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welcome to this very special episode of DynaVap live now already you probably

notice things kind of changed a little bit just a little bit beside the hangout

here in the basement doing something a little bit more casual a little bit more

fun and a hell of a lot more comfortable and so we hope you like it

and so let's kind of get right into it we have a lot to discuss and so the main

topic of discussion obviously is the KarmaVap but first let's do some shout

outs from the chat so we have Nate B. from San Diego Sid Nomads from Berlin

Chauncey from Philadelphia and a couple people want Pranav to announce his

presence well he's actually at a prior engagement right now so he won't be able

to do so but I'll definitely let him know that he's missed and we want to do

some shout outs for the different forums out there

FC, Vapor Asylum, the different subreddits and we're gonna kind of discuss

something to do with Reddit a little bit later on and we also want to thank all

of the different retailers out there that helped get that 2019m out into

ever everybody's hands as quickly as possible because we know you want to get

your hands on it and be sure to join our affiliate program if you've already

spreading the Dynaverse love out there you can get a little bit something for

it and for something you're already doing and so go to

for more details and so George let's talk about your trip to Spannabis

before we get into anything right away oh the trip to Europe yeah that was

pretty awesome you know started in Spain so we'll start

there though that was a great thing got to meet some uh some more people for the

first time including uh ed from Ed's TNT that was pretty cool it's nice

to put a face to all it sure is it's just so funny you know that we've been

working back and forth with together now for over three years and of course he

lives in the US and the first time I'm meeting him is in Spain so that just

didn't quite make sense but that was fun it was the same way like what champs

we've met a lot of people who we've interacted with digitally but never in

person and it just helps in this it's kind of something that's different about

the way the business is done these days is that you can actually do business

with people you've never met yeah for quite some time but it's so much better

once you get that info it is it is and so we're gonna have been cut to some

footage that pronounced pain and so let's take a look at that and George

will kind of provide some context with those so check this out you're prepping

for Spain so here we are flying over the ocean and riding in the taxi this is a

nice dinner we had served on a hot plate or you kind of cook your own that looked

