Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Bring It!: The Dolls Want to Beat the Dazzling Divas with Class (Season 3 Flashback)

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Hello, hello.

Well, hey.


Well, the Divas of Macon, they're

definitely exactly how I remember them,

smug, definitely arrogant, and extremely over the top.

Once we knock that first team out, we'll be ready for you


Well, I'm glad you're confident.

When you have reasons to be confident,

I mean, why not carry it?

Well, I have a lot of reasons to be confident,

but I never let my confidence turn

into cockiness or arrogance.


All right, well, good luck to y'all and bye.

It's been a long time since we battled the Divas of Macon.

And in my opinion, their coaches and some

of the girls on the team have a really, really bad attitude.

But bring it on.

We're going to go above board.

We're going to do what we're supposed to do.

We're going to handle ourselves like young women,

and we're going to beat you with poise, class, and civility.

[dance music playing]

We're down to the championship round now.

And as I'm watching the dazzling Divas throw stands

round for round, I'm noticing that their energy

is very, very high.

They have a lot of stunts going on, a lot of flipping.

They're coming for the Dolls right now.

The Divas of Macon captain is throwing

stands with a lot of stunts and a lot of attitude.

You've got some interesting stunts, but watch this.

[dance music playing]

Even though, FADD is coming with a lot of energy,

so are the Dolls.

They are out there giving everything on the floor.

It's like they're fighting with their bodies.

I'm not worried about the Dolls' stands.

I feel like our stands are 10 times better than their stands.

I feel like the Dolls do a lot of repetitive things,

And I feel like we're bringing a lot of new flavor to the floor.

The Divas of Macon are just plain out aggressive,

flashy, and overconfident.

So when we battle the Divas of Macon,

we just got to be ourselves, laugh in their face,

do what the Dancing Dolls do, because Divas of Macon

are the team that always try to put on a show.

[dance music playing]





Now that's the way you do a stunt.


It's close.

I'm really nervous, because both of these teams

did phenomenal on the floor.

It can go either way.

I just hope today, we take this win home,

because FADD going to run back to Atlanta on two wheels,

telling everybody they beat the Dancing Dolls.

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