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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Best Motivational Speech Compilation EVER #11 - THROUGH HELL | 30-Minutes of the Best Motivation

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The attitude is it can't be done because they haven't seen it

they're judging according to appearances.

The people that will go to make it in the future

the people that are making it today.

Let me share something with you

history is being read but it's also being written by people with imagination.

It's necessary you take responsibility for it

that you make it happen, that you don't give up

that you don't take any objection or disappointment or defeats personally

that you keep on keeping on

that you don't decide that I can't make it because you can't see the light at the end of the tunnel

that you realize thats a part of the program.

You must have faith

You've got to believe in yourself

You've got to believe in your abilities

Youve got to believe in your service, your company, your ideas


Youve got to have faith and that faith gives you patience

That it's not gonna happen as quickly as you want it to happen

When you got an idea you want to move on

you might not have the money, you might not have the education

you might not have the support or resources you need.

What is that something

that can keep us going, that will enable us to act on our dreams?

Which one of those keys?

That will begin to help us to discover the secrets to our dream.

Here's what I want you to repeat after me please with power and conviction

Sayit's possible

it's possible

it's possible

it's possible

Most of us go through life with our brakes on

holding back

not giving all that we have, not sharing all of ourselves.

Most of us go to our graves still holding on

rather than releasing it

because of past experiences, past defeats, past pain.

We look back, well it didnt work out then

it probably wont work out now.

That tonight, we were exposed for what we are right now

It means that what I did didnt work tonight

and Ive got to separate what I do from who I am.

I feel like we all have two battles or two enemies going on

one with the man across from you

the second is with the man inside of you.

I think once you control the one inside of you

the one across from you really doesn't matter.

I think that's what we are all trying to do.

You aren't handed anything

you earn everything, every single day

over and over again, You have to prove it.

Imagine if you got what you want every time

no struggle, no hard work, no challenges

no hard work required.

Some of you are sayingthat would be great

you would be weak

and then when something hard comes up in your life

you wouldn't know how to handle it

because you have never gone through anything that strengthens you.

You cannot grow without struggle

you cannot develop strength without resistance

without challenging yourself, without struggle.

Pain is your friend

maybe not in the moment

but for the evolution of your soul

for the long-term benefit

of you as a stronger human being.

Pain is your friend

if you didn't have failures

if you didn't have struggles

if you didn't have disappointment

you can have no strength

no courage

no compassion

how could you?

those qualities are made from your pain and struggle.

You were given pain because you are strong enough to handle it

You were given this life because you are strong enough to live it

because you are strong enough to drive through it

to thrive through it

to inspire others throught it

They will look to you and sayhe did it, she did it

I have the strength to do it too

You are stronger than you think

you survived all your challenges to this point

and you will survive whatever is coming.

But next time a struggle comes

I don't want you to curse the skies

know that it was sent for a reason and a lesson.

It might be to make you stronger, it might be to teach you patience

it might be for you to show others your spirit.

There is a reason

So don't you give up.

You have a purpose in this world

and you will only find it

if you keep going and keep growing.

Your struggle is a part of your story

your struggle made you the person you are today.

Your struggle is your life

Your struggle is your gift.

See, many people look at struggle like it's a bad thing

Your struggle will be the gift that the world falls in love with.

Nobody wants to hear the story of the man that was given everything

people want to hear the stories of men and women that endure pain

and turned their struggles into a gift.

Do you want people just to feel sorry for you?

or do you want people to look up to you?

do you want to be a lesson?

because lessons are born in the belly of struggle

Fear is only a fictional movie

but reality is a struggle.

Reality is the struggle

to take the struggle and change your reality.

Because the whole time you were thinking that your struggle was holding you back

it was really giving you the tools to become one of the greatest.

No more second guessing

No more blaming others for the problems you have in your life.

It's a new day

This is my one-way ticket

to my dreams.

Your struggle

is your gift.

And I believe collectively as a group

we're gonna kick the competition's butt

because we understand how important, it is to think, execute, and dominate.

Suck it up

Get tough

Suck it up

Get tough

people wanna have success, people wanna make a lot of money

but they want it to be easy without any challenges.

Do you think it was easy for me to become one of the top 450 basketball players

in the world that you never heard of?

The only way I made it to the NBA was I

was fundamentally sound, I was mentally tough and I never quit.

