Practice English Speaking&Listening with: I Hit My Own Truck and Changing Things Around

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- Okay, exciting news guys.

We have something super exciting to announce.

We're announcing, I don't even know if we're supposed to,

but we're going to.

- Yes, we're doin' it. - So, I feel like

by the time this vlog goes up, it'll all be set in place

and all that.

- [Asa] Are you done boycotting?

Sit down and eat, there you go.

What do yo think of that topknot, Cilla?

- [Priscilla] I love it.

- [Asa] I thought it was perfect for the sweater.


- [Asa] It matched the outfit well.

Good morning sir, ooh chilly out, you love it huh?

Abigail, it was 20 degrees last night.

Florida is broken.

- We are.

- Welcome to the vlog, gettin' our girl off to school.

I gotta go meet, I gotta meet Priscilla

for a parent's breakfast,

the Parent Action Committee breakfast for Abbie's school,

but I'm gonna drive separate 'cause I'm not ready yet.

Was gettin' Ab ready.

- Whooo!

- [Asa] Whooo!

Abbie loves this cold weather too. (laughs)

Good stuff, right?

- Whooo!.

- [Asa] I know!

- Love you, see you in a little bit.

- [Asa] All right bye, drive safe.

Whoo, come on Maverick, my feets is cold.

Got no shoes on, come on.

Let's go inside, let's go.

Coffee, get cleaned up ready for the day.

Shooh, hmm, clean shaven.

Okay, let's go, shooh.

Oh, one too many.

Shooh magic, huh.

Hi, that was fun.

- It was fun.

- A little parent get together and hang out.

I was super late 'cause traffic was ridiculous,

but I did get coffee and that's what matters

let's be honest.

They have the best like dark roast.

- Do they?

- Oh yeah, it's dark.

Oh it's good.

We have a lot to do on our to do list today,

but I kinda just wanted to, we can spend, you know

half and hour, hour somethin' like that

just you and I chillin'.

- Yeah.

- We get to see each other all weekend of course,

but that's with the kids you know.

Relationship tip, marriage tip.

Take some time.

I listened to an audiobook this morning

by Pat Flynn, called "Superfans".

But one of the areas he highlighted wasn't just about

building your online presence to everything

like the book is about, but it was also,

he talked about marriage

'cause it's all relatable stuff.

- It is.

- You know.

- Makes sense.

- So that special attention of breaking routine

for your spouse is how you maintain a good relationship

even when we have a lot to do,

we're like, "You know what?"

I have a ton to do.

I could go home and sit at my desk all day,

but spend a little time, just chattin' with you

and hanging out, what not.

- Just talkin' without interruption

is so important, you know.

- Without Isaiah going da, da, da, da, da, da.

And without Abbie going arrrrrrrh.

We have a solution

for the Abbie running into the window thing.

- (laughs) We do.

Got it in the back of the car.

A lot of you guys gave ideas on like the Plexiglass

so like that cutting out Plexiglass

and then putting like Plexiglass to protect it

from the inside and all great ideas.

This is gonna be a lot easier. (laughs)

I didn't wanna do a significant amount of carpeting,

or carpentry, I didn't want to change the look of it

or anything like that.

I didn't want to add any additional framing

so this will be an easy solution

and it will add something to that corner

that we kinda wanted something there anyway,

'cause it was just empty.

- [Asa] A runaway shopping cart hit my truck.

Well more accurately, I caught a runaway shopping cart

with the side of my truck.

You see the dent, can you see it?

Yeah, you can see it, see that?

Hi, sweet girl.

- Take it in there for me.

- Did you get Maverick a new bed?

- [Priscilla] You gotta take it upstairs.

- [Asa] Oh, it's heavy mom.

- [Priscilla] I know, supposed to be good though.

- [Asa] Its got like cooling stuff in it so he stays cool.

'Cause he won't sleep on his bed in the summer

'cause it's too hot.

So I hopefully that helps.

Okay, are you guys to see what we're stickin' in the corner?