good that was fun this is our set

here we are getting ready here's an experiment we decided to launch an M

giving the M the chance to gain some altitude it ended up taking about four

balloons before I was able to go that was kind of fun we're not sure where it

ended up hopefully someone found it and gave it a good home and it gets swept up

with all the other debris that was Hector hopefully you guys had a chance

to see Hector uh he did their first live broadcast in Spanish that was really

awesome of him really glad he was able to do that so anibus looked like a zoo

oh man there are so many people there is ridiculous that part of the trip

afterwards uh kind of continued on and spent some time in Amsterdam which is

always a good time I imagine Amsterdam is a great place you know for anyone

that hasn't been there it's one of my favorite cities in Europe for a variety

of reasons one of them being it's a very international City so as kind of a

foreigner we're gonna want I go there I feel very very comfortable because it's

not like I'm sticking out and everyone's looking at me funny it was all so easy

again because I'm not fluent in a lot of other languages but that doesn't really

matter because as long as you can speak and read English you can pretty much do

and go anywhere that you really want breaks down that barrier a little know

it sure does and the people there tend to be very very friendly you know all

kinds of different food varieties again because it's a very very international

City and so some of the work that we were doing there was really based on

trying to find ways that we can improve the overall experience for people by

trying to give them a better alternative for smoking try and get some of the

smoke out of the coffee shops for example because there's there's still

kind of heavy with the smoke we got unfortunate when it sticks on your

clothes if you have any sort of sensitivity to it it kind of

excludes you from a potential positive experience oh I think I think it really

influences the experience you know what I would say a less than positive fashion

and so we're working with a number of the the coffee shops there to see if we

can't clean that up and give people a better alternative if not anything a

smoke-free area if not hopefully as we're getting into 2020s some some of

these places will be completely smoke-free which I think will be really

exciting yeah because you started like doing some fete nights at these coffee

shops but yes we do we do uh we do a vape night Amsterdam every Thursday

night at 7 o'clock at coffee shop Amsterdam cafe for any of you that might

happen to be an Amsterdam you know check it out that's Thursday at 7 o'clock

local time there in Amsterdam so kind of a neat thing where you get to try out

some of our devices and learn a little bit about them and interact with other

people that might share your ideas and passions and it's just kind of an

overall good time and so yeah and then while George was away doing some great

things out in Europe we were prepping one of the biggest releases of the year

the 2019 M and of course the surprise that was the Karma Vap and so we're

gonna have George kind of talk about what the inspiration was for the Karma

Vap why we did it what the thought process is behind work and so George

take it away all right so my last trip to Europe back in November you know I

was having some discussions with some people over there and it's like you know

really want to do something that would have some significant impact on people

because to this point it seems like a lot of the growth of dynamap has been

attributed to our customers and what I'd like to think is our friends sharing our

devices with the people that they know the people they care about it's like

that's just really awesome it's really helped us grow as a company as a brand

and it's like you know what could we do that would really help further this idea

the movement to share what it is that we're doing you know a better

alternative to smoking for literally everyone you know since our devices

don't contain batteries they're generally very easy to use I don't think

you know we did in for friend promotions you know back

in the past and those are nice really like them but it just didn't quite have

what we were looking for and then the idea came well maybe we could just uh

give away a few devices to some people and ask them to give them to some of

their friends families or you know what even someone that they don't even know

that just might need a little bit of a boost or a little bit of a lift to uh

you know help them get off of this smoke or just give them a little bit healthier

alternative and that over the course of November December

moving into January we kept kicking the idea back and forth number of

discussions it got refined a little bit more like you know maybe what we can do

is we can give away a whole bunch of these things and we can do it in

conjunction with our 2019 em pre-order and that way we can have the maximum

impact and that's where the whole idea of karma came into be so it's like okay

but if we're gonna do it it has to be done in secret we didn't want anyone to

know about this because you know to to put karma on something and then sell it

it just seems completely inappropriate so it's like alright we're not going to

tell anyone about it we're just gonna do it it gets into that whole philosophical

debate is there any true altruistic action and I think the Karma Vap gets

pretty damn close to it well it's certainly our goal for it to

be that way we really wanted to do something that gives back to this

wonderful community that has been helping us grow as a company and so this

is our attempt at giving back is here's a whole bunch of devices that we laser

engraved with karma because we're really hoping that they're going to empower

whoever has one of them to contribute some good positive energy into the dyno

verse and share it with someone whether it's someone they know or someone that

they don't know to really do something nice and bring someone up give them some

positive energy and do something nice and like that's what

we experience every day here it is and we want to share that with everyone

if the satisfaction that you get from making someone today is one of the best

feelings you can ever experience as a human being and she facilitate that for

so many people is one of the greatest things I think we could ever do I really

hope so and you know believe me this is a little experiment to be conducted we

still don't even really know what's gonna happen you know because uh I don't

even know if half of the Komarov apps that we shipped out of even landed yet a

lot of them are not even out yet and we'll kind of dip into that in a little

bit but now it's time for a little segment where we like to answer

questions quickly as you can see we have a older limited edition cocobolo not

long XLS there and so that one's older but it's still looking really really

nice and so we have a little clip to show how to keep your nan along in that

shape for as long as possible

welcome to the snap the segment where we answer frequently asked questions at a

very rapid fire format so let's get right into it

on this snap we're gonna be discussing how to take care of your Vong midsection

whether it be a body or a stem you need two things

Dynawax and a midsection right here I have a dark wood stem and to take care

of it you'll see that it's actually quite dry and so it just needs a little

bit of TLC to get back into tip-top shape and this will prevent it from

cracking just like if you've ever cooked or prepared food with a wooden cutting

board it needs moisturization same with leather or any sort of organic material

that is a surface and so the Dynawax helps rehydrate the wood and prevents it

from cracking and will protect it and keep it in good shape for much longer so

you just take a little bit of wax apply it over the top and you can do a very

liberal application you'll spread this over the entire exterior surface of the

stem and after a while give it a couple of hours for that

Dino wax to really soak into the wood then you can simply wipe away any excess

Dino wax that wasn't absorbed into the wood when it's all finished you can use

it reassemble and it'll be in much better shape this has been the snap

I'm retail Josh and thanks for watching


well I hope that was informative for you all we're gonna keep producing those

short clips to help give you guys as a bunch of information as quickly as

possible and so we're gonna kind of talk about our community question that we put

