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and show you how my hair looks I know on this channel you probably never seen my

hairstyle but I'm gonna show you how I don't really know how to start out it's

not I care for it so it's always even upon until a braided or down but I do

know one or two new the styles and I'm gonna show you them and also I don't

know if you guys sleep in like a silk or satin scarf but that really helps your

hair with growth as well it keeps moisture in and it keeps it straight

because I don't use heat in my hair after I air dry it um I put sleep in

there and it straightens my hair so this is how my hair looks after it's been

relaxed and it's been relaxed now I say what's the day today is Tuesday it's

been like

about five days

this is no flat iron and no heat none of that I like I said only a few simple

styles you sure you wanted I like to see how we do that

I brush it from here brush that part down this little

this video quick

a little ponytail little clip today

and while I'm that style this is one of the styles that I know

how to do don't know how to do a lot now because my hair is relaxed this is kind

of flat usually I like for this I'm like I don't like my hair like for the first

two weeks after the relaxing because the soul lay down I didn't like it to have a

little bit of I don't even know what you want to call it

puff poof - it might never be pulled up a little bit but this is one of my

Styles here today just wipe it off with some water okay

my next all guys just my brother ponytail looks kind of cute just rushed

all over to the side like there but if I did wear it like that

let me show you my earrings that I mean guys I'm a graphic designer and I've

actually made the to wear for personal use that looks cute

this wasn't my second style but I just want to see what this looked like

second cell just a simple ponytail it's just a simple ponytail and even though

my leg edges are already late now let me show you something that really lays them

down even for my hair's full of new growth and oh no I think I just had

something like intuition or something because this product is not the man down

edges guys this is smooth and shine chamomile oil and shea butter detangling

home and it says curl this is on for curly and coily hair but I promise you

when I saw this I don't know why it's just like I love what spoke to me at

automatically told me that this will be good for putting a ponytail on your hair

I guess what it's so amazing okay here under the back and the sides to get them

on but I'm telling you even went on when it's like new growth I don't really put

it on the end on my hair just on the edges and okay

great but I love little bling-bling so we're gonna use one of these we're gonna

get old I'll show you how I have to do my ponytail do it like this because I

like what it'd be tight okay well this one is pretty tight without me make sure

I'm a scout bang coming up right hit my hair is so my scalp is just like oh it's

soft I think that's why my hair grows so fast and so and then where's my soccer I

like this brush for brushing my ponytail down and this was losing my edge is that

oh those baby hairs on holiday I'm like 4 to 6 I wanted to wrong they'd be

having a baby hair so this is my second style guys you might as well just going

to do this third one that I know real quick which is my look every day breathe

and I'd like to go on the deck way I know I probably don't even have it even

the hair a net don't feel even let me see got to get enough I have to make

sure that my hair is the same thickness with all three chunks of hair okay that

feels a little better

let's pop it right here and put some cool

yeah that was kind of rush guys who's not doing a lot neater than that

that's the thermostat oh I like this one this is my and my everyday go to because

it's so comfortable you see that it's so comfortable and I think it's just cute

so no and then I'll just wear it down it'll be straight I mean straight now

nothing I like for my hair to hang from the back I don't like for to really go

to the front so this is my last I'll go out like this so this is my first

relaxer of 2020 and I wanted to do something a little different show you

how I style my hair because I know that when I'm on my videos is always like I'm

about to wash it and it's always real oily and weighted down so here we go and

I cut it guys not even a month ago and I think that uh it already grow back at

least an inch so thank you so much for watching guys please

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