I sure am.

It's not that exciting.

- [Priscilla] It is exciting.

- I mean it's not that amazing.

It's a coat rack.


Correct umbrella stand.

Look at that, it's perfect.

- [Priscilla] It is.

- [Asa] Love it.

- I mean I don't think that decor really goes. (laughs)

- [Asa] What are you talkin' about?

It's a dope hat.

- [Priscilla] Yeah?

You gonna take the tag off the thing?

- [Asa] You know need like an old tiny umbrella

with like the hook on the end of it.

- Yeah.

- So our day has got a little bit crazy.

Let me show you something.

Okay so, carpet has to come up.

I decided to do that to save a little bit of money.

I was gonna pull the carpet up

and it's like for real easy, I think.

I mean this part of it is.


See, and there's a carpet pad underneath.

Also to save some money, we went and picked up the flooring

on our own, instead of having him deliver it.

It's like $200 to drive this over here.

But I'm kinda struggling, so we had this flooring company,

Lumber Liquidators and everything was supposed to be set

at the beginning of the week, 'cause I'm supposed to go

out of town the end of the week.

I'm leaving the family for a, on Friday

to go with my dad back to Virginia.

And I wanted it done before I left.

Just in case anything went wrong you know,

Priscilla wouldn't have to deal with all that.

Well then they put us off and put us off, put us off.

They switch installers, like it's been an absolute mess.

Priscilla's had to call the whole time.

It's just been a mess.

Well, fortunately the manager, he did his best

to make it right, but then he's.

I was like when can you make it happen?

Today or tomorrow.

We were supposed to have it done today

or tomorrow or the next day.

Supposed to have it done today.

He said we'll do it tomorrow.

I'm like okay so we gotta pull all this carpet

in preparation for them to come and move all the furniture

out of here, pull all the carpet and everything.

'Cause they're gonna be here tomorrow, like noon, right?

- Yeah.

- Noon to two.

Holy cow, Abbie.

We're gonna move the couch.

You're gonna have to hang out in the living room.

Is that okay?

Are you cool with that?

I didn't even ask you, I'm sorry.

How was your day?

- [Priscilla] She had a great day today.

- You had a great day, I'm so glad.

- [Priscilla] We get to go talk

to your teachers on Thursday.

- Oh yeah, little parent collab.


Good to see you.

Glad you had a good day Ab.

I just said today went to crap.

Priscilla made a good point.

Don't regret the time that you spend on the important things

even when the day gets crazy all of a sudden.

- Right.

Yup, I don't regret it.

I don't regret it at all.

We had a great time.

It was nice, needed it, so.

- [Priscilla] Don't be regrettin' your time with me.

- Not regretting it at all.

We'll get it done.

Probably just take like an hour.

- Yeah, I don't think it'll take that long.

Uh, ma'am.

- I've actually never pulled carpet up before.

- Hey, you jumped right on the opportunity.

- Well, I mean how hard can it be?

You're just ripping carpet up.

- Right, exactly.

- Moving the furniture will be the hardest part.

- Okay, well that's creepy.

- What.

- Somebody's in the house. (laughs)

- It trip ya' out?

- Little freaked me out a little bit.

Like why is Abbie freakin' out.

So yeah, like oh.

- [Asa] Saw a hat and a jacket hangin' there.

That's gonna mess me up for a while, you know that right?

We're gonna take all this stuff our of here,

all this furniture and everything okay?

Is that all right?

But you can sit on the other couch

and we'll put music on in there okay?

I like how your bun turned into a wavy high pony tail.

Super cute.

Look at that, you've already moved in here.

Good job.

Hey, we're gonna shoot a video for mom, okay?

She's super quiet today, (laughs) perfect.

Watch, she'll start yelling.

You gonna start yelling as soon as we start shooting?

That's how it normally goes.

Abbie you did so good.

She even made a little cameo appearance in your video, huh?

Helpin' out.

Helpin' mom out.