on the YouTube channel the other day and it all has to do with where are you

sending your karma well look at a few people selecting coworker not too many

we need to fix that like don't think a lot of you out there

in the diner versus like your co-workers very much so see what we can do to

change that but right now friend is the top choice so they're giving it to

someone that's close to them that may not be a family member or the other one

which is really nice is stranger I'd like to see that and so that will lead

us into the read discussion that we hinted at earlier this is going to be a

little call to action for all of you who are redditors you may be familiar with

what they do with their secret santa or random acts of kindness we're gonna be

doing the same thing with the Karma Vap if you want to randomly giveaway your

karma Vap if there's any of you out there that are experienced with reddit

if you want to help facilitate that and organize that that would be much

appreciated and then we can really spread the Dynaverse to those in need

and maybe a KarmaVap subreddit would be kind of cool okay and so let's see how

that goes and if one of you wants to get that started just chime us in at Josh at and we can kind of get that ball rolling oh you know what I think

it's time to taste some terpenes what do you think Josh I think that sounds good

thank you Mark check this out really awesome friend of ours uh works at a

local brewery a pineapple terpene IPA let's try this so I have not personally

had this one so I'm quite curious me either this is the first time so we're

just looking to see what it's all about this is gonna be kind of a new

experience already has a really strong nose on it Wow holy cow

that smells like terpenes and so zoom in on that if you like coulis look at Karma


that's amazing that's really good Wow and so for those

of you who didn't see that is the pineapple terpene IPA uh and I believe

it's brewed by untitled art is that correct mark and so if you're interested

in that be sure to check it out really really solid IPA and I'm not even an IPA

person but that is very very flavorful that's nice and then so with back to the

community question where you send in your karma to we on

slash karma if you've gone there if you've got your KarmaVap and you've

been directed to that site you'll see some of the places where people have

sent their karma check oh I never see the Karma map and so there's a little

map of the United States and this is constantly growing this is recorded

earlier so the numbers are going to be even greater and that's something that

you can kind of check out and you can send your karma out there so be sure to

do that yeah let's let's see what kind of an impact we can have with this with

this little device you know send in some good vibes out into the diner verse yeah

and yeah that's and that's only going to continue to grow as time goes on as more

and more of those orders land oh I see bring back the beard fan before the show

started I'm willing to bet that's going to be mentioned because I had to trim it

for some four champs I wanted to look lead for that and also I had to battle a

speeding ticket and so what was that y-yeah I turned it off for that but as

you can see it grows back pretty quickly and so let's get into some questions

that people have submitted did everyone get a Carm event well to the best of our

ability everyone that pre-ordered ina BAP from us and from many of our

retailers located all over the world yes so if not I guess we'll kind of see how

it goes but we really tried hard to be as inclusive as we could on all the 2019

M pre-orders but in keeping with the whole idea of

Kharma we didn't tell anyone about it on purpose because if you knew you're gonna

get it then it becomes more of a emotional thing and a purchase incentive

and in my opinion and I think many other people's opinion that kind of violates

the whole concept so the Karma Vap thing is kind of on hold at this point

in time we'll see when we bring it back yeah it'll be a surprise be surprised

because that's just kind of how it works and then be sure to on that dynamap comm

