Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Hirst Arts Cobblestone Mold #210 & Custom Cobblestone Mold

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These four panels of cobblestone

streets were created using the Hirst Arts Cobblestone

Mold number two ten

This one with the statue on top

uh... with this fountain

is essentially the oldest one,

I created it about five or six years ago

and I created it to be modular

so i could take out parts

and rearrange them. Initially I based it on newspaper.

On the base i had

uh... some kind of newspaper.

Put them all together, tried to make it as square as possible. Then more recently, to match

the other ones, I put it on these For Sale signs which you can get from Wal-Mart

for about a dollar fifty.

So there


are the different pieces that come off of this particular one. So on this


I did glue

uh... at least two wide here

and this piece should come out.

It's a little bit stuck

but essentially here's the modular area where I can

move pieces around.

So today

I actually want to update

these pieces

in addition

to swapping out

this part, the fountain, which I've never done the last five years, I'd like to

have four regular just regular pieces.

The fountain can be a little distracting.

I also want to fix little defects.

that I've noticed. For example, this area

has not been dry brushed

my pale gray color yet.

And then it's a little distracting to have these white borders.

So today I'm gonna be

fixing those up and also explaining a little bit more

about how

I've created these sections and the custom mold

I made to do it.

Here's the mold you buy, this is #210

I've cast from it a whole bunch.


this one here, the original, is only cast from this.

And uh... it's a great mold

definitely one of the ones i would

highly suggest you get from Hirst Arts.

Here I'm just showing some of the little defects that I wanna fix

with this


these floor tiles that I created.

So here's there's an absence of plaster so there's a little depression.

here I've filled in this

depression with some glue

and static grass.

And then, if we just pan over,

you can see where there's some white

from however I've glued them together or NOT glued them

There's just an empty area here, so I want to fill this so it's less noticeable

in the videos or however I use these for pictures of them.

As i mentioned i want to hit the edges

with some paint

so that's not so noticeable

and there is a warning to

weather them

and here for example this would be

one instance when the weather

uh... actually use

for the pains

Apple Barrel Pewter Gray

and then try brushed

of country gray so i don't use a black base coat

this is actually something black wash


animated i've paid over it


i think these ones look more organic

more natural

and i just wanna replicate that on this board

you this one over here and has a reset

i want to take this action now

and just replace it with

some normal sections

bare street.

When you buy the Cobblestone Mold

you get a two by two section which is very useful for filling in large areas.

You get two of these

one-by-one sections. You get the corner piece

mistreated sh

to to buy one

uh... barry st it is number two one one

with the street edge so if there's only these pieces besides the corner

to actually make something straight

now you have to cast as a whole bunch of times

to go ahead in me


for went well essentially politicians


street section as i've done


this is what you end up with and what i did because i would take so long is

several months ago actually

did this me my own

custom mold

it's was so much a contemptible making

so i i artists include

through these together

have been sitting on my legal malt

and resorts judge into all of this

and uh... i created

this which is

definitely speeded

mine production of

the city streets sections

so he'd have to sense claim a small that i've done the next three person actually

happens sizable

area aforesaid into them perfectly

and create this small


you know mike into sunday the defects later

uh... but

the house since we worked

units debris speed things up

as an example of something i can do with my custom

gold for example

uh... and noticed this so i can just take them

that out

his using street side

which is actually but they can use this method

so do it

straight pieces in here i think i'm in a group

these two together these two together leave these cases

i won't have to have this any more pictures of my selection

so this is an example of mine

modular design and of course with her start stuff you can do practically


you want to do

so here is apple barrel pewter gray

war might be is

somewhat sublease is gonna

gatorade on

now under code of black

more white for that matter in some pain dripped onto the plaster

unity cast with white tential plaster

i've noticed

of course fight if i actually had

the great tough stoner

other colors of plaster

one happen

some things would have to be so nice

syria but white is speak colored order in the past

i don't think there's any advantage to white

that's not true

what i'm doing here

has maybe fiber

six minutes later just it all that


of these four sections


there's me

removing the pain

some little work still

nephew if united regressions

what hoping what to do you


just regression unjustly also straining

how little

really confused

stm spin

on these forms

but i think that result

it's pretty nice

when using here's country great

so this is what i use for a correction

also on

my fortress wall sections

same basic scheme

the fortress was actually a

on it

x four sections don't

just regression

i will be

to add some more

interrogation interest as Mike from Terranscapes would say

hiking in some colors i did it couple

black or dark washes

and then i go over them try brush with ninety different shades of gray so only


was new recesses really remains

and goes on my city streets from her starts

using more retreating

The Description of Hirst Arts Cobblestone Mold #210 & Custom Cobblestone Mold