She's helpin' decorate the dining room.

I'm not gonna, I'm gonna tease it for later.

I'm gonna go watch it on your channel.

I can get behind that.

- [Priscilla] Right, is anybody use the Clover dating app?

- [Asa] Clover?

- Clover, never heard of it.

But according to Clover, Jacksonville Florida

has the most attractive men.

- [Asa] Then Scottsdale Arizona.

- Virginia Beach, Boston, Minneapolis,

look at Minneapolis comin' in there strong.

- I can't believe they can see them

with all the, - Snow.

- clothes they have to wear.

Okay, exciting news guys.

We have something super exciting to announce.

We're announcing it, I don't even know if we're supposed

to but we're goin' to, so.

- Yes, we're doin' it.

- I feel like by the time this vlog goes up,

it'll all be set in place and all that.

We are going to be at Fan Fest.

- Not just be there.

We are featured creators for Fan Fest.

- Yep, so Fan Fest, if you're not familiar

is basically like VidCon for families.

It's like a family friendly VidCon.

It's a lot of meet and greet stuff.

You get to hang out with us.

- There's family events. - There's lots of activities.

Yeah, family, it's all based around families.

So that's gonna be a lot of fun.

We're gonna be there, it's June 20th and 21st.

We're gonna be there this year.

You can also, we have a coupon code for you

to get $50 off your admission.

So it makes the general admission, like half the price.

Which is crazy cheap

compared to like VidCon, playlist anything else.

- Yeah.

- Crazy cheap.

So the coupon code, I'll leave the link

for everything down below and the coupon code,

but it's just fatheringautism50,

all one continuous word and numbers.

But, yep it's exciting.

- I'm so excited.

- So we also, we joined a management company.

I'm a firm believer in hiring people

to do what you're bad at.

So you can focus on what you're good at.

I'm good at makin' videos, that's what we're good at doing

is making videos.

We're terrible at the business side of things

the management, it just, it takes away

from our ability to make videos

and that's a whole another aspect to it.

It's like we have to put time into that

instead of time into creating content.

And ultimately that takes away from our ability

to, to be a voice for autism families,

to share our story, to create awareness and acceptance.

Because we're havin' to do the business crap

that comes along, this part that I hate

about creating content online between YouTube and Facebook.

So the management company, it goes hand in hand

with Fan Fest, so it's gonna be, it's gonna be great.

- And I think, - If somebody asks,

if the content's gonna change,

I think that's important.

- Right, it's definitely not gonna change.

I personally think that this is gonna help us as a family

and you guys because we're gonna spread

awareness and acceptance to people

that know nothing about autism.

Like so many of you come to our channel

because you know someone with autism,

you work with someone, like those kind of things.

We're trying to reach a whole different aspect of people

who don't know anything about autism

and I think getting in front of these people

and having someone speak up for us

is really gonna help, because no other channel does this.

- Right and that's cool at like Fan Fest,

we're the only special needs family as far as I know,

only special needs family that's gonna be there.

- Right, so we are setting the bar

and we are gonna be on stage for it to help

autism awareness and acceptance.

I'm, I'm excited.

Like this is what we've been workin' for.

- Yeah, it's awesome.

The only way for this to get better

is for it to get bigger.

And the only way for it to get bigger comfortably

to where we're still able

to put out the same type of content

and videos that you guys love to watch

is for us to bring on other people

and that's what this is at.

You know we, if you follow us on social media

you've already seen some stuff from Fan Fest,

stuff from Gushcloud

and I just want you to know that we did get some questions

like, "Well what does this mean?"

it means nothing on your end.

The only thing it would make a difference in

is hopefully we're able to put out

even more and better stuff.

So, okay, okay you don't need to go two hands

into the crackers, all right.

- Yeah, we're all done.

You've had a lot, come here, come here.

- Mom's special seasoned crackers.

What are those for?

For like.

- A snack.

- Oh.

- I just made 'em last night for everybody.

- Aw thanks, they're yum.