slash karma page to submit your karma story so if you've given your karma Thap

to someone be sure to share that story on that website or better yet if you've

received your karma vaps from someone i think if you feel comfortable sharing

how that happened I think it'd be real fun to let other people know about it

you know we really want this to be you know a force for good and then another

not so much a question but a comment some viewers out there like this pillow

with catman catman and want to know if we will be putting

on a shirt oh who wants a kept man t-shirt so if

you want that on the shirt mention that in the comments below and if we get

enough maybe that's something that we'll do or leave us a comment and we might

just send you one that's what we do we like sending people cool stuff and then

2019 shadow will be working on 2019 shadow well it's certainly possibility

you know we're always looking to change things up and make things a little bit

different and come up with you know new ideas and variations on some of the

products that we make but I definitely can't say for sure the shadows were a

real challenge for us in terms of production and as well as getting

everything put together and the number one thing is that Carbonite writing

process as much as I like it and as cool as a finish and durable as it is boy

those things were challenging to get get clean after the initial process not bad

once we got all the stuff awesome but it really slowed down our process in terms

of getting them up to standards so yeah I may not be a shadow and maybe

something something naturally influenced by the shadow but

no exact same process and then so that also would go into like a shadow TI same

type of thing oh yeah the we haven't done a whole lot

with the titanium recently you know you did to the green omni's and those are

cool some blue and some gold ones a while back so it might be some more

different variations on the titanium coming up who knows the Vols haven't

seen a whole lot of revision but uh really like them especially like that

functional geometry on there how they natively fit with fourteen millimeter

you know devices so that part's not likely to change but let's just say we

updated the 2019 em and we have some other products that might be due for an

update at some point in time in the not-too-distant future yeah like we

always like to experiment and try new things keep it fresh for those that

follow our instagram page you may have seen on the story not too long ago with

George on pronoun heat treating some of the 2019 or was it the karma stems oh no

they were just twenty nineteen M parts uh which I don't know those might just

randomly go up to some people as well cuz that's a lot of fun to do that yeah

just kind of surprised it's always nice to receive something that you didn't ask

for and so well that's kind of the whole principle of what we're trying to do

here you don't bring back a little bit a

goodwill you know why can't we have a little bit more of that in our world

yeah something that isn't driven by greed but just altruism yeah I like that

and then our anodized stems coming back so in some fashion probably not the same

colors that we did in the past cuz we like to always think you know yeah and

so like the green run that we had not too long ago that was the last run of

that for the time being but we'll probably do something in the same themes

just different different color I just remember there's something else we

should be talking about here it is zoom in on this cooling yeah

for those of you that have received the 2019 you saw also received one of our

new dynamap tubes and this is something that took a little bit longer than I

want it it's not quite done yet so if it seems like it's not quite refined well

it's because it isn't because the reality is none of our products actually

are but what you will notice is that it's a whole lot better than we'll just

say the other tubes that we used to ship our product in that was we'll just call

it packaging kind of this is a little bit more nice yeah we definitely heard

our customers voices loud and clear on the stand and tubes yeah we really

didn't like those and if you found something in the bottom of one of the

other tubes yes that is hemp fiber yet smordy gum hemp fiber that we have had

on you know from time to time it's there primarily as a cushion because those

other tubes tend to have some artifacts in them that can impact the bottom of

your cap which we've seen if you drop it without having that padding in there

yeah so don't be alarmed it's not hair no it's not hair we've gotten a lot of

emails on that like why does my tube have hair in it it's not here some hemp

fiber that we put in there to help protect you're trying trying to use an

environmentally conscious packing materials really what it amounts to yep

and since they're not the best tubes especially the latest versions that we

really didn't want but we're kind of left with no choice by the supplier that

was supplying us with our previous tubes the the squeeze open tubes we really

didn't want those but we didn't have a lot of choice so they're not really the

best tubes for carrying things around long term but we do have new tubes and

we should have these things upload available on the website soon and are we

going to be working on one's for the XL tubes as well yes we are it's a matter

of time but we want to make sure that we've got this dialed in and refine

and then we're gonna make some modifications to the mold that we have

for these you can get those into production yeah it's really kind of nice

because these tubes are actually made in Wisconsin as well yeah we like if we can

