Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Dean Jay Hess's vision for IU School of Medicine

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- My mother was diagnosed with breast cancer

when I was in the fourth grade, and she had surgery

and did well for a while, but it kept coming back.

And I still remember driving her to radiation therapy

and chemotherapy, and yet the cancer would still come back.

And I thought at the time, with all the science

and technology and medicine that we have,

we have to be able to do better.

And so, it really inspired me not just to be a doctor,

but a doctor who would work to make medicine better.

I was really struck by

how much potential Indiana University had.

This is a place with a very proud history

of making contributions like developing echocardiography

and lithotripsy, and inventing the electronic health record,

and curing testicular cancer at a time

when that was thought to be impossible.

And I thought that this an institution

where people work together very well.

They have incredible resources, and they have the ability

to really get things done.

What we're doing now is really tapping all of the knowledge

and new discoveries that we have to really work

to tackle some of the most difficult health care challenges,

making Indiana one of the nation's healthiest states.

And also, to be able to personalize therapies

for cancer and other diseases so that patients don't have

to suffer the way that my mother

and countless other people have.

We have a clear vision, we're recruiting top talent,

we're providing people with the tools they need,

and we are going to make a difference in people's lives.

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