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This video is a bit different than my other videos.

This one is especially for the handy dads and mums.

This video contains three projects which you can do together with your children,

for some quality time together.

I'm Emiel, The practical Engineer. Let's go!

We start with a brush robot, they are easy to make and a lot of fun. This is what you need:

A brush of course,

an engine,

a small weight to create an imbalance on the engine,

battery holder,

and a switch.

I use hot glue to fix the motor and battery holder to the brush.

This works excellent and fast and is well enough for this project.

If the components are stuck, I solder the wires to the separate elements.

Last I glue the switch to the brush.

I use a terminal block as a weight for the imbalance, but of course, this can also be done with a different weight.

Important is that the centre of the weight is outside the centre of the axis.

You can, of course, all use different types of brushes for different types of robots.

And so you have a robot brush that moves around.

Now only last to decorate them, my children are a bit young for it, so I do it myself.

If you want to challenge your child a bit more,

you can do a nice challenge by building a bridge with ice cream sticks.

It is fun but also learns you a lot about constructions of a bridge.

In the end, you can test it with some weight on top, if the bridge is strong enough.

All we need for this project are ice cream sticks, which you can buy at a craft store,

or simply save them every time you eat an ice-lolly.

And we still need glue or tape.

I use hot glue here again so that you can continue quickly,

but with small children, some tape might be better.

Triangles work very well to build strong construction,

but let your child experiment with different constructions,

and compare them in the end, what works better.

My bridge with triangles.

To compare it, I also made a straight bridge.

That makes it fun!

If it is too easy; you can increase the length of the bridge or the weight on top of the bridge.

You have to prepare this project the evening before, we need a wine cork.

The bicycle valve has to go into the wine cork. This you need to

You simply cut the bicycle valve from an old bicycle tire,

and then insert it into the 7mm hole that you drilled in the cork.

I also glue it on a bit but I don't think that's really necessary.

Finish the bicycle valve.

I use cardboard to give a few fins to the bottle.

Those are also good for stability and that it can stand by itself later.

And of course, you can decorate it even more if you want.

We are going to launch it!

Fill the bottle two-thirds with water and push the cork firmly in.

Now you can pump the bottle in a spacious place outside with a bicycle pump until it shoots away.

You can let these bottles go much further than what we do now,

by making sure that the cork is much tighter and by looking for the most optimal air-water ratio.

This video was a bit different than my other projects,

but in my opinion, certainly, no less fun, because I could do it with my son.

Let me know what you thought about it! See you next week.

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