that branch that was there

Oh god...

What the hell is the purple shit

There's a morb up there!

Don't know what that does?


We got some research,ok open reserch and now we go into

The pipeing

We need 20 for that as well god damn it!

And there's a thing to continuously

Fabricate Research if you need it


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