- Yeah, I just do maybe like a quick recipe

and it's so easy.

Um, ma'am, hello.

- All right, come on. - This isn't allowed.

- You need to wash your hands too.

Oh, my gosh.

Look at your face, there are so many crumbs.

You don't need more snack.

You've had all the snacks.

Wipe it, keep going.

Good job, keep going, no keep goin'.

- [Priscilla] Isaiah's on his way home.

- [Asa] Cool, we start movin' stuff.

Now do your hands.

Okay now let's go wash your hands.

Now we got the crumbs all over the floor.

- Do you need help?

Look, you're puttin' warm water in there sweet girl.

Let's go over here and I'll help you.

Okay, look you can, well I'll let you watch ya.

- [Asa] Hey, don't try it's a little.

These are super cool.

(water pouring)

- [Asa] Have we shown these yet?

- I don't think so.

- [Asa] Love these water bottles.

- Yeah, they're really cool.

I'm glad you found 'em.

So everybody kept saying you all

need to use reusable water bottles, and I know we do.

The problem was, Abbie is super particular.

She needed something that resembled a regular water bottle.

So you found this.

- Yep. - On Amazon.

- [Asa] The lid matters 'cause the big ones are made

so you can get ice cubes in 'em.

And she can't drink out of 'em.

She just dumps 'em all over herself.

- Here you go ma'am.

- [Asa] Yeah, those were on Amazon.

Look at that, like a regular water bottle.

And this twists apart right here.

So you can still put ice in it, you can wash it out

and stuff like that.


- [Asa] What are you guys doin'?

- You know having a stand off. (laughs)

- [Asa] A lot of people have asked about the cone.

- Yeah, I mean he just has issues. (laughing)

- [Asa] He gets dry spots.

- He gets dry skin and then he won't leave it alone

so we have to put the cone on him.

- [Asa] Think we talked about this already in the vlog.

- We did.

- [Asa] But I know a lot of people will miss it

and they'll ask us again, yep.

- That's all it is.

- All the medicated things.

He actually does good for a couple of days

and then it flares back up a little big on him.

He starts lickin' again so we gotta put it back on him.

It's off and on.

Fortunately, it's not on constantly.

I heard our son.

Hello, son.

- [Isaiah] Hello, Dad.

- [Asa] I have great news.

- What is the news?

- [Asa] (laughs) You're so tall.

- I know.

- [Asa] We get to move all the furniture

out of the family room, tonight.

- No, no, no, no.

No, no, no.

- [Asa] I mean, that was a you fail, I'm just gonna say.

- I know.

- [Asa] You know that she has a thing for candles.

- You don't have to clean out all my--


- Abbie does this weird thing. - I do not.

- [Asa] You don't have many flaws, I mean any flaws.

She has an obsession with, oh gosh,

it's all over,

the candles. - I know, I'm trying to

wipe it with this paper towel.

- And she dug into this candle,

we left it out on the counter.

- We didn't, I did.

- [Asa] True, but you know, tryin' to help you out.

- [Isaiah] Don't do that.

- [Asa] Would you stop with the candles.

- [Isaiah] Jeez, kid.

- [Asa] So yeah, we gotta move all this furniture.

- What?

No, I don't wanna do that.

- [Asa] I know.

- Nah, I don't feel like doin' it.

So not gonna do it. - I don't either.

You don't have to pull up the carpet.

Me and Mom are gonna do that.

You know, you don't have to help us with that.

I wasn't gonna make you do that, but you know.

Zoom in for dramatic affect.

- I've got homework.

- You don't have to help us.

- I've got so much homework.

I should go right now, actually.

- You look handsome.

- [Asa] Hey, lookin' pretty fetch there.

- Do you have your AP State button down on?

- Yeah.

- How do you like it?

- I do, like it a lot.

- Yeah.

- Getting crap from my friends, 'cause all I wear

is AP State gear now.

Oh, they told me that I look like I was,

you know how they have like reps come out to the school,

I look like one of those all the time.

