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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: What to Pack for a Trip to Ireland

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Hi! Traveling to Ireland and wondering what to pack? I'm here to help you out.

Hi, I'm Carolyn Janette and I'm the Director of Tours and Co-Owner of Inroads Ireland - tours

off the beaten track. I've been to Ireland countless times and I'm going to share with

you today all the tips I've learned along the way.

First off, I like to bring two bags when I go to Ireland. One is more of a day bag, one

is a second bag that will hold more of my clothes.

For my day bag, I tend to use a backpack like this. I put in there the things I want to

keep close to me.

For example, my passport, copies of important travel documents including copies of my passport

and credit cards, jewelry, my wallet, electronic items like laptops, tablets, cameras, and

phones, their cables and any adapters that you would need for them to work in Ireland.

As well as a journal or a book you want to read, I'll put all those kinds of things into

my day bag.

For the second bag, here is an example of what I'd call a medium-sized suitcase which

is good but it's a bit big for what I need for going to Ireland. So what I use is more

this size bag, which is more of a smaller bag and this would be good for 1 to 2 weeks

of traveling in Ireland. And I can always do laundry along the way if I need to.

So, what would I pack to go in this bag?

We've come up with an awesome packing list which is on our website,,

and then click on the 'Trip Prep & FAQs' page to get all this information.

First up, a good pair of waterproof hiking shoes.

Next, a good three season jacket, lightweight that's windproof and waterproof. One thing

about temperatures of Ireland between May and September, they tend to be in the 60s,

a little bit warmer, a little bit cooler so a jacket like this will work really well.

I also have lightweight rain pants and a lightweight rain jacket.

A hat for those cooler days.

A hat with a brim on it like a baseball cap for those sunny days.

And a scarf - it can dress an outfit up and it keeps you warm.

Going on to what I wear on a more day to day basis, Ireland is a casual country. You don't

need lots of outfits. Think comfortable, casual and you'll be good to go.

Here I have about six tops - four short sleeve, two long sleeve. Again I can mix and match,

layer as I need to for the changing weather.

I also have a couple of sweaters - one is a hoodie, one is little bit heavier so that

if it does get a little cooler, I'm good.

For pants, I've got a pair of jeans. I've got a lightweight pair of pants which can

zip off and become shorts if it does get warm.

And I've got a pair of sweatpants that can double as pajama bottoms.

I've got a bag for socks and underwear.

My swimsuit.

I've got my bathroom bag and a washcloth because Ireland doesn't tend to have washcloths in

the bathrooms.

And of course I need an umbrella, right, if I'm going to Ireland.

One thing I don't need to bring along is a hair dryer. Accommodations in Ireland typically

have hair dryers in the rooms.

So look at that, I'm all packed up and you say, "What's this stuff sitting over here?"

These are items that I'm going to be wearing on the plane on my trip over so I don't need

to pack those.

Look at this, one bag and my day bag and I'm ready for my trip to Ireland.

I hope this video has been helpful and I hope you have a fantastic vacation in Ireland.


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