And even when I wanted to quit I have people in my life that would make sure I didn't quit.

I hired and set up the top ten motivational speakers

watched all their videos and I watched them one by one

because I understand that if I pay attention to what the best are doing

I could be the best too

I watched game film on Michael Jordan

no matter how much I watch, I can't do what Michael Jordan can do

I was watching Magic Johnson I can't do what Magic Johnson would do

but I sat there in hand with videos

I watched Les Brown, Zig Ziglar, Tony Robbins

my hot wife was scared, I was scared

I called her to my office and I said what a husband say

I saidbabe, we gonna be okay

Everyone wants a check and our account was draining

I saidbabe, we gonna be ok

let's start a motivational speaker business.

I go to Jerry Sloan and I sayJerry, I'm trying to make your team

but since we don't scrimmage I feel like I can't show you what I can do

Go to corral, hear me clearly, listen to his answer

and it will unlock some mysteries

as to how you become the best in the world at what you do over a long period of time.

Jerry, I'm trying to make your team

but I feel like I can't show you what I can do

he saysWalter, I already know what you can do

but if you wanna make my team!

I suggest you listen

follow directions and execute


follow directions

and execute

What I didn't realize even though we didn't scrimmaging practice through our practice

we did drills and he created what I call habits and rituals

every single day practice was the same

every single day we drilled on fundamentals

every single day we worked on habits and rituals.

So even though my mind was floating, even though I was selfish and self-centered

he was conditioning me into the culture through practice of habits and rituals.

the reason why I tripled my NBA income in three years?

is because of habits and rituals.

Next year if your name didn't get called to come across the stage

I'm here to tell you they will call your name next year

if you go back home and execute habits and rituals.

I wanted to scrimmage for me

but Jerry Sloan was getting me ready to play for the Utah Jazz

so every day it was about habits and rituals.

Having hot food is about habits and rituals

great customer service is about habits and rituals

being the best in the world at what you do

being a pro, is all about habits and rituals.

Let me tell you something, I learned a very valuable lesson

when I played for the Utah Jazz, I had a point guard on my team

who's arguably the best point guard in the history of the NBA

his name is John Stockton.

John Stockton would go to a chiropractor four times a day on game day.

You know what I said to myself?

I'm not doing that, it doesn't take all that.

John Stockton played 19 years in the NBA, I played three.

You would have thought I'd have been smart enough to watch a hall-of-famer

and just shut my mouth, hop in the car and go with them.

No, my mind said nah it doesn't take all that, I would tease him

man, John Stockton are you OCD or something?

Why are you going to a chiropractor four times a day?

He swore by his chiropractor

that man played point guard in the NBA until he was 40 years old

and he didn't retire because he got slow

he retired because he refused to wear baggy shorts

he loved his daisy dukes.

Every day on game day, John would go to a chiropractor four times a day

and in my immature basketball mind

I would say nah it doesn't take all that

I don't need to do all that

I'm an award winning motivational speaker

because now I pay attention to details.

Another peak performers truth

Peak performers

are detail-oriented.

You mean you just go sit there and let the enemy take your stuff

you don't recognize you're in a fight.

See, because most church people don't know that they're in a fight

they've been saved but their mentality is so kernel

that they just think stuff happens.

Nothing just happens, everything came from somewhere

everything had a genesis, everything had a beginning

It didn't just happen

that thing was set against you

It was set against you

I don't care what the doctor says, what the nurse says

what the bookkeeper says, accountant, I don't

care what you read in the Wall Street Journal about the economy,

the Devil is a liar.

That thing was sent

and you sitting up here with your dressed up self acting like

well, whatever happens happens. The Devil is a liar.

The Devil is a liar.

You have accepted some things as normal and adjusted your way of life to

accommodate something that was never meant to be. You mean you just gonna sit

there and let the enemy take your stuff

take your life, take your family

take your son, take your daughter, take your grandkids

you just gonna lay back and let him have your job,

have your influence, have your business

you just gonna hand it over without a fight?

You not gonna fight or nothing? You not gonna do spiritual warfare

you not gonna fight in the spirit, you're not gonna go into the-

you just gonna let him have your territory? You better fight for your

territory. I don't care what it is, your legs, your arms, your toes,

your kids, your finances,

I don't care what it is you gotta fight for your territory.