I got Michelle (mumbled) I was like,

"I'm here for the meeting."

- [Asa] You should get some flyers for AP State

and just hand them out at the school.

- That'd be hilarious.

- [Asa] That would be a good flap back.

- I would like, I would like--

- [Asa] Say hey, "Have you heard about AP State?"

- That's funny.

- [Asa] Do you like the mountains? (laughs)

- So we have a great class to or student--

- Teacher. - to teacher ratio.

- Ah.

- The mountains are calling, I must go.


- [Asa] You are trouble, this afternoon.

- She ran to the door and like stood there

and waited for me to come in like that.

- Why do you have all your costuming with you?

- [Asa] She is trouble.

- [Isaiah] I had to take a picture for yearbook.

- [Priscilla] With all our costumes on?

- Just one, I didn't know which one.

- Did you win?

- Yeah, I told you I won.

- You won? - (gasps) No you didn't.

- [Asa] No you didn't.

You never told us. - Yes I did.

Yeah, I told you I was gonna win, there was not--

- Yeah, but didn't - There was no way possible.

- let us know that you did win though.

- You won!

- I was like there's no way possible--

- Oh my gosh, you won Superlative.

- Oh my god.

- It's like varsity players As.

You want more school spirit?

- Yeah.

- Oh, I'm so proud.

All those years of dressing up ridiculous pictures

of you in outfits and--

- You remember the Trojan one?

So Isaiah's school mascot in middle school was the Trojans

so he, oh, we have you on video in that.

- [Priscilla] Oh, my gosh.

- No we don't.

- [Asa] The math video.

The math parody. - no we don't.

- I'm linking it.

Only a couple thousand of you, I think have seen it.

The math parody video.

It's going up here.

It's epic.

It's such terrible editing.

You did a great job.

It was one of the very first like longer videos

I ever did, so it's terrible

and the lip-syncing is so off. - He was what grade?

- Sixth grade.

- Mmm-hmm, sixth grade.

- Yeah, it's amazing. - It's the best thing ever.

- Now remember, I mean Mom during the gumbo festival.

Remember she got third place for your gumbo.

But then also got most spirit.

- The spirit paddle.

- [Asa] Like it's just genetics dude.

- It is. - You're gonna get spirit.

- I'm so excited. (laughs)

Aw, it's so cool.

- I should be in the senior video, I think too.

- [Asa] Oh, cool.

- Which I was gonna be in that anyway, but be there.

- That things is not sounding good,

what's wrong, headache?

- Yeah, makes my eyes water.

- Good how was school?

- It was good.

- Every time I walk into get work done,

somebody new comes home.

- It was good, we played a game, and my team won.

- [Priscilla] Oh, that's good.

- [Asa] Do you know that Isaiah won a Superlative?

- No.

- [Asa] Yeah.

- For what?

- [Asa] Most spirited.

- Nice, that fits perfectly. (laughs)

- Right. (laughing)

- [Asa] And we also announced Fan Fest today.

- Oh, did you?

- [Asa] Yes, we did.


- [Asa] Exciting, in the vlog.

- Oh, that's right, that's so cool.

- We have a issue.

It still smells and it still works.

She's got a little her fingerprints.


- [Asa] Hey, get your sweater out of your mouth.

- You wanna see something?

- [Summer] Yeah.

- Summer's like, oh my god, I just got home.

- [Summer] No.

- [Asa] Welcome, we've done a lot of things.

- I'm confused.

- [Asa] Ah, Abbie likes candles.

- Your candle.

- [Asa] She dug into it.

- Oh, it's mine?

- Yeah.

- Oh.

- It was from ah-- - Don't touch the outlet.

- One of our spons, ah Pete's on Saturday.

- Aw, that's okay.

- Yeah.

- It feels, it--

- [Asa] It still works.

- Still works.

- Yeah.

- She just.

- I mean, I'd be curious on how it felt too

and probably like it.

- Tomorrow.

