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Hello future bears. Congratulations on being admitted to UC Berkeley. We're excited for

you to join us on campus. This video tutorial will assist you in applying for on-campus

housing at UC Berkeley, and will answer some Frequently Asked Questions we receive about

the housing application. Before you apply for housing, you should investigate the housing

options available at Cal. To do so, check out our website, As

you are browsing through the housing we offer, from traditional high-rise residence halls

to suites apartments to intentional theme programs, be sure to remember the types of

housing where you would most prefer to live. You will be asked to provide up to five housing

preferences in your application. Now you're ready to apply. To do so, from our main housing

page, click on the apply link. Or type into your browser. Be sure to read all instructions

on the application, including deadlines for application submission. Neglecting to do so

could affect your ability to receive housing on campus. To begin your application, click

the visit the university log in page in the upper-left hand corner. Only students who

have submitted their Intent to Register and have set up their CalNet ID and Passphrase

will be able to log in and access the application. Once you have successfully logged in, to begin

a new application, select the application link in the top left corner. You will be presented

with all applications for housing currently available to you, which likely are the Family

Housing application and the Residence Hall application, which includes undergraduate

apartments. If you are a student parent, or a student with a spouse, you are encouraged

to apply to family housing, if you wish for your family members to live with you. For

the sake of this tutorial though, we will the application for a single student - the

residence hall application. The residence hall application consists of two phases. In

phase 1 of the application, you will express your interest in living on campus at UC Berkeley,

and submit an application fee. In phase 2 of the application, you will accept of decline

the housing you are offered after receiving an email from the Cal housing office. Let's

begin phase 1. Step 1 and step 2 of the application give you vital information about when your

application priority deadline is. If you are a new UC Berkeley student, in order for your

application to receive the housing priority, you must submit it by the deadline, and be

sure to provide broad preferences of the type of housing you wish to receive. All applications

received by the deadline are processed using a random lottery, so someone applying the

day of the deadline has the same odds to receiving housing in their number one housing preference

as someone who applied a few months in advance. Students can still apply after the deadline,

but will end up on a wait-list. As said before, you should be sure to read all of this information

carefully before moving on. Step 3 of the application asks you to provide your personal

information. Some of the information may have auto-populated from your existing student

record. In order to proceed, please complete the information fields that are empty. The

self gender field is an optional field for students who identify their gender differently

from their biological sex. Trans, gender-queer, or gender non-conforming student may specify

how they identify in this field. Students are not required to fill out this field. The

phone number field requires that you use dashes to separate the digits in your phone number.

Be sure to do so, or you may not be able to progress in your application. Students without

a phone number in the United States should enter 000-000-0000. Step 4 of the application

asks you to provide information about the term you are applying for and your housing

preferences. We currently offer full academic year contracts and spring-only housing contracts.

You cannot apply for housing in the fall semester only. Students on exchange in the fall, the

education abroad program, should apply for the full academic year, then contact our office

for more information about the contract cancellation process for the spring. Students participating

in the global edge program and those admitted for the spring semester should select the

residence hall spring term for the drop-down menu. Students starting in the fall should

select the full academic year option. Next up is the option to provide your housing preferences,

letting us know the housing locations and types you would most prefer to live in. If

you have not already, you should explore the housing options and rates on our website to

select what housing you are interested in and your financial commitment. Our housing

website provides a projected cost comparison for each room type. Our triple rooms are often

selected by students as one of the most economic housing options. Once you have explored the

housing options and made a note of your preferences, please enter in the room types and room locations

you prefer to be assigned in this section. Please be aware that students are NOT guaranteed

one of their preferences and may be assigned a space other than what they specify here.

Most importantly in this housing preference section, in order to qualify for the housing

priority and to maximize your ability to receive a housing offer on campus, you must submit

any room - any location as your 5th preference. Not doing so could affect your ability to

receive an offer for on-campus housing at UC Berkeley. Step 5 provides information about

an additional housing option. The ability to apply to participate and live on a theme

program floor. Theme programs are living-learning communities for students who share a scholarly

and personal interest, and provide a faculty-led seminar, leadership experience, and service

opportunities to engage and explore the theme. We encourage students who are interested to

check our more information about the theme programs by following the links on this page

of the application. Students who decide to apply should use the prompt on this page to

compose an essay sharing their interest in participating in the program. If you are not

interested in applying for a theme program, you may leave this section blank and continue

on to the next step in this application. Step 6 of the application is a space for students

with disabilities or medical conditions, and students with other identity-based requests

to indicate housing environments that will meet their needs. Students should read the

instructions thoroughly and complete this section if they believe it applies to them.

If you believe this section does not apply to you, you should leave this page blank and

move on to the next step in the application. Step 7 provides you with the opportunity to

complete a profile that will assist Cal housing in matching you with a roommate and assigning

you to housing that will best fit your attitudes and preferences. This includes options to

preference break housing, a single gender or all-gender environment, a substance-free

environment, and other living habits and communities. Step 8 allows you the ability to request a

prospective roommate, and to accept other students' requests. If you have a pending

roommate request from another student, you may approve the request under the requested

roommates. You may look up another student to request them as a roommate using the search

for roommates tool. To request a prospective roommate, please provide their student ID

number, screen name, and date of birth, then hit save and continue. Please be aware that

only mutually requested and accepted roommates will be considered when we assign student

housing. Roommate requests are not guaranteed and based on our housing availability, you

may not be placed with your requested roommate. Step 9 prompts you to pay the $20 application

fee, and will direct you offsite to a secure credit card payment server. Please complete

the instructions on that site to pay the application fee. After you have submitted your payment

on this outside site, you must return to your housing application and click save and continue

on step 9 to officially submit your housing application. Students will receive an email

confirming that they have completed phase 1 of the application. After the application

has been submitted, students can continue to make changes to several pages of the application

up until the deadline, including the housing preference, theme program, additional information,

and roommate information pages. When students log in to their application to make these

changes, they may notice that the housing portal welcome page list their housing application

as not complete. Do not be alarmed. If you have received the confirmation email, you

have successfully submitted phase 1 of your application. The application will only be

marked as complete once a student receives and accepts a housing offer in phase 2. Thank

you for watching and participating in this tutorial. We hope it has provided you some

tools to successfully submit phase 1 of your application for housing. If you have additional

questions, feel free to visit the FAQ on our website, You're now

one step closer to on-campus housing and to your UC Berkeley journey. Congratulations.

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