do something made in the US helping our local economy that's what we're gonna do

yeah we like stuff that's made local we like manufacturing stuff in our shop as

much as we reasonably can and like we try to push forward with all of our

other products you know quality is really really important to us so that

being said if any of you ever have any problems difficulties questions or

challenges with anything that you get from us believe it or not we really want

to hear about it because we want your experience to be top-notch

yeah if it's not then that that means that there's room for improvement in

some way shape or form and if we don't know we can't improve and when you take

the time to give us that feedback well then we gives us instructions in terms

of what we need to do to make things better and yeah definitely and so

another question there custom pieces is that something that we plan on doing oh

it's something that we hope to be doing in in smaller Lots as we're moving

forward you know one of our biggest challenges just figuring out the best

way to implement that look for new changes on our website as we get further

into the year definitely look to see new different things potentially also some

collaborations between us and some other will call them artists thank you yeah

it's definitely there's an artistry to it ah it takes a lot of very skilled

workers in their craft to be able to do this and I think the most important

thing is we have a whole lot of appreciation for people that contribute

their creations to the diners and so we really support that so whether you're a

custom stem manufacturer or you're making stashes or stands or other

various accessories you know thank you we actually really appreciate that you

know if you have any questions in terms of you know what to do or what not to do

or want to know more about how to make sure that your accessories are going to

be compatible with our devices well please be in touch

with us contact us we actually really do want to talk to you and figure out how

we can assist you in pushing that whole thing forward because we really like

your contributions it's it's a good thing yeah also I see a question will

the 2019 parts be available and the answer is

hopefully soon right now our main focus is simply manufacturing and building

inventory so we can make sure that we can get our orders out in a timely

fashion but just like the 2018 parts we've got those up on our website as

soon as we could hopefully here in the not-too-distant future yes you'll be

able to buy the individual parts so that you can add to your collection of

modular components know like what the 2018 we didn't everything but the stem

and that was due to primarily the EM serves is the base foundation for

everything right and so we you get the best experience when you start with that

and grow rather than trying to piece something in nurturing how everything

ties together yep we'll see how that goes and see how many parts we've got

available either way you know be in touch with us we want your feedback so

we can you know kind of conform to what it is that's going to make everyone is

uh happy with their dynamap experience as possible and so I see another

question in there are we gonna be doing a 420 sale

oh we generally have a little bit of a promotion in April so probably so check

it out we'll have more details as we get a little bit closer but we'll certainly

have something coming across that should hopefully make it worthwhile for you to

visit our website again so another good one I see they want shirts so I think

they're referring to the shirts that you wore in spannabis all those shirts well

send us a message so we can get a count let us know what size and we'll be in

touch that was a pretty awesome shirt I like that shirt yeah they're they're

pretty I like them oh I see glass stems and Damascus

and Woody's coming back yep yeah we'll kind of leave it at that stay

tuned and don't know when like we always like bring things back and that keeps

things interesting and keeps things fresh like it may not be the exact same

Damascus steel it may be like that but with the twists we don't like retreading

the same ground so I guess in summary thanks for tuning in I really hope that

you like what we're doing with the Karma vaps

we really truly hope that it's going to put a whole lot of goodwill out into the

diners share a little bit of that I don't know positive energy with the

people around you and you know there's a whole lot of fun that comes with doing

something nice from someone that you don't even know and you know that's kind

of what we're trying to do here you know we sent this out to a whole bunch of you

that we've never met we hope to someday but we haven't yet here you go have a

device on us and please share it with someone and so and also if you aren't

subscribed already be sure to subscribe to the YouTube channel and click the

bell to be notified when we release more content whether it be snaps when we're

going live for streams tips and tricks if you click that ballot you'll be

notified when all those are uploaded so that we will be able to see them right

away the other thing too we hit a giant milestone this week oh yeah we just

reached 1 million views on our YouTube channel and so thank you all for

watching that's out you Wow we wouldn't have that

and so why didn't you believe we actually did that and it's come a long

way in just the little bit over a year that we've done our first stream on here

and floating content well thanks a bunch a million views I can't really believe

it yeah and it's only gonna continue to

grow and so and then be sure to check out our affiliate program if you haven't

already that's dynamap comm slash affiliate

you'll be getting more details once you kind of fill out the form on there

essentially if you're already sharing the dynamap with your family and friends

go through that you'll get a little bit something for it and a little bit more

incentives to do so and be sure to check out our Instagram page we are doing a

lot of behind the scenes content there and you'll subscribe to that and follow

it and you'll see some pretty interesting things you may even get some

hints at upcoming products that won't be shared anywhere else so be sure to do

that and in conclusion thank you for all watching and for pre-ordering the 20 19

m and giving the karmis to those in need yeah please share let us know how we can

improve thanks a bunch

thanks for watching for more videos click here or here and don't forget to


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The Description of DynaVap Live | Karma | April 4, 2019