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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: How to find a book - John Jay Library

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Start at the Library's homepage.

Type the title or topic of the book you're looking for into this box.

It helps to check "Limit to: Books."

Once you hit "Search," you should see a list of search results in OneSearch.

Scroll down and scan this list to see if the book you're looking for is listed here.

In this case, the top result is the book I'm looking for.

Let's zoom in.

Every print book in the Library is listed with a section and a call number.

In this case, the section is "Stacks."

Books in the Stacks section can be checked out and taken home.

You can find them on the bookshelves by call number.

Other books could be listed as being in the Reserve Room.

Books on Reserve can be used for 3 hours a time inside the Library.

Request them at the Reserve Desk by call number.

The Reserve Desk is located inside the Reserve Lab on the Library's first floor.

Some books may be listed with a "Full text available" link.

This means that they are ebooks.

Ebooks can be read anywhere.

If you're off-campus, you will have to log in to view it.

If you need help finding a book, librarians are ready to help you at the Reference Desk

on the upper floor, and by email, chat, and phone.

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