You have to fight to keep your eyesight,

you have to fight to keep your energy

you have to fight to keep your movement

I mean you have to fight for stuff that you used to take for granted.

My God, do you hear what I'm saying to you?

I said I will fight.

Don't you think for one minute that I won't fight.

Don't you think I won't fight just cause I'm twelve don't mean I won't fight.

David was a boy when he killed Goliath.

Don't let the fat fool you, Im fat, but I'll fight

I'm gray headed but I'll fight. I'm a woman but I'll fight.

Im an old man, but Ill fight you right now

Oh my God, I mean, I'll fight you right now.

Success is growth

every day

every day

if you go a couple days without feeling like you've changed something

if you've gone a couple days feeling like

you're kind of the same as you were yesterday

then you get disgusted and you get frustrated

like a man who hasn't had a meal.

You get frustrated

and you desire that growth

So, why haven't I grown today?

why didn't I grow yesterday?

what kept me back?

did I go back into some sort of comfortable pattern?

when you're in the gym, don't count your reps

just push until it hurts and once it hurts then start counting your reps.

That's why when they ask Muhammad Ali how many push-ups he does

he saidI don't know"

"I only start counting when it hurts

So that's how we grow

that's how we succeed

as we push and push and push and go

and once it starts hurting, once the resistance starts coming

that's when we start counting

that's when we start to matter.

So don't dodge the fear, don't dodge the pain, don't dodge the resistance

don't dodge the attack that is coming against you

Look at it with opportunity

look at it as an opportunity.

To find victory

victory is found in struggle.

The struggle is not to be avoided, the struggle is to be confronted.

The struggle is to be welcomed with joy

that you finally have an opportunity to show God

to show the world

that you're ready for this fight

that you know you got your eyes on the prize

you know what your goal is you know what your dream is

and you're gonna demonstrate to God

to the world

that aint no amount of struggle

ain't no high of an obstacle

aint no strong army of hate and doubt

gonna get in your way

from this victory that is destined for your life.

for this victory that is destined by you accomplishing your dream

you will accomplish your dream

because your dream is never gonna give up on you

it will stay with you.

So, army of doubters

army of haters

army of all those who said I never could

army of that voice inside of me that's tried to kept me down

army of that voice inside of me that's tried to keep me down.

All of you will be slain one by one because the victory

is mine

What the enemy shouts is weakness

is actually your weapon

the truth is you have no weaknesses

just strength that you haven't discovered yet

now the world will attempt to label you, categorize you and box you in

to a belief system that keeps you from being you

the enemy wants you to fall in line

with the rest of the sheep he's already mastered

and send you all to the slaughter

where beautiful dreams are castrated

and beheaded on the chopping block of imitation

the only way to survive and thrive is to be yourself at the highest level

you must create, perform and build your success on a foundational belief

that what God put in you is enough

truth is the new black

the couture for greatness, and you are enough

Staying true to yourself

keeping it real, being authentic

has more power to change the world

than all the leaders and politicians combined

see that's the secret, they hope that you don't find that out.

Lies, the market already has enough of those poor little sheep

What the world seeks is exactly what you have to offer.

The more deeply you create from the inner depths of your true identity

the more successful will stalk you.

Set yourself on fire, and they will come from miles to see you burn

your smoke will be like catnip to the masses.

They will flock to you

they will submit to your lead in massive numbers

theres nothing more sexy, more seductive than a person comfortable in their own skin.

That's the place

that you have to create from to be successful.

You gotta be willing to get on the world stage

to strip down until you're emotionally naked


completely exposed and dance with originality.

Paint, draw, sing, design, produce

from that space, that's the place, the factory, the holy land

that has produced all the greatness

the world has been so honored to experience.

so I'm here to tell you right now that you are enough

that's the secret, truth is the new black.

I've enjoyed convincing you that you're nothing, you're never gonna be nothing

you came from nothing, and you'll never get out.

You'll never be loved, you'll never be happy

you'll never be blessed, you'll never be free

You'll never get yourself together, you will never be nothing.

I've enjoyed attacking you

As long as you still over there and this day's over here

everything will be all right

but the moment you try to break away from where you came from

and take over new territory, that's when all hell breaks loose in your life.

