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hi its ally with Adwords

here with the final video in our what you need to know about online marketing

video series by now you should understand the basics of online

marketing the qualities of a winning website and how AdWords works to help

you reach new customers through online ads when you advertise with Adwords

you're making a financial investment in your business

all good investments take a little time to show returns an average is no

different so it's best to have a budget set aside specifically for online

marketing while you're ramping up of course it takes more than just money to

see success it's also vital that you invest time to regularly check in on

your AdWords account and make adjustments until you're satisfied with

your return on investment you should plan on signing into your AdWords

account at least once each week how much time you spend in your account can vary

but budget between 30 minutes and one hour per week to check on how you're

adding keywords are doing and make any adjustments to boost performance don't

have time it takes to make sure your investment pays off

consider letting out words expressed do the work for you so you can spend more

time managing your business

Averitt Express manage your online ads automatically to help you get the most

value from your budget just tell us what type of product or service you offer

right your ad and set a budget then let us take care of the rest

if you think average Express is a good fit for you click to learn more you can

also use Google partners to find a certified professional to manager

AdWords account for you

Google partners are agencies marketing professionals and online experts who've

been certified by Google to manage AdWords accounts there are thousands of

Google partners worldwide

you can search for a partner by name or search based on your location

advertising budget or the type of service you want help with

if working with the Google partner sounds like it might be a good fit for

your business click the button to learn how to find the right Google partner for

you don't want to continue with Adwords

great if you haven't already created your account do that now at /


then head over to the next AdWords tutorial playlist will walk you through

setting up an AdWords campaign that's tailored to your business goals see you

there and thanks for watching

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