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Hello everyone! My name is Nick Karry, and I am reporting from the Busworld in Brussels.

One of the world's most important trade shows in the bus sector. Today is the first day, and I going to check it out.

Next to me is Mrs. Angela Frank, who is in charge of Daimler Buses at the trade show.

Mrs. Frank, why is Daimler Buses represented at Busworld? What make this event so important?

That question doesn't really come up because as the industry leader for us at Daimler Buses, it is a must that we are represented at this tradeshow, which is the largest in Europe.

I think this is also reflected in our stand here.

We are very excited to see how our trade show participation will work out this year, as we have moved from the tranquil Kortrijk to the metropolis of Brussels and are very much looking forward to the event.

When you designed the stand, what was your main focus? What makes this stand special?

For us, as a multi-brand company, it is always a challenge to present all our brands and still have a uniform effect.

This year, we also have a color concept that seeks to make the stand more relaxing at the same time give it some structure.

For the show, we have focused on topics such as service so we can give this the necessary amount of space.

In addition to the usual discussions, we have also set up lounges such as an eMobility Consulting Lounge and a multi-brand Design Center, where customers can retreat to seek expert technical advice.

Last but not least, we have a dedicated hospitality area.

Naturally, we want to be good hosts and for our customers to feel comfortable and that's what we're trying to achieve with this stand.

Well, you could say that this is an all-round feel-good package for your customers.

Yes, we hope so. That's our goal, that's why all of us here are looking forward to the upcoming days

Thank you very much! I have heard that the press conference is about to begin. Maybe we should go over and take a look.

Let's do that.

An impressive start and fascinating press conference to start off with.

And we'll find out what else the Daimler Buses stand has to offer over the course of Busworld, so stay tuned!

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