What you fighting didn't start with you

go back in your family, that devil has been in that territory for a long time

he doesn't want to leave the region.

That Devil isnt interested in you

he's interested in your territory

he's interested in your region, he's after your turf, he's after your stuff

There's something that you have that he wants, and he doesn't care about you

he says I could use her, I could use a pig, I can use a goat, I can use a dog,

I can use her sister, I can use his brother, I can use somebody close to them

It sounds like somebody else in here has had some lying voices

whispering in your ear, telling you what you can't do

what you cant be and what you cant have

and if you don't do it with me, it can't be done.

The Devil is a liar.

You need to abort every voice that said

you can't do it, you cant have it, you cant be it

you will never get up, you will never survive

the Devil is a liar.

Abort that thing, push it out!

or it ain't gonna be no Holyfield fight dancing around,

oh no, I'm gonna bite you, I'm gonna kick you in your hide,

Ill fight like a wild animal

I didn't come this far to let you take my stuff.

You have accepted some things as normal

and adjusted your way of life to accommodate something

that was never meant to be

if you don't possess what's yours

the enemy will possess your land.

See when you start running from one thing

you gonna keep running from everything

that's why you need to stop running and face whatever you gotta face

and deal with whatever you got to deal with

because if you run from Pharaoh, you're going to run from the serpent,

you're going to run from love, you're going to run from life,

you're going to run from responsibility, you're going to run, run, run, run, run, run.

When are you gonna stop running?

This is the marching legion of enemies

that are coming to get you to bring you down!

You think I'm a roll over and play dead

while you take over my stuff? The Devil is a liar.

I will fight you, I don't mean no fancy fight,

I mean I'll crawl and kick and scratch and bite your nose

I'll fight you

and he got through messing with your Daddy now he's gonna mess with you,

when he got through messing up your sister now he's after you

but I came to serve notice on the Devil today,

it stops right here, Im going to fight for the territory.

Somebody who's in a fight dip down and praise right now and as long

as you were a spectator the Devil was alright with that

but the moment you start raising your head

and worshipping God, all hell breaks loose.

Do you hear what Im saying?

Do you hear what Im saying to you?

You gotta hear this

Don't give your territory

over to the enemy.

Now in order to have territory, you have to have ownership

and the problem with you is that you might own territory that you don't even realize

that God has given you certain things up under your auspices, up under your authority

that you've got to be prepared to fight for

Are y'all hearing what I'm saying

and you're waiting and waiting and you're waiting and you're waiting, tired.

Does anybody know what it's like to be tired?

Trying to hold your head up

but youre tired, trying to be tough

but youre tired

And one by one by one by one by one by one by one by one by one

they all went to sleep

not just the foolish

I dont care how smart you are, you still get tired

I dont care how committed you are, you still get tired

I dont care how focused you are, you still get tired

Is there anybody here that can talk to me about tired?

I don't mean the kind of tired you get at night

I mean the kind of tired where you wake up tired

go to work tired, eat your lunch tired, answer the phone tired, smiling tired

may I help you, grinning at people, praise the Lord,

and tired and nobody knows that you are tired.

Some of you don't understand why you are so tired right now

but you don't realize you're just counting your workload from what is happening right now

but you have to remember that the oil started burning when you started hoping

it didn't just start when you started doing

it started when you started believing.

Something is about to happen in my life, I'm going to get up

I'm going to go forward, I'm going to get out of there

and all of a sudden the oil is burning, you have to burn some oil to be able to wait.

The Bible says they that wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength

They shall mount upon wings like eagles, they shall run

and not be weary, they shall walk and not fade.

You have to be tough to wait

you have to be tough to work all day and go to school at night

you have to be tough to take two part-time jobs

and put them together and try to make it be

Oh y'all don't understand what I'm talking about

you have to be tough to start a service in a storefront

with two members and the bills are higher

then you've got. You have to be tough.

Is there anybody in here that's going through a tough time in your life

and you were waiting on a breakthrough to occur in your life

Yeah, yeah same place

They all were waiting, they all went to sleep

you couldn't tell who was wise and who was foolish until the cry was made.

The thing you've been waiting on is coming

how you react to challenges tells whether you are wise or foolish.

And you will never

completely be healed or whole

until you change the voice inside of your own head.

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