- [Asa] Oh yeah, I forgot about that part too.

- So much has happened.

- [Asa] Flooring's getting in tomorrow.

- Oh, wow.

- [Asa] So, we're gonna move all the furniture.

- Into--

- [Asa] Out of the family room and pull up all the carpet.

- Eh. - Yeah.

- Where ya gonna put-- - I have a Live tonight.

- [Asa] Yeah, yeah and Priscilla

has to give a training tonight.

- So where ya gonna move it all to?

- See what happens, - Figure it out.

- When you leave for eight hours? (laughs)

- Literally. (laughs)

- We haven't see her since last night too.

- Yeah, I worked by myself in the office this morning.

So I was like, where are my buddies?

- Aw!

- [Asa] It's about to get weird in here Abbie.

- [Priscilla] She's like well, I'm not moving.

- [Asa] Know what you're doing over there, bud?

- Yeah sort of.

- [Asa] Just just unhook everything

'cause we're just gonna go back.

And the wires are all tangled back there

and it gives me anxiety so.

- So you're gonna redo it all.

- [Asa] Just unplug the power strip.

And then unplug everything from it.

- Okay.

- [Asa] We'll just go through all of it.

- I'm so sorry, I'm so sorry, I feel terrible.


- [Priscilla] Why?

- Just ah.

- [Priscilla] What's wrong?

- (laughs) Unplugging everything

- 'Cause that's like the worst thing you can do.

'cause then you gotta re-find.

- All these smart plugs in the stuff and things.

- Nothin's gonna listen to Alexa anymore.

I mean it's bad.

- [Summer] Abbie, what's your iPad doing over here?

- Think she'll give it to us.


- What are you giggling at ma'am?

- Oh, geez oh.

- Oh, geez oh.

- The cat's chasing.

- [Asa] Just unplug 'em.

It'll be fine.

Nope, squeeze it, there you go.



- It's okay.

- What's wrong, what's wrong?

- Oh, my goodness. It's okay.

We're not moving or anything like that.

We're just pulling the carpet up.

- Think I better still have a carpet--

- And we're changing the whole entire audio experience

in the room, by getting rid of the carpet.

So might have to put a rug in or something.

- Your couch will still be here, okay?

- Yes. - It sounds even louder.

- I mean, it's not gonna be here.

Maybe tomorrow when you get home from school

it'll be back in here, maybe.

- Maybe.

- [Asa] So now we're smiling, now we're smiling.

- [Priscilla] Okay, okay.

- [Asa] We don't know, we don't know what's going on.

- [Summer] You're smiling?

- [Asa] Yeah.

- We love when you smile, eeeeeh!

- [Asa] Look, even the cat's confused.

What am I gonna claw on now and climb on?

Look at Maverick.

He's so confused he's got - You now what we could do,

in here? - his head in the thing.

- This would be so much room for activities.

- [Asa] That's Priscilla's line remember.

- [Isaiah] Look these are mine, these are my couches.

- [Summer] I'll help you, guys you can't move it.


'Cause there's people on it.

- [Isaiah] These are my things.

- [Priscilla] Look at all the animals, you're just animals.

- [Isaiah] Nope, you can't have it.

- [Summer] Where do I go, what do I do?

- Can't have it.

- [Priscilla] It's okay, we're not movin'.

We're just getting new flooring.

- Now I don't feel bad about like,

I'll do an Irish jig on this carpet.

I don't even care anymore.

Dad's like, "Don't wear shoes in here."

Not anymore, we do whatever we want on this carpet.

It's getting thrown in the trash.

- [Asa] In the next 10 minutes.

- You hear him talking about that guy?

- [Asa] All right, here we go.

(bass rock music)

Okay, carpet is out.

I still have to do the tack strips all around the edges.

But it's nails in the concrete

so I had to get my mini sledge hammer for the pry bar.

I can't use a hammer right now,

'cause Priscilla is Live in the other room doing a training.

So we're gonna rope off this area and wait till she's done.

Just in case Abbie bolts for the door.

I don't want her steppin' on any tack strips.

That would be painful.

You done, I'm gonna make a lot of noise now.

- Okay.


- [Priscilla] You doing a fantastic job.

It's so noisy though.

- Yeah.

- [Priscilla] I mean, it's so echoy in here now.

- Very.

- [Priscilla] Ahhh.

- Ahhh.

- [Priscilla] We look like the (muffled) house. (laughing)

'Cause they have nothing in there.


- [Priscilla] You're almost done though.

- This is the worst part of the job, no doubt.

- [Priscilla] It's the most obnoxious, that's for sure.

- Well, they're not bad when they're in wood.

I didn't think about that the tack strips would all be in

- [Both] Concrete.

So each individual nail, they break

and like pop the nail out of the concrete.

- [Priscilla] You're almost finished.

- Yeah.

- [Priscilla] Thank goodness, no. (laughing)

So it's like 30 degrees outside

and you just need to turn the heat off.

- Yes, you always tell me to leave it on.

- [Priscilla] It's cold.

- No, it's not.

- [Priscilla] So it's 30 degrees outside.

You did good.

- Sweating.

Yeah, I'm gonna, I wanna take a few pieces out of the box

and see how it's gonna look against the--

- [Priscilla] Oh yeah.

- Be fun? - Mmm hmm.

- It's funny. - I gotta clean up these--

- [Priscilla] I thought about that

and I was like, "Oh yeah".

I think they'll do that.

- Yeah, but I don't want anybody steppin' on them

in the morning.

- [Priscilla] Oh.

- So.

- [Priscilla] Oh, the Dunkin' peeps are back.

- What'd I do?

Oh, so echoy.

Get back

Get three shoot the pool

Ooh let me stop

- [Asa] Little preview.

Not much of a preview.

That's what it's gonna look like.

Hey, thank you guys for your help, appreciate it.

That went really, really much quicker

than I thought it would actually.

I'm sore now though.

- [Priscilla] Hey it was making dream worth it.

- It does.

I still don't regret the quality time we spent together.

I still don't, I said.

- I feel like, I feel like you don't mean

- I said that I did. - that statement.

- [Asa] I said that I don't though.

- I know you said something, but you--

- No I don't, I don't regret it.

What time is it?

It's midnight.

I still have to edit an entire vlog.

I will see you in the morning.

Give me a kiss.

- Okay, good night.


- Love you.

- Love you.

- And I will see you guys in the morning.

Time to go to work.

So I was editing the vlog just now

and I realize I forgot to tell you

'cause our day got crazy busy.

So you see my truck, see the dent in it?

- Yeah.

- See that?

- And I forgot to tell the,

so I forgot to finish the story.

So I caught a shopping cart with my truck.

I just kinda gauged it wrong.

There was a, when I was at Home Goods,

I was, the guy was getting the shopping carts,

you know how windy it was?

And I was pulling around in front of the door

and a shopping cart got loose from the guy

that was picking up the carts at Home Goods

like one of the employees

and was heading across the parking lot

and there was an older lady in her car, really nice car

you know, like sittin' there.

The look on her face was sheer terror.

- Aw. (laughs)

- So I felt, I was like I have to be a hero.

So I try to pull my truck in front,

'cause I was driving past it.

Like you know, I could have just kept going,

it would have been you know like, "Sorry."

But I tried to line up my bumper with the,

missed the bumper.


- [Priscilla] Aw.

- The guy was like, cute yeah.

So the ladies came out and they were looking at the truck.

I was like, it's fine.

- [Priscilla] Aw. (laughing)

- It's got like a hundred thousand miles on it, it's fine.

- You took one for the team.

- I did, I did yeah.

- You didn't even know the team,

you just took one for it. - I felt like a hero, yeah.

It's like ah, man.

I misjudged where my truck ended, but yeah (laughs)

I had to finish that story.

The Description of I Hit My Own Truck